The hate and violence disease

Mars is the planet of hate and violence and they’re highly contagious diseases that infect many people and countries.

Due to antagonisms caused by globalization, nationalism, self-interest opposing the common good, cultural bullying, racial hatred, religious intolerance, corporate greed, corrupt governments and financial inequalities the current global environment is ripe for violence.

In the 21st-century Mars serves up a rich diet of hate and violence.

He’s very angry and full of rage. He screams and yells: ‘You make me angry I will kill you’. He’s a human time-bomb just waiting to explode; a monster who turned brutality, cruelty and harshness into a way of life. 

Mars likes to play the killing game. Violence is the best way to resolve conflict.  There’s a great joy and satisfaction in knowing the enemy is dead. And there’s no sign that the hate and violence is abating.

Mars the war lord

Mars is the greatest soldier of them all. He’s the planet of war, armed conflict, hostilities, military activity, troop movements, military coups, martial law, massacres and rampages.

Mars has a warrior mentality. His hairy-chested, stone-age aggression is adored and admired. It’s a sign of toughness and strength.

Mars provides the mental machinery that drives modern warfare. He creates deadly weapons and his generals plan military strategies. Battlefields and war-zones are his joy-spots.

Mars is a gun person. He has an appetite for death, destruction, violent crime, robbery and vandalism. A trigger-happy aggressive urge is intent on shooting first. Some countries endorse mass shooting festivals.

Fights and feuds

Mars is the planet of aggression. In a conflict situation he has an aggressive response. He can always find a good reason to have an argument.

Different philosophies, ideologies and beliefs are a recipe for dissension.

People fight for their political, economic and religious beliefs. Your beliefs are worth fighting for. There are minor disputes and feuds that last for years.

Three cheers for those who fight disease, ignorance and poverty.


Mars has an ‘I win-you lose’ competitive attitude. He’s the planet of competition. It’s a recipe for resentment and revenge.

Mars is fit, focused, fast and fired-up. He’s into physical exercise, body sculpturing, sport, athleticism, muscles and steroids. The physical injuries and torn ligaments are collateral damage.

Action packed competitive sport is the opium of the masses. It gets the adrenalin pumping. Sports-betting and gambling came next.

Mars wants instant gratification. Action and excitement relieve boredom and monotony.

Mars favors private ownership as a way of promoting competition.


Mars rules alcohol, the alcohol industry, intoxicants, drinking culture and drunkenness.

He’s into booze. Mars and Neptune mark for alcohol addiction. It’s the golden age of drinking. 

Getting drunk is a matter of consuming enough alcohol to temporarily disable certain parts of your brain which results in slurred speech, a staggering gait, blurred vision and slowed reaction times. Enough alcohol temporarily disables the capacity to recall horrible memories. 

Alcohol destroys civilized inhibitions and releases the beast within. Saturday night signs for boozing, brawling and violence. Alcohol and boozing are cultural fixtures in many civilized societies. Alcohol driven violence is widespread.

Accidents, fires and other disasters

Mars is the planet of accidents and fires. Impatience, speed, reckless rashness and impulsivity cause accidents.

A disaster is a calamity that befalls some person as a result of a hazardous event and disasters affect between 250 and 300 million people per year.

The collapse of a building or bridge is a disaster.

It takes a long time to recover from a disaster. The first responders suffer disaster distress. The police, firefighters, doctors, emergency services and other first responders are ruled by Mars. 

A life-time of disaster watching can result in disaster fatigue. It’s easy to become insensitive to the misfortune and suffering of others.

Mars is the planet of emergencies.

A hazard is some event or object that is a potential source of harm to human life, health, income or possessions. 

Fires, diseases, major epidemics, car accidents, explosions or toxic gases are hazards. War is a hazard. A suicide bomber is a hazard. Terror is a hazard to human welfare.

Some countries present a hazard to economic growth, higher profits, peace and security. Some places are more hazardous than others. Some people live in harm’s way.


Mars is the planet of manufacturing. He manufactures weapons, guns, machines, clothes and shoes.

He’s the planet of mechanics. He rules industrial workers and industrial accidents.

Mars is the planet of sex and he’s created a booming sex industry. He’s the brutal force behind the skin trade where women, men and children sell their bodies just to survive.

Sexually transmitted diseases are a world health problem.

Mars is dumb and impulsive

Mars has the energy and initiative to solve all the world’s problems, but he’s so dumb and thoughtless. He’s guided by precedent, plays follow-the-leader and acts on impulse. He achieves great things when he does as he’s told and obeys orders.

In a conflict situation Mars is forceful, provocative, antagonistic, bellicose, impulsive and openly hostile. His insult hurling is dumb and infantile.

When the adrenalin flows your brain flies out your ear and your reasoning skills fly out with it.

At his worst Mars is furious, merciless, unfeeling, crude, coarse and inhumane.

His capacity to stir up strife, conflict, dissension, fights, rows, disputes and arguments is legendary. He has no remorse, never forgives and bears grudges. All he wants is pay-back and retribution.

Author: DW Sutton

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