The French Presidential election: April 10/24, 2022

The French Presidential election matters. France is the EU’s second largest economy and a nuclear power. The French president wields international power and influence.

The first round will be held April 10, 2022. Mars is conjunction Saturn in the sky April 5; and Jupiter is conjunction Neptune April 12, 2022.

Jupiter is the planet of liberalism, commerce and capitalism; Saturn is the planet of fear, orthodoxy and conservative values; and Neptune is the planet of socialism.

On April 24 a second round will be held between the top two candidates.

On February 1 there were nearly 40 candidates but to make the presidential ballot a candidate has to amass the signatures of 500 elected officials nationwide who endorse their run and most won’t make it. Emmanuel Macron has his hands full and has yet to announce his candidacy.

Election models derived from polls and past experience favor Macron’s reelection. An opinion poll on February 1 suggested he would win the first round beating far-right candidate Marine Le Pen and conservative Valérie Pécresse; and he would win the second round runoff against either Le Penn or Pécresse. Here are the charts of the top 5 candidates.

Emmanuel Macron – conservative (?) ‘media candidate’ incumbent

Chart data is December 21, 1977 at 10:40am CET: 2E18; 49N54 (Amiens, France)

Sun planet of politics dominates. It’s opposition Jupiter and trine Saturn.

Chart pros: Progressed Midheaven (his honor and popularity) at 14 Capricorn 27 in house 12 is trine (luck) birth chart Moon in house 3 and sextile (opportunity) birth chart Uranus in house 9; and progressed Venus at 17 Aquarius 30 in house 1 is sextile progressed Neptune in house 10 (his honor).

Chart cons: Progressed Sun (his desire for significance) at 14 Aquarius 31 in house 1 is semisquare (friction) birth chart Sun; square (obstacle) birth chart Moon (the general populace) in house 3; semisquare birth chart Mercury in house 11; and square birth chart Uranus (exposé and unexpected shocks) in house 9 (radio, television, social media and internet).

Moon rules the common people and is cusp ruler of house 6 (his work) and house 7 (his relations with the public). Uranus brings disruption and sudden change. Midheaven harmony is fortunate. Sun discord is a major problem. Square aspects indicate obstacles frustrating his political aspirations. Whatever the outcome his self-esteem will take a massive hit.

Valérie Pécresse – moderate conservative Republican

Chart data is July 14, 1967 at 12.10am CET: 2E16; 48N53 (Neuilly sur Seine, France)

Mercury and Sun in house 4 dominate. Sun is square Mars, sextile Uranus and trine Neptune.

Chart pros: Progressed Sun at 13 Virgo 25 in house 6 is sextile (opportunity) birth chart Mercury in house 4; and progressed Midheaven at 10S33 is parallel birth chart Venus at 9N45.

Chart cons: Progressed Mars at 27 Scorpio 49 in house 7 is sesquisquare (agitation) birth chart Saturn – cusp ruler of house 10 (her honor and popularity) – in house 12.

Progressed Mercury at 24 Virgo 56 in house 6 is conjunction progressed Uranus (unexpected surprises).  She has the same ascendant degree as Yannick Jadot. They were born 13 days apart and have similar charts.

Pécresse has good political credentials. Progressed Sun harmony is favorable. Mercury conjunction Uranus signs for charismatic speech that can mesmerize voters. France has never had a female President.

Yannick Jadot – Greens

Chart data is July 27, 2967 at 11.10pm CET: 3E34; 49N33 (Clacy-et-Thierret, France)

Mercury in house 4 dominates. Sun has below average power and is square Mars, conjunction Jupiter and trine Saturn.

Chart pros: Progressed Venus at 27 Leo 38 in house 5 is semisextile (growth) progressed Sun in house 6; and progressed ascendant at 4 Cancer 49 in house 3 is semisextile birth chart Sun in house 5.

Chart cons: Progressed Mercury at 17 Libra 03 in house 6 is opposition (separation) birth chart Moon in house 12 (disappointment) and sesquisquare (agitation) progressed Midheaven (his honor and popularity) in house 12.

Marine Le Pen – Far-right

Chart data is August 5, 1968 at 11.20am CET: 2E16; 48N53 (Neuilly sur Seine, France)

Sun in house 10 dominates. It’s conjunction Mercury and Mars.

Chart pros: Progressed Venus at 1 Scorpio 44 in house 1 is sextile (opportunity) birth chart Moon – cusp ruler of house 10 (her honor and popularity) – in house 3; and progressed Jupiter at 20 Virgo 30 in house 11 is sextile birth chart Midheaven.

Chart cons: Progressed Mercury at 29 Libra 45 in house 1 is square (obstacle) birth chart Mars (strife) in house 10; and progressed Mars at 3 Virgo 58 in house 11 is semisquare (friction) birth chart Midheaven.

Le Pen has one Sun progression > progressed Sun at 2S00 in house 12 (disappointment) is parallel birth chart Uranus (unexpected shocks) at 1N56. Progressed ascendant in house 2 is probably conjunction birth chart Neptune – planet of idealism and wishful thinking.   

Le Pen lost to Macron in 2017. Mercury square Mars forecasts bitter criticism coming from all directions. Her credibility is under attack. Valérie Pécresse’s progressed chart is better and more fortunate.

Eric Zemmour – Independent

Chart data is August 31, 1958 at 6.45am CET: 48N52; 2E26 (Montreuil, France)

Sun in house 12 is non-prominent and weak. It’s sextile Neptune and conjunction Pluto. Saturn in house 4 dominates.

Chart pros: Progressed Venus at 7 Scorpio 44 is sextile (opportunity) birth chart Sun in house 12; and progressed Sun at 14S47 in house 3 is parallel progressed Jupiter at 14S26 in house 3.

Chart cons: Progressed Mercury – cusp ruler of house 10 (his honor and popularity – at 21S13 in house 3 is parallel birth chart Saturn at 21S47 in house 4; and progressed Jupiter at 11 Scorpio 38 in house 3 is square (obstacle) progressed Midheaven at 11 Leo 52 in house 11.

He’s running fourth in opinion polls, but with progressed ascendant conjunction birth chart Neptune his great expectations are pipe dreams.  

Other candidates chart data:

Francois Asselineau (Popular Republican Union) September 14, 1957 at 5.10am MET (48N53; 2E19)

Ana Hidalgo (Socialist mayor of Paris) June 19, 1959 at 11.45am CET (36N28; 6W12)

Jean-Luc Melenchon (Left-wing popularist) August 19, 1951 at 8.20am GMT (5W45; 35N48)

Fabien Roussel (Communist) April 16, 1969 at 5.45pm CET (50N32; 2E38)

Birth times for all candidates have (probably) been rounded off. They have a plus or minus 2 minute margin of error. In each case the degree and minute on the Midheaven is unreliable so its progressed position and progressed aspects are uncertain.


Author: DW Sutton

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