Struggle street and a state of fear

Saturn is the planet of poverty and nearly half the world’s population lives on less than $2.50 a day.

More than 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty on less than $1.25 a day.

They’re destitute.

Struggle Street is mighty crowded.

According to UNICEF 22,000 children die each day (about 8 million annually) due to poverty.

Chances are you fear poverty.

Poverty is the scarcity or the lack of a certain amount of material possessions or money.

Work, employment and an income stream prevent you from falling into poverty.

Saturn causes the economy to contract, governments to introduce austerity programs, unemployment to rise and stock prices to fall.

Basic commodities

Saturn is the planet of basic commodities like water.

Currently (2019), over 800 million people in the world lack access to clean and safe drinking water.

That is one in eight people worldwide.

People who are forced to drink or use contaminated water are exposed to a variety of diseases including malaria, typhoid, dysentery and cholera.

Water related diseases claim the lives of approximately 5000 children every day.

Saturn is the planet of disease.

Women in developing countries spend anywhere between 15-20 hours a week collecting water.

A state of fear

Saturn is the planet of fear, anxiety and anguish.

He’s afraid of poverty, disease, living and dying.

Voters fear loss, economic uncertainty, unemployment and random terror.

Their governments fear reduced consumer spending, talk of doom and gloom, public pessimism, falling markets, recession, natural disasters and anything that disturbs the economic applecart.

Chances are you’re living in a state of fear.

To prevent your fears from developing into grim situations you’re employing safety nets.

Maybe you fear losing your freedom.

Fear can make you irrational, dumb and short-sighted.

It gives your perceptions a fearful bias.

Uncertainty and fear give rise to selfish rationalism.

Loss, hardship and suffering

Saturn is the planet of loss.

It’s a common experience.

You can suffer a loss of confidence.

Take a look around and you’ll see the Saturn affect.

The loss, hardship and suffering are everywhere.

There’s poverty, unemployment, disease, homelessness and food shortages.

The destitute, unemployed and homeless suffer.

The flood and earthquake victims suffer.

In the school of life Saturn provides lessons in loss, grief, sadness, despair and misery.

He’s always podcasting the blues.

Security, protection and safety measures

Saturn is the planet of security and protection.

His chief concern is safety.

You want to be protected from harm and danger.

Saturn builds walls.

He restricts immigration to protect workers from those who can take their jobs.

He places tariffs on goods to protect against the competition of cheap labor.

He protects forests by restricting logging and he protects drivers by restricting speed limits.

To protect himself he buys a gun, wears a bullet proof vest, practices safe sex, hires a security guard, and insures everything.

He prepares for natural disasters and epidemics by developing a disaster management program.


Saturn is the planet of selfishness.

He started the greed is good and me-first movements.

Selfishness is highly infectious.

It spreads through contact with the selfishness virus.

Selfishness can ruin your life

Saturn’s selfishness is what is wrong with the world.

It causes people to become fearful, terrified, greedy, overcautious, gloomy, mean-spirited, crafty, cunning, secretive, pessimistic, hard, unfeeling and cold as ice.

The market always acts in its own greedy interest.

Selfishness is always after the best deal it can get.

Saturn is tweeting an astral email that isn’t fake news: Selfishness and narrow self-interest are what is wrong with the world today and true love and affection (Venus) is what is right.

Selfishness, fear and poverty destroy the social fabric of communities.

His narrow selfish thinking is unable to see that life contains infinite possibilities.

Orthodoxy and convention

Saturn is guided by precedence, established custom and traditional values.

He’s a backward looking – rear vision – thinker.

He’s unable to originate, innovate or try something new.

He follows tradition, takes a cautious approach, consumes and acquires and views material prosperity as the only way to attain freedom from fear and want.

He plans carefully, is very efficient, hates waste and drives the conservative political agenda.

Saturn is a model of restraint.

Another bout of bad weather

Saturn is the chief influence on the weather.

He rules blizzards, freezing cold, droughts, storms and floods.

His destructive weather events destroy livestock, crops, homes and buildings.

Man-made climate change involves Saturn’s shortsighted selfishness.

It refers to the increase in the Earth’s temperature (global warming) due to the greenhouse effect.

Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas.

The scientists and politicians have to work out how to reduce its presence in the atmosphere by reducing your carbon footprint.

Right-wing thinking motivated by short-sighted self-interest sees the solution as protective measures designed to prevent financial loss.

The accumulated wealth must be protected at all cost.

Some take-away messages

Saturn is the planet of economy, thrift, frugality, cut-backs, down-sizing, economic contraction, austerity measures, scarcity, lean times, bankruptcy, recession, depression and old age.

He’s very price sensitive and likes to have serious fun spending money.

He rules the farming sector, farmers, farm workers, the mining sector, miners, buildings, basic utilities, diseases in general, public health measures, the land that Mars fights over and the elderly.

Saturn confers foresight, prefers careful planning and a patient approach and is noted for his safe pair of hands and diplomacy.

Diplomacy is the management of international relations by a country’s representatives.

When he’s scared Saturn runs like the wind.

His primary objective is personal security and he takes action to protect himself, his kin and his land, home and material possessions.

Author: DW Sutton

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