America vs. China: The ultimate contest for global power

According to natural law the Sun section of the Aquarian Age (1881 – 2188) forecasts a great power competition. There’s a contest for military and economic domination and the power to shape the world’s political ideology.

In 2022 the chief contestants are America and China. America dominates militarily, both nations are economic superpowers and each advocates a very different political ideology.

America is a democracy. It’s a form of government where the people have the authority to choose governing officials, or to deliberate and decide legislation.

China is an authoritarian autocracy. It’s a system of government where absolute power is in the hands of one person, whose decisions are not subject to external legal restraints or regularized by popular control mechanisms.

The geopolitical landscape in 2022

In 2022 the world is divided into democracies and autocracies. In one corner there’s America, Britain and the European Union etc; and in the other there’s China, Russia and Iran etc. Aquarius is a democratic zodiac sign but in 2022 Aquarian Age democracy is under threat.

November 22, 2021: The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance says a greater number of countries are sliding towards authoritarianism, while the number of established democracies under threat has never been so high.

December 9-10, 2021 US President Joe Biden hosts the Summit for Democracy with leaders from government, civil society, and the private sector meeting to set forth an affirmative agenda to strengthen democracy, defend against authoritarianism, fight corruption and promote human-rights.

But in America democracy is in dire straits. The country is sliding into autocracy. Half the voters think the loser won the 2020 presidential election and the loser’s party knows it doesn’t have the support of the majority of Americans so it’s trying to rig elections in its favor by restricting people’s right to vote.

Meanwhile in China the people are powerless. They obey their autocratic ruler. Dissent is crushed.

In 2021 strategic competition drove international politics. Alliances were formed. On September 16, 2021 the US, UK and Australia announced a special security pact – Aukus – to share advanced technologies including nuclear-powered submarine know-how; and on September 24 the leaders of the US, India, Australia and Japan – Quad – gathered at a White House summit as Joe Biden pushed to boost Indo-Pacific alliances.

2022 is a year of living dangerously

Economic and political power shifts occur and in 2022 US-China rivalries are shaping Aquarian Age politics. The two superpowers are at odds on major geo-political issues like trade (Jupiter), human rights (Aquarius), military build-up (Mars), Taiwan and cybersecurity (Saturn-Pluto).

But America is consumed by partisan politics and China, Russia and Iran are making the most of America’s inner turmoil and division. China is buzzing Taiwan’s airspace with fighter jets; Vladimir Putin has massed troops on Russia’s border with Ukraine; and Iran is going for broke at its nuclear talks.

In 2022 the contest for dominance is a battle of wills and the risk of disagreement boiling over into direct confrontation and conflict is very high.

In 2022 America and China (and Russia) have to navigate 5 high-discord in-sky Mars conjunctions. It’s a year of living dangerously.

In 2022 Taiwan is the most dangerous place on Earth. China wants it back and will use military intimidation and economic blackmail to get what it wants. America pushes back against China’s aggression.

Both America and China have major internal problems. Is America on the verge of civil war? You’ll find out soon. The in-sky Mars-Pluto conjunction culminates on March 3, 2022 and in America’s Mars-Pluto conjunction chart Mars and Pluto are in house 1 (the people and their interests and conflicts).

In 2021 China kept its borders closed but its attempt to eliminate the coronavirus, rather than manage it, was costly. Safety was a key issue and travel restrictions made it hard to maintain existing relationships so its self-isolation policy (house 12) had a downside that is hard to quantify.

And in the new Jupiter cycle, which starts May 25, 2022, Jupiter is conjunction Mars so there’s danger on the high seas and a high chance of conflict between US and Chinese war ships from then till January 13, 2023

In 2022 it’s essential for Mercury – the planet of talks – to keep the channels of communication open. In November 2021 US President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping met in their first ever video summit as tensions between the two countries deepened.

America’s chart progressed to December 31, 2022

Mars – the planet of war – is in house 1 (the people); and in 2022 progressed Mars in house 5 (risk) is trine birth chart Moon in house 10 till December 1; and parallel birth chart Neptune.

Progressed Sun in house 11 (Congress) is inconjunct progressed Mars in house 5; and progressed Jupiter, the cusp ruler of house 7 (war), is parallel birth chart Mars in house 1.

Jupiter – the cusp ruler of house 7 (war) – is in house 2 (finances); and in 2022 progressed Jupiter in house 2 is square birth chart Saturn in house 5; and progressed Mercury in house 10 is sesquisquare birth chart Jupiter.

Progressed ascendant in house 7 is square progressed Neptune in house 5; parallel birth chart Mars; and parallel birth chart Jupiter.

All the Jupiter progressions and house 7 (war) are stimulated from June 19 to August 9 when progressed Moon is inconjunct progressed Jupiter > peak power date is July 14; and from November 8 to December 3 when progressed Moon is sesquisquare birth chart Jupiter > peak power date is December 3.

All the Mars (war) progressions are stimulated from August 8 to September 28 when progressed Moon is trine progressed Mars > peak power date is September 2; and from November 12 to December 31 when progressed Moon is trine birth chart Mars > peak power date is December 7.

China’s chart progressed to December 31, 2022

Mars – the planet of war – is in house 7 (war); and in 2022 progressed Mars in house 8 (death, debt and taxes) is parallel birth chart Neptune; and progressed Midheaven (international standing) is parallel birth chart Mars and sesquisquare progressed Mars.

Progressed Mercury in house 11 – planet of talks – is sesquisquare progressed Pluto – planet of coercion and intimidation – in house 7; and progressed Mercury opposition progressed Uranus – planet of disruption, sudden shocks and unexpected developments – starts on August 12, 2022.

All the Mars-house 7 (war) progressions are stimulated from January 10 to March 4 when progressed Moon is semisextile progressed Mars > peak power date is February 5; from July 26 to November 17 when progressed Moon is parallel progressed Mars > peak power date is September 22; and from September 20 to November 13 when progressed Moon is conjunction progressed Mars > peak power date is October 17.

From March 24 to May 27 China will ramp up the coercion, threats and intimidation and other nations will push back with coercion, sanctions and warnings when progressed Moon is  semisextile birth chart and progressed Pluto – peak power dates are April 19 and May 1.

A country is astrologically predisposed to go to war when there’s conflict with an enemy and a major progressed aspect to Mars and house 7 in its birth chart.


Author: DW Sutton

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