Mars cycle: July 11, 2020 – May 30, 2022

Conflict is prominent feature of 21C life. Consider yourself lucky if you live in a safe place. Saturday night violence easily erupts and it’s all because feelings of aggression, retaliation and retribution are in a state of high tension.

Mars rules the aggressive impulse – the desire to take forceful action in a conflict situation. To get what he wants Mars resorts to might and strength. He’s fired-up and ready for combat. He retaliates with violence. He’s driven by revenge and pay-back. He’s intent on winning a quick victory and insensitive to the loser’s misfortune. He’s courageous, thoughtless, obedient and short-sighted; but in a dangerous situation his impulsivity and hopeless sense of consequence can produce a very messy, regrettable outcome.

Common Mars events feature conflict, warfare, acts of violence, shootings, disputation, anger, fury, hostility, hatred, drunkenness, accidents, fires, police officers, firefights and doctors.

The Mars cycle is a major cycle chart and Mars type events occur when progressed Mars forms an aspect with a planet (ascendant or Midheaven) in a specified chart.

The 2020 Mars cycle

Start date and time: July 11, 2020 at 12.17.35pm GMT

End date: May 30, 2022

Critical event phase: July 6, 2020 at (approx) 1.00pm GMT to July 16, 2020 at 5.00pm GMT.

Events and developments at this time can indicate situations that define a chart’s key event theme.

A country’s chart is calculated for its administrative capital.

Chart assessment

This is a high discord Mars cycle so the aggressive Mars energy is inclined towards strife, conflict, violence and destruction; and the creative Mars energy tends towards anger, hatred, drinking and abusive sex.

Mars is conjunction Moon – planet of the common people; square Mercury – planet of science and intellectual activity; and sextile Venus – planet of women and the arts.

The chart will perform on a hostile and conflicted world stage where the coronavirus pandemic poses a dangerous risk and the actors are battling pandemic restrictions, waging war on recession and energized by social injustices.

The chart’s hot-spots

Mars conjunction Moon brings events involving the home, family and everyday people into prominence. The common people are boiling mad and fired-up. They’re angry – outraged over police violence, deaths in custody and racial injustice. And they’re in harm’s way – victims of warfare, shootings and random acts of violence.

Conflict, haste, urgency, speed, accidents, fires, wildfires, domestic violence, rampant alcohol consumption and escalating anger, rage and hate will define the chart’s two-year forecast period. 

The house where the Mars-Moon conjunction is located in a country’s Mars cycle chart indicates the people subject to strife, violence, disputation, fires, accidents, explosions and robberies and the national affairs affected by mechanics, machines, manufacturing, war, soldiers, doctors, police officers and firefighters.

Mars square Mercury increases the risk of reckless decision-making and violent controversy – even violent conflict. The obstacle obstructing progress is the belligerent aggressor intent on destruction and death. Scientists, writers and journalists are boiling mad and in harm’s way. The press is under attack and fighting back. The aspect forecasts war talk, dangerous ideas, verbal abuse, viscious hate speech, wolf-warrior rants, insult hurling, attacks on science and danger for journalists.

The house where Mercury is located in a country’s chart indicates mundane-matters that will ignite furious controversy.

Mars sextile Venus signposts an opportunity for women, artists and peacemakers to harmoniously tap the aggressive Mars energy. (Mars was trine Venus in the January 2019 Mars cycle.) Women are fighting back and artists are harnessing the Mars energy to a creative purpose. This aspect forecasts progress for women in their fight for social justice; high-levels of creative expression and artistry; support for the fashion industry and peace initiatives. But whatever progress takes place will involve strife and conflict.

The house where Venus is located in a country’s chart indicates domestic issues that directly affect women and the arts.

The chart’s Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction is a hot-spot and its house position in a country’s chart indicates mundane matters that will be influenced by higher prices, economy or loss, or compulsory cooperation.

The Mars cycle chart is a specific event chart. It’s a blueprint-forecast model of Mars type events only and they occur regularly and get reported by news agencies. Many involve accidents, fires and social situations that need fixing but every now and then a history making Mars event of international or national importance does occur.

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