Online with Lower-Pluto

In the Aquarian Age chart in May 1986 the equinox and progressed Pluto moved to form a high-discord square aspect.

Five years later in August 1991 the web went public.

In July 2000 progressed Mercury in the Aquarian Age chart – the planet of communication and information – moved to Gemini – the sign of communication.

In January 2007 Apple unveiled the iPhone and in January 2010 it launched the iPad.

The world got connected and social media arrived.

Aquarius the sign of knowledge and technology had facilitated electronic communication and the exchange of ideas and information.

But when you go online there’s a good chance you’ll have a close encounter with Lower-Pluto.

You’re minimizing the risk by having your PC protected.

The misinformation super highway

Lower-Pluto is a highly dangerous stranger.

S/he wants your personal details.

The invisible enemy is into phishing scams.

Lower-Pluto is a supporter of conflicting ideologies.

He prefers secrecy to transparency.

The invisible enemy is a merchant of menace and terror.

The unsuspecting public is easily duped by fake news and misinformation.

The distortion and misrepresentation of facts is widespread.

Lower-Pluto is intent on stifling progress through disunity and the falsification of information.

Lower-Pluto keeps himself occupied spreading fake news, trolling the web, hurling insults and denigrating others.

The internet, television and radio expose you to Lower-Pluto’s murky world of vile and insidious thoughts.

Information warfare

Information warfare is the use of electronic communications and the internet to disrupt telecommunications, power supply and transport systems.

Information technology has become an active weapon of war.

Lower-Pluto is out to intercept and disrupt telecommunications and critical computer systems involved in air traffic control, the electric power grids and banking systems.

Computers and other devices are used to attack the enemy’s information systems rather than its army or factories.

Lower-Pluto powers the dark web and other places where human monsters lurk and prey.

Lower Pluto is an internet troll.

He’s running the web savvy crime syndicates.

He’s a cyber bully.

He’s a member of an online social community who deliberately tries to disrupt, attack, offend or generally cause trouble within the community by posting certain comments, photos, videos, GIFs or some other form of online content.

Lower-Pluto’s astral broadcast is being received loud and clear by too many unsuspecting human souls who engage in behavior that is best described as vile and degraded.

Lower-Pluto is powering the fake-news websites.


The internet is a tool for deception.

It’s being used by Lower-Pluto’s raucous cohorts.

They include the political (far right and far left) extremists, the disinformation warriors and conspiracy theorists.

Lower-Pluto is using information to attack your mind.

S/he’s undercover, s/he’s anonymous and s/he’s running an aggressive well coordinated campaign to undermine news reports.

Lower-Pluto is an expert at crafting false information.

He’s bending the public narrative to suit his own purpose.

He’s actively engaged in cyber-crime and hacking.

He’s a devious trouble-maker disseminating vile, disgusting messages and if you tell him he can’t, he’ll tell you that you’re infringing his right to freedom of speech.

Lower-Pluto is the bully in the playground and the cyberbully on the web.

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