The political agenda

The Sun is the planet of politics.

The political agenda features right and left wing ideologies, extremism, power struggles, power abuse, nationalism and powerful government.

The political discourse generates division and hate. International relations are fraught with tensions. Populism champions the common people.

In the Sun section of the Aquarian Age truth is bound up with democracy and human rights.

In the Pluto period democracy is being undermined. It’s no longer participation of the people, for the people. It’s become participation of the power-seeking few for the preservation of the bureaucracy which dictates to a powerless majority.

Political leaders operate in a market-place driven by greed, economic advantage and a winner-takes-all mentality.

They’re conflicted by out dated Piscean Age religious beliefs and the humanity of enlightened Aquarian Age thinking that provides evidence-based facts and paves the way for marvelous progress.

In the Sun section of the Aquarian Age politics is the path for attaining freedom from want, freedom from fear, freedom of religion and freedom of expression.

It’s in the political sphere that rights are won, maintained and defended.

Your future is in the hands of the politicians.

Power abuse

Power does things to people and for some all the power in the world isn’t enough.

The world’s most powerful countries don’t hesitate to abuse their power. It comes in many forms. At its worst it’s used to abuse the abused. A country can use its legal powers to abuse the weak and helpless. The power crowd locks up refugees and separates families.

Super-powers use their economic strength to gain what they want. Self-interest is preferred to global welfare and helping others. 

Power abuse is often disguised as economic aid and disaster relief. Self-interest must be protected: the recipients of the humanitarian aid must pay for it.

The right and left wing agendas

The right and left wing political agendas are powerful forces.

The political right is self-interest motivated. It’s hoping that intelligence, alcoholism and criminality are all entirely genetic: They are due to self.

The conservative right is motivated by self and individualism.

The political left is motivated by social and community needs. It’s hoping that intelligence, gender, alcoholism and criminality are all environmental: They’re due to such things as poverty, racism, bad upbringing, under-privilege, deprivation – anything but the self.

The progressive left is motivated by social connections and society.

Lower-Pluto is very active politically

In the Pluto period of the Sun section of the Aquarian Age politics has become a very murky, corrupt and secretive business. 

Corruption is widespread in political circles. Leaders are self-interest or friend-interest motivated. They take the gifts and satisfy the wants of the gift givers. There are a lot of politicians in prison. 

Modern liberalism

Liberalism seeks to remove all the checks on people so they can do what they want. It wants to minimize government and lift moral constraints.

Modern liberalism is not constrained by God. In its purest form it opposes government intervention in any form.

Lower-Pluto wants all governmental intervention removed. No government, no cops, no laws and no morals.

It highlights personal power and personal control and as a participant in the democratic process you have to grapple with what that means.

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