Progressed Sun square Moon in the Aquarian Age chart

Humanity’s progress involves political customs and routines and in a democracy the political-privileged class (Sun) and everyday people (Moon) are partners in the governance-advancement process. But with the Sun square Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart fallacious tradition, unfair advantage, authoritarianism and dysfunctional governance mar the political landscape.

The Moon rules the urban masses that elect the politicians who manage their nation’s affairs. And with the Moon conjunction Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart the common people are destined to take radical action to get the world they want. Every now and then they’ll rise-up and rebel against social injustices, economic inequalities, incompetent leaders and those with unearned privilege.

In 2020 national politics is a no-holds-barred battle for power. Two teams led by their respective captains, each with a base of fanatical supporters, fight and feud and every now and then slog it out in a contest to decide this election’s winner.  And you’re inclined to live and drift along thoughtlessly unaware of how dysfunctional and incompetent the administration of government has become.

In the Aquarian Age chart in 2020-2022 progressed Sun – the planet of governance, politics, politicians and administration – is square birth chart Moon – the planet of the common people, home and family life and mental health; so if you’re wondering what the world will look like in the age of covid this Sun-Moon progression will tell you.

There’s no billboard saying this will happen and it’s not operating in isolation but in the Sun section of the Aquarian Age it forecasts major political developments, political instability and power shifts. It could signpost the next global catastrophe: A collapse in political order as world leaders drive each other and everyone else nuts.

Progressed Sun square birth chart Moon started July 6, 2020; reaches peak power on July 23, 2021; and ends August 9, 2022.

Getting here

When the covid-19 pandemic hit the world economy was already in trouble. Brexit and trade wars were economic storms and then came an ‘exogenous shock’ generated by nature – not by global capitalism.

Since 2008 there had been a decade of slow growth, surging corporate and household debt, rising inequality and trade instability. Wages, productivity and investment were stagnant in many parts of the world. Capitalism (Jupiter) had lost its momentum. Low interest rates indicated that central bankers had the economy on life support.

In 2015-16 progressed Sun square birth chart Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart scripted an upsurge in rebellious discontent and a desire for radical change. In America Donald Trump surprisingly won the presidency and Britain voted to leave the European Union. Uranus, with cataclysmic suddenness, changed the status quo.

In March 2020 humanity got a reality check when the World Health Organization declared covid-19 a pandemic. It proved that your future holds sudden, unexpected shocks that you need to prepare for. Countries went into lockdown, economic activity ceased and factory/manufacturing activity slumped.

There was next to no international cooperation. Donald Trump withdrew funding to the World Health Organization and tensions escalated as countries demanded China come clean about its initial virus outbreak.

By May 2020 the initial emergency phase of the covid-19 pandemic had achieved certain outcomes and governments cautiously opened up economic activity; and then in July 2020 came progressed Sun square Moon in the Aquarian Age chart.

It’s a high discord astrological event that forecasts political turmoil, citizen dissatisfaction and obstructionism as humanity struggles to recover from an economic calamity and find a new future normal.

21C politics

In 2020 political power is concentrated in the hands of senior politicians, central bankers, financiers and corporate executives. They’ve seized the moment and increased their power and wealth and the everyday citizen has been shut out of the policy making process.

In 2020 many political leaders are just power-hungry nihilists – desperate for a notation in humanity’s history book. They’re focused on staying in power rather than providing constructive, effective leadership and they learned their style of confrontational political behavior in the school playground.

With short term election cycles they’re desperate for reelection so they say and do whatever to win voter support; and too many smart, misguided voters are easily fooled by the inept, dangerous, self-serving, populist politicians and their loud voices and grandiose promises.  

Millions of people have been trained since childhood not to question political authority. They play follow the leader, unable to think for themselves, and blindly believe what they’re told by cunning opportunists who prey on their ignorance and gullibility.

The smart have always exploited the less smart but today the real danger lies in the less smart thinking they know everything. Come election time many disbelieve what they see and hear and only believe what they’re told by charismatic candidates with no political expertise. Uninformed, misguided electorates can do very stupid things. It’s a situation that’s producing incompetent leaders who don’t have the political acumen or leadership capacity to lead and deal with real problems. 

They can’t show leadership so when there’s a crisis they fail miserably and their incompetence contributes to the hardship and suffering of the common people.

And 21C politics is riddled with corruption. Powerful corporate interests have corrupted the democratic process and the way people are governed. Corrupt self-serving politicians aren’t working for the welfare of the people. The lobbyist has a louder voice than you.

There’s a lot wrong with 21C politics. Incompetent governance has put the welfare of the common people in peril. The people are disempowered. They’ve been sidelined from the political process. They need saving from their incompetent leaders. Something’s got to give.

Democracy is under threat

Aquarius is a democratic sign but in the Sun section of the Aquarian Age the political agenda swings towards nationalism, imperialism, authoritarianism and autocracy: And in the Pluto period of the Aquarian Age, with the vernal equinox in the Aquarian chart currently square progressed Pluto, would be autocrats and dictators can wield authoritarian power and this puts the representative form of government known as democracy under threat.

Power mad politicians driven by out-of-control urges for historical greatness are a major threat to democracy. They’re prone to spread misinformation, lies and fake news – a political catch-cry since the days of Adolf Hitler.

In 2020 the quality of democracy and the public trust in the way it works is declining. Elite politicians, educated at elite colleges, are distrusted by the people and distrust elevates the level of polarization (Pluto). Many citizens have no confidence in their politicians to address major problems that need addressing.

In 2020 there’s a big gap between the people (Moon) and the political elite (Sun). Uncaring governance has too many people being treated like they’re less than human. Many are dissatisfied with the governing class so the protest vote (Uranus) is popular. 21C democracy is defined by self-locked juvenile politicians playing confrontational political games.

Democracy can easily slip into autocracy. Power mad politicians easily become autocrats. Turkey is a fake democracy; but in a democracy the ballot box is where the common folk can exert people power.

The challenge facing the everyday people, workers and consumers is to wrest control back from the politicians, banks and corporations and gain an equal say in the way things are managed and where the future lies.

Democracy has to be regained.


Governments were unprepared for the covid-19 pandemic. The great leadership and political acumen needed to successfully manage and navigate an unprecedented public-health emergency and its economic fallout was away on leave or missing in action.

In the Age of Knowledge many world leaders attended political science classes that didn’t teach crisis management and some didn’t even bother to attend the classes. They were very good at seizing the power to fight the pandemic but the electorate was sidelined from the decision-making process so where does that leave democracy?

Covid-19 isn’t going away and there’s a very uncertain and dangerous post-covid world waiting to emerge. Governments are charged with the responsibility of opening up economic activity and allowing people to get on with their lives – with some sense of normalcy that’s defined by what they used to do.

In March and April 2020 many world leaders enjoyed a bounce to their popularity as voters gave their initial responses to the covid-crisis the thumbs up but progressed Sun square birth chart Moon in the Aquarian Age chart indicates the popularity party is over.

The environmental setting in July 2020

Covid-19 gave humanity a reality check. It drastically disrupted daily life, social activity and business/economic activity. It revealed that many world leaders and policy-makers were ill-prepared for a killer pandemic.

In July 2020 governments were dealing with the covid-19 pandemic and its economic fallout. They were focused on reopening factories, construction sites, shops, cinemas, theatres, hairdressers, libraries, schools and parks. They were making risky decisions involving public health and economic security and asking hard questions like…

When can and should economic activity resume? When can restrictions be eased? Is the safety of the workers guaranteed? How deep will the economic downturn be? Will covid-19 change people’s values and the way they live? What changes will define the new normal? And what needs to be done to protect the world economy from the next pandemic?

The environmental setting in July 2020 involved a killer virus, social distancing, broken economies, high unemployment, massive debt burdens, poverty, injustice, government distrust, political incompetence and finding a vaccine for the coronavirus. Many workers were weighed down by financial hardship; businesses were short of money; and millions of people on Struggle Street faced the prospect of dying from coronavirus or starvation.

In July 2020 there’s widespread inequality – racial inequalities, financial/ economic inequalities – low income, poverty and homelessness – health inequalities, educational inequalities and judicial inequalities. But more and more people are becoming more aware of, and more sensitive to, these unjust inequities.

Sun, Moon and square aspect

The Sun is the planet of politics, politicians, the political-ruling class, the political elite, leading lights, monarchs, celebrities and bosses. He rules men in general, those in positions of power and authority, executives and bosses, a country’s governing authority/administration, glory and gold.

The Moon is the planet of the common people or urban masses – the billions of everyday people who struggle to survive and make ends meet – who go to work, drive the roads, travel the metro, eat at fast-food restaurants and keep the economy churning. She rules women in general, the home and family, kitchen table issues, basic commodities, food, groceries, water, gossip, popularism and silver.

A square aspect in the Aquarian Age chart maps a high-discord obstacle situation that is forced upon humanity. It defines a barrier to progress as two powerful situational forces frustrate each other and their inability to adapt to the situation results in conflict, acute crises and a period of violent and persistent struggle. The ongoing anger and frustration is difficult to control and very prone to erupt in harsh, rash explosive outbursts that are violent and highly destructive.

Very often the acute conflict and violent frustration leaves nothing of value in its wake although it can inaugurate radical change.

The high-discord Sun-Moon square aspect in the Aquarian Age chart during 2020-22 indicates that the political class and common people see each other as an obstacle or barrier that thwarts what the other wants. And each will attack and blame the other for the misfortune and hardship they’re suffering.

It signposts a major political crisis – a big obstacle to progress that directly involves the governing class and the common people. The political agenda is frustrated by the actions of the common people; and the common people are frustrated by the actions of their leaders. The governing class and the common people are conflicting and out of synch. There’s no spirit of cooperation.

Sun square Moon forecasts…

…a very unstable world; political instability; governments in disarray; political turmoil; political paralysis; monumental government failures; administrative incompetence; the maladministration of government policy; a crisis of political leadership; a loss of confidence in government; an erosion of trust in politicians and world leaders; worldwide distrust in governments; and breathtaking political repercussions to the mismanagement of covid-19 and its economic fallout.

And…power abuse; power gone crazy; a big power crisis; tensions between governments; politicians behaving badly; rampaging disrespect; a breakdown in decency; a state of disgrace; and undignified behavior.

It forecasts people power pushing back against nationalism, racism and white supremacy; falling approval ratings for world leaders; and a thumbs down for those with special privilege – monarchies etc. A class war could erupt. It’s a political nightmare that can be likened to a violent thunderstorm that lasts for two years.

Sun square Moon forecasts big mistakes; massive financial-economic problems; hardship for the common people; low household incomes; major problems for the family – the kitchen table could be bare – and a heavy toll on humanity’s mental wellbeing.

The Moon is the primary ruler of your daily mental activity that as feelings and thoughts defines your mental health and covid-19 has many people hitting their nutty-button. They’re mentally conflicted by the social isolation and financial stress caused by lockdown and the risks posed by a deadly virus. Bored and anxious they’re seking relief in temporary online sensation and excitement.

Human values changed and in the immediate aftermath of covid-19, with progressed Sun square Moon in the Aquarian Age chart, there’s a mental health crisis looming as millions of people suffer psychological distress – anxiety, depression, confusion, irritability and insomnia – triggered by isolation, fear, economic turmoil, unemployment and misinformation.

Food and water security is a life and death issue and in 2020 there’s a food crisis as global hunger escalates. It’s estimated that from 135 million to more than 250 million people suffer from hunger. The countries most at risk – Yemen, Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Syria, Sudan, Northern Nigeria and Haiti – are affected by conflict, climate change – droughts and famines – and the covid-19 economic crisis.

In 2020 the world is facing a water crisis. Water availability and scarcity are major problems and progressed Sun square Moon in the Aquarian Age chart signposts a major food and water crisis – places will run out of food and/or water.

There’s a major humanitarian crisis looming and there’s little financial/humanitarian assistance available. Lockdowns and economic recession have decimated government coffers and countries are focused on their own home-grown, domestic problems and not the food and water crisis in the other country.

The world in 2020-22

Progressed Sun square Moon in the Aquarian Age chart allows you to survey the political landscape, home and family, and plight of the common people in 2020-22 and it’s not a pretty sight. It’s a world where ugly economic conditions have the common people bearing the brunt of the economic hardship and they’re blaming their political leaders for their pain and suffering.

It’s a world where populist leaders are performing badly; governments don’t want to give up their expanded powers; strong-man authoritarian despots are out to grab more power; monarchies and those with special privilege don’t want to give up their unearned privileges; and the common people, bearing the brunt of the inequality, social injustices and high unemployment, are not prepared to tolerate the incompetent behavior of their elected representatives and the inequalities they sanction.

It’s a world where corporate and personal incomes are collapsing; asset values are tumbling; massive debt burdens have to be repaid; and people and businesses are unable to meet their financial obligations. Whatever...much depends on the wealth of the banks, the health of the financial system, and global trade. 

(With Jupiter conjunction Saturn and Pluto in the sky during 2020 central banks came to the rescue injecting billions of dollars into their ailing economies but these aspects reach their end dates in 2021.)

And it’s a world where the risk of subsequent waves of coronavirus infection is high and work places are danger zones for the spread of the infection. Creating and developing new daily and work life practices involves managing the infection risk at all times so work places will have to be made covid-safe and that’s a Saturn issue.  And during 2021-22 Saturn is square Uranus in the sky.

Sum up

Astrology explains why something happens when it does, but astro-knowledge, like all knowledge, has its limitations.

Progressed Sun square birth chart Moon in the Aquarian Age chart can take a variety of pathways. It’s operating in a covid-19 changed world and in a specified country’s chart will directly impact and influence the national affairs ruled by the houses in which birth chart Sun and Moon and progressed Sun are located.

The square aspect’s discord is difficult to measure but progressed Mars parallel birth chart Uranus and progressed Mercury sextile progressed Uranus will fuel the public anger, civil unrest protests and the conversations about change and reform. And Pluto has you under surveillance and an easy target for misinformation and manipulated visual images.

In response to covid-19 business models were redesigned but progressed Sun square birth chart Moon in the Aquarian Age chart provides a model of 2020-2022 that forecasts a rough road as humanity navigates the political restructuring of the covid world’s economic fundamentals and social order.

And words describe the aspect’s forecast: Governments are broken; in some countries the people are at breaking point; incompetent governments will be thrown out of office; people power will demand a greater say in the democratic process; and symbols of the past will be torn down as out-of-date traditional thoughts and fallacious beliefs are dispatched to the dust bin of time.

With Moon conjunction Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart protest power and a popular demand for change could radicalize the political agenda. But as incompetent leaders are thrown out of office, newly elected leaders will confront massive social and economic problems so don’t be surprised if global politics in 2020-22 goes completely haywire.

Originally published May 1, 2020

A pdf of this article is available here (Global astrology)


Author: DW Sutton

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