Jupiter cycle: May 25, 2022–January 13, 2023

On May 25, 2022 at 8.19am GMT Jupiter moves from south to north declination signaling the start of a new Jupiter cycle.

Here on Earth Jupiter rules finances, (higher prices), commerce, trade, the courts, arbitration, treaties, religion, preaching, philosophy, advertising and shipping.

For the cycle’s duration these matters are influenced, for better or worse, by the mundane matters ruled by the planets that aspect Jupiter in its cycle chart. And Jupiter’s house position in a specified nation’s chart is (1) the area of mundane life primarily influenced by these matters and (2) the starting point from which emanates all the other important (Jupiter) events that transpire during the life of the chart.

The cycle’s end date is January 13, 2023.

This Jupiter cycle starts with Jupiter conjunction Mars and Neptune in the sky and the chart’s critical events period is May 11 to June 10, 2022. The trend of events at this time indicates how the cycle is inclined to unfold. They’re a sign of things to come.

Events occur as Jupiter by progression forms aspects with the planets in the chart; and the chart is active for its entire forecast period.

The February 2011 Jupiter cycle

The Jupiter cycle ending May 25, 2022 was an 11 years cycle which commenced February 5, 2011. 

In the chart Jupiter was semisquare (friction) Sun – planet of politics; square (obstacle) Venus – planet of social activity and the arts; semisquare Mars – planet of war, weapons and manufacturing; conjunction Uranus – planet of radical reform, disruption, change and exposé; and square Pluto – planet of groups, coercion, disunity and drastic events. It was a discordant chart forecasting adverse events influencing finances, trade, shipping, religion etc.

Jupiter is all about economic growth, surpluses, profits, wages, purchasing power, prices etc and in 2014 Russia experienced a financial crisis. Global commodity prices had been rising (Jupiter) and Russia’s economy become dependent on energy exports – the sale (Jupiter) of oil (Neptune) and natural gas (Neptune). But in June 2014 oil prices plunged and Putin exacerbated the energy crisis by invading (Mars) and annexing Crimea. The US and Europe imposed sanctions (house 8-Saturn) and Russia responded with aggressive (Mars) financial expansion (Jupiter) that lead to high inflation (Neptune) and crippling losses (Saturn) for Russian banks (house 2). The Russian economy did not begin to recover till 2017.

In 2017 the size of the global economy was nearly $120 trillion. The two largest economies were China and the United States. Together they accounted for one-third of global economic activity with over half in low and middle income economies. But in 2020 the covid-19 pandemic caused a global financial shock (Jupiter-Uranus) that had governments (Sun) taking drastic measures (Pluto) to weather the economic-financial storm.

From 2011 to 2022, with Jupiter conjunction Uranus, the world’s finances experienced radical transformation – online commerce, electronic financial transactions, cryptocurrencies and reforms to pricing and financial practices. Financial adjustment involved new inventions and new (robot) technologies. The technology sector expanded and kept on expanding, but with Jupiter square Pluto there was a money-obsession and widespread corruption.

For many people money defines their reason for being – it measures their success.

According to Statistica from 2011 to 2021 the number of container ships increased from 4966 to 5534. In 2021 over 5,400 container ships were serving sea routes worldwide. China, Japan and South Korea were the world’s largest shipbuilding (Jupiter-Mars) nations. But in March 2020 disaster struck. There was an unprecedented drop in maritime mobility, across all categories of commercial shipping due to the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 saw shipping (supply chain) disruption (Uranus) that influenced global trade and the availability of goods. The cruise liner industry sank.  

During this cycle with Jupiter square Venus there was a global obesity epidemic, the arts experienced a financial slump due to covid-19, social activity was quashed by lock-downs, and it became harder to get rich if you were born poor. Global wages growth slowed down. It reached its lowest growth rate – 1.8- 2.4% – in 2016-2017.

With Jupiter square Pluto vile practices by God’s workers and cover-ups by the Church came to light; and in the US the personality of the Supreme Court was radically changed (Uranus).

The May 2022 Jupiter cycle

This (short) Jupiter cycle has a life of 233 days and with Jupiter conjunction Moon, Mars and Neptune it’s an aberration that’s commencing at a time of great economic stress. The war in Ukraine; harsh sanctions; energy embargos; new covid variants; covid outbreaks; rising food prices; rapidly rising inflation; global warming and changing weather patterns are all contributing to global financial uncertainty. Governments (Sun) are preoccupied with major security, economic and environmental problems.

The cycle forecasts stressful financial conditions worldwide that will have a major impact on the common, everyday people (Jupiter is conjunction Moon).  The cost of energy (oil-Neptune) is going up (most likely due to the war in Ukraine) and that’s causing the price of food (Moon) and goods and services (house 6) to rise.

Jupiter conjunction Mars (strife and conflict) will bring financing the war in Ukraine and diplomatic efforts to end it into prominence. It forecasts financial strife, trade wars, speeding sales, aggressive financial moves by central banks, interest rate hikes, conflict on the high seas, a Holy War, a furious response to court decisions and shipping accidents. The consumption of alcohol (Mars) is in overdrive.

Jupiter conjunction Neptune (inflation, oil, drugs, corporations, aviation, fraud and chaos) forecasts rising inflation, stagflation, financial chaos, mega financial deals/schemes, a boom in venture capitalism, oil price rises, rising aviation costs, mega drug trade expansion, higher prices for drug-medications, chaos over new laws or changes to old laws, an epidemic of white collar crime – fraud, scamming and tax evasion, and an ethics crisis turbocharged by dishonesty.

In 2022 Jupiter is financing 5G investment (house 8) in the telecoms industry as cable networks strive to cope with data and cloud services provided by Netflix, YouTube and Facebook (Neptune); but these monster Neptune corporations have their own problems. And the electric vehicle industry that was a fast growth area for car makers (Aquarius) with Jupiter conjunction Uranus will have the wind taken out of its sales.

This Jupiter cycle will supercharge meaningless consumerism. During its forecast period exaggeration, drama and confusion will showcase financial events and developments. Russia will experience a financial crisis – circumstances similar to those that influenced its 2014 financial crisis are in effect; Europe will experience an energy emergency as it weans itself off Russian oil and gas; and Australia will experience a housing crisis.

In America there’ll be a furious – war – response if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade. (Its decision is expected in late June/early July with Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky on August 1.) 

The ongoing global covid-19 pandemic will continue to have a direct and indirect impact on shipping and shipping activities particularly cruise chips, refrigerated cargo ships and vehicle ships. And it’s predicted that obese children will outnumber the underweight children for the first time with many overweight kids living in Asia and Africa.

Conflict on the high seas

It’s reckoned that China may have as many 300 purpose-built militia vessels (Jupiter) patrolling the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea at any one time as Beijing continues to stake its controversial claim on the disputed (Mars) waters.

Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan also claim parts of the South China Sea where China has been building (Mars) artificial islands with airstrips, sheltered ports and other military infrastructure (Mars).

And with China’s focus set on Taiwan and Chinese and American warships patrolling the region there’s a danger that the intimidation and threats could escalate into gun shots and missiles.

This Jupiter cycle starts with Mars conjunction Jupiter and Neptune in the sky.

Jupiter cycle charts around the globe

Most countries have the Moon, Mars and Neptune in the same house as Jupiter in their Jupiter cycle charts.

Mexico has Jupiter in house 1 (the people and their welfare).

Australia has Jupiter in house 4 (housing, buildings, farming, mining, natural resources and weather events).

Australia’s May 2022 Jupiter cycle chart

Chart data is May 25, 2022 at 6.19pm EST (149E08; 35S17)

China, Japan and South Korea have Jupiter in house 5 (speculation, hazards, the market, stocks, entertainment, social events, movies, schools, children and the birth rate). Jupiter is cusp ruler of house 2 (banks and finances.)

Indonesia and Thailand have Jupiter in house 6 (work, labor, jobs, food, groceries, sickness, police and army).

India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have Jupiter in house 7 (relations with foreign powers, off-shore events, enemies, disputes, war, marriage and divorce). 

Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Syria and Iran have Jupiter in house 8 (debt, the national debt, taxes, revenue raising, government spending, loans, gifts, financial sanctions, death and the death rate). 

Russia’s May 2022 Jupiter cycle chart

Chart data is May 25, 2022 at 10.19am MSK (37E35; 55N45)

UK, France, Germany and Italy etc have Jupiter in house 9 (trade, foreign commerce, import controls, shipping, courts, new laws, religion, air travel and refugees).

Brazil and Argentina etc have Jupiter in house 11 (parliament and their international representatives).

And America and Canada have Jupiter in house 12 (hospitals, prisons, crime, subversion, relief, charities, sorrow and disappointment). Jupiter is cusp ruler of house 9 (religion, Supreme Court, trade and shipping).

America’s May 2022 Jupiter cycle chart

Chart data is May 25, 2022 at 2.19am EDT (77W03; 38N53)

The next Jupiter cycle that starts January 13, 2023 is a high discord 11 year cycle. Jupiter is opposition Moon and square Mercury.


Author: DW Sutton

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