Talk, dialogue and controversy

Mercury is the planet of talk, discussion and debate and you’re likely to think the talking never stops. 

It’s the planet of mental expression and you have personal opinions that you want to express.

Mercury is the planet of cerebral activity – thinking – and sound judgements requires sober thinking. Tiredness impairs the capacity to reason and the decision making process.

World leaders sometimes make split second judgments. They don't have the time to make carefully considered decisions. 

Reporting, relating and jumping to conclusions don’t involve thinking. Neither do speculation, supposition and conjecture. Hunches, feelings and observations are just being turned into words and sentences.

In the Age of Aquarius Mercury (and the Moon) has turned the focus on mental wellbeing and mental health issues.

Dialogue and rhetoric

A dialogue is a conversation or discussion to resolve a problem and with the arrival of nuclear weapons in the 1940s there came a drastic need for dialogue.

When expressing harmoniously Mercury favors sound judgments and constructive talks. Harmony keeps the lines of communication open.

Mercury discord can see talks breakdown.

News conferences involve talking.

Rhetoric is the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing and the rhetoric never stops. It involves language that is designed to have a persuasive effect. It’s ruled by Pluto and politicians use it when they’re talking.

Problem solving

Mercury rules intellectual ability.

Objective thinking can solve problems. It requires mental skills and involves memory. The memory of previous experience can solve most problems.

The really difficult problems require reasoning. It’s very difficult; so the really hard problems are rarely solved.


Mercury is the planet of writing, literary work and signing documents.

He rules the press, the words written by the journalists, newspapers, writers, messengers, literary work, books, messages, hands, fingers, pens and pencils.

Tweeting involves words and writing. Tweets make private thoughts and opinions public.

Writing involves grammar, spelling, punctuation and style and a dysfunctional Mercury makes spelling errors.


Policy announcements and personal opinions give rise to controversy – a state of prolonged public dispute or debate that usually concerns a matter of conflicting opinion or point of view.

Some topics or areas of life are more controversial than others. Those at the top of the list include politics, religion, philosophy, parenting and sex.

Economics, science, finances, culture, education, the media, military and race are prominent areas of controversy.

Politicians, religious leaders and celebrities can be controversial figures.

Controversy can lead to division, tension and ill will.


Science – a special type of information or knowledge that’s acquired by the scientific methods and supposed to be true – is ruled by Mercury

Science employs reason to examine and experiment and the scientific method is seen as the primary mechanism by which truth is revealed.

Science is the search for truthful knowledge.

Science took mind and brain and made them one. It took God and made the creative intelligence of the universe redundant. It took your soul and deleted it to the recycle bin. Science is telling you that you are your brain and when it dies you die too.

Science has a hierarchy of positional power.

Scientific experts can use the same data to reach opposing conclusions.

Knowledge progresses when many minds are thinking.

We need to be humble about how little we know.

The press

The press refers to news media and agencies especially newspapers. They’re all ruled by Mercury and there are thousands of newspapers around the world.

The press also refers to newspaper journalists and photographers who work in news media.

Mercury – the messenger – is in the business of keeping you and the world informed.

On September 25, 1690 the first newspaper was published in America. It was called: Publick Occurrences, Both Foreign and Domestick.

According to statistica there were 1748 newspapers in America in 1970 and 1286 in 2016.

An online newspaper is an online version of a newspaper. The first one was the Columbus Dispatch. It went online on July 1, 1980.

Freedom of the press or freedom of the media is the principle that communication through newspapers and electronic media should be considered a right to be exercised freely without government interference.

In the Pluto period of the Age of Aquarius much of Mercury’s news is fake, distorted or politically biased.

There is no cycle chart for Mercury.

A progressed aspect to Mercury in a global cycle chart forecasts an event that gives rise to a great deal of talking and controversy.

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