The age of 24/7 news streaming

News comes from the four corners of the globe.

It’s the age of non-stop 24/7 news streaming.

Much is meaningless and forgettable.

You have a favorite newspaper, website, radio or television station that keeps you informed.

And as you read or listen you can tag each news story with its astrological marker.

The planets and the news

The Sun is the planet of politics and politicians.

A Sun news story involves politics, political policy or governance.

You should tag it with the Sun.

Politicians, political leaders, prime ministers and presidents often appear in a Sun news story.

The Moon is the planet of bread and butter issues, food, groceries and gossip.

A Moon news story involves the everyday people, home and family, daily life concerns, food, groceries or cooking.

You should tag it with the Moon.

Everyday people, food experts and cooks often appear in a Moon news story.

Mercury is the planet of reports, talk, debate, science, the print-media and controversy.

A Mercury news story involves education, academic performance and announcements that give rise to talk or controversy.

You should tag it with Mercury.

Scientists, academics, teachers, journalists and writers often appear in a Mercury news story.

Venus is the planet of women, social activity, emotional ties and art.

A Venus news story involves women, women’s issues, a social event, fun, the social set, art, artistry, fashion, beauty or peace moves.

You should tag it with Venus.

Women, fashion models, socialites, beautiful people and artists often appear in a Venus news story.

Mars is the planet of strife, violence, war, rows, manufacturing, mechanics and machinery.

A Mars news story involves aggressive force, construction, destruction, blood, broken bones, cruelty, guns, bombs, fighting, disputation, hate, anger, rage, brawling, alcohol, speed, accidents, crashes or fire.

You should tag it with Mars.

Police officers, firemen, military personal, first responders, emergency service personnel and doctors often appear in a Mars news story.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, capitalism, consumerism, commercialism, banks, trade, the law, legal matters and religion.

A Jupiter news story involves goodwill, optimism, profits, money, higher prices, currency values, trade deals, legal issues, law making, religion or philosophy.

You should tag it with Jupiter.

Financial experts, bankers, legal experts and religious leaders often appear in a Jupiter news story.

Saturn is the planet of orthodoxy, right-wing politics, safety, fear, insecurity, debt, suffering, shortages and loss.

A Saturn news story involves security issues, safety plans, protectionism, economy, economic planning, conservative thinking, farming, mining, pessimism, hardship, misery, poverty, loss, unemployment, the weather, environment, land, natural disaster or flood.

You should tag it with Saturn.

Economists, conservative thinkers, traditionalists, weather experts, farmers and people suffering loss and hardship due to a natural disaster often appear in a Saturn news story.

Uranus is the planet of the new and untried, the ultra-modern, progressive thinking, left-wing politics, radical action, revolution, protests, big shocks and technology.

A Uranus news story involves extremism, radicalization, discontentment, unrest, rebellion, strikes, demonstrations, racism, discovery, amazing gadgets, exposé, sensational revelations or cataclysmic change.

You should tag it with Uranus.

Rebels, freedom-fighters, protestors, technology experts, inventors, original thinkers, eccentrics, change-agents and racists often appear in a Uranus news story.

Neptune is the planet of idealism, visionary schemes, corporations, investors, inflation, socialism, aviation, oil, gas, pharmaceuticals, drugs, drama, fraud, scams, lies and bondage.

A Neptune news story involves an idealistic scheme, a proposal that is too good to be true, easy money, an airline, deception, lies, fraud, white-collar crime, drugs, poisoning, refugees, slavery or fake news.

You should tag it with Neptune.

Airline executives, investors, actors, celebrities, imposters, fraudsters, excellent liars and drug-users often appear in a Neptune news story.

Pluto is the planet of computers, internet, group activity, cooperation, coercion, unity, disunity, crime and spirituality.

A Pluto news story involves a group, the United Nations, cooperation, coercion, compulsory measures, bullying, threats, harassment, division, reconciliation, crime, a crime gang, cyber crime, computer hacking, a dictator, large numbers of people, crowds, mobs, humanitarian work and noble endeavor.

You should tag it with Pluto.

Thugs, bullies, dictators, criminals, large crowds, humanitarian workers, volunteers and highly spiritual people often appear in a Pluto news story.

Author: DW Sutton

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