Radical change, technology and extremism

Uranus is the planet of radical change and technology.

He’s a disruptive change-agent and there have been more changes in the past 100 years than in the preceding 5,000.

The world today simply represents the outcome so far.

Uranus is no ordinary planet.

He’s an astrological eccentricity.

He’s an oddity, originator, inventor, innovator, independent thinker, rebel, maverick, fringe-dweller, bohemian and misfit.

He’s smart, inventive, original, charismatic and progressive.

Uranus is a dynamic new-age thinker.

He’s a law unto himself and the equal of any man.

He favors government ownership of public utilities as a way of preventing exploitation, graft and monopoly practices.

Radical change

Uranus dislikes the way things are.

Invention, new methods, sensational revelations and awesome truths drive his change agenda.

His reform agenda continually makes progressive change.

His spirit of rebellion incites radical change.

Uranus can change the status quo with cataclysmic suddenness.

He’s changing the way you live, think and play.

He’s writing a book of amazing revelations.

He’s the planet of amazing discoveries.

He mapped the human genome.

Uranus is a rebel with a cause.

He supports radical proposals like same-sex marriage.

He endorses the new and untried like sustainable energy.

Uranus is the exposé planet.

He’s a whistle blower.

He delights in exposing fraud, corruption and bad behavior.

Technology and the tech-sector

Uranus is the force behind the technology revolution.

He’s the technological solution.

You’re a child of the techno-age.

He’s inventing smart devices, medical technology, nanotechnology, robots and audio translators.

His technology can solve big problems.

He’s seen by many to be the savior of the human race.

Thanks to Uranus you’re living in gadget heaven.

Uranus sees things differently.

He recognizes that technology when intelligently employed can make your life better, but it’s a tool not a happiness provider.

Uranus with Pluto wired the world and nanoscience is their emerging technology.

They’re building devices on a molecular scale – micromachines.

It’s the world of atoms, designer molecules and nanoparticles.

Uranus – the technology superstar – has his sights set on engineering matter and the development of a super quantum computer with an endless potential of computing power.

The new technology promises a better world but Neptune keeps blurring the certainty.

Some hope to be liberated from their fear of death.

Eternal (physical) life will simply require the brain’s duplication.

Uranus is inventing and using technology to solve major world problems.

They’re mainly caused by destructive thoughtless human behavior.

Uranus is requesting that you change yours.

Technocrats are sure that more technology can solve all our problems.

It can liberate you from all your fears.

But with all our technology and knowledge humanity remains frightened of death, disease, poverty, mass destruction and random violence.

Freedom and liberty

Uranus is the planet of freedom and individual liberty.

You yearn to be free.

He champions human rights.

He’s the planet of democracy.

Uranus represents individual difference and advocates for your right to display and celebrate your difference and be respected.

You have the right to live your life your way and to be left alone to pursue your own interests.

Uranus abhors restraint of any kind, but the unregulated right to pursue wealth and power free from political and legal restraint is socially dangerous.

Too many people lack a moral conscience and sense of social responsibility.

Uranus offers true freedom through self-understanding, active participation and less dependence on external things.

He’s inviting you to navigate by the stars, join the human-rights revolution and liberate yourself from novelty technology and the culture of compulsive consumerism.

Demonstrate and protest

Uranus advocates for change but his political – hard-right or hard left – extremists want radical change.

He’s an extremist with a rebellious attitude.

His insurgents resort to extremist violence.

They’re sowing social discord.

Uranus is the planet of racism.

His extremists are spreading racist hate.

Uranus is the planet of social unrest, protests and demonstrations.

He can riot to gain or protect his rights.

You have the right to gather and peacefully protest against whatever you think is wrong.

You can advocate for change and whatever you think is right.

By advocating for what is good you contribute to the welfare of others.

Your personal fears and self-interests play second fiddle to the health, happiness and human rights of your fellow citizens.

Standing up for your beliefs can result in change.

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