Jupiter in 2022: Optimism and spending are roaring back

The 1910s was a frightful decade. World War 1 and the 1919 Spanish Flu pandemic were Aquarian Age disasters. By 1920 stifled feelings and restrained desires were raring to rip. The roaring 20s was a party but not everyone got invited.

One hundred years later in 2021 it’s a similar situation. Coronavirus lockdowns curbed social activity and travel and in 2022 as they’re lifted and the world opens up pent up desires will be liberated.

In 2022 Jupiter’s desire to eat, drink and be merry will be turbocharged.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, finances, wealth creation, financial services, commerce, selling, the retail sector, higher prices, profits, surpluses, trade, the courts, arbitration, treaties, pacts, shipping, ships, publishing, advertising, religion, philosophy, hope, optimism, generosity and goodwill.

Jupiter in the sky in 2022

February 11, 2022: Jupiter moves into orb of a conjunction aspect with Neptune > peak power date is April 12 > end date is June 30.

Neptune is the planet of schemes, exaggeration, utopianism, great expectations, inflation, booms, stocks, shares, investors, corporations, aviation, movies, drama, white collar crime, fraud, scamming, tricksters, con artists, large scale deception, chaos and confusion.

Jupiter conjunction Neptune forecasts a spending splurge, financial jubilance, fantasy expectation and rising everything as Jupiter’s optimism and desire for wealth and prosperity and Neptune’s idealism and desire to escape reality and make easy money move into overdrive. It culminates around April 12.

The major event trend combines Jupiter’s finances, trade, sales, overseas travel, tourism, ships, courts, arbitration, treaties, advertising and religion with Neptune’s high expectations, visionary schemes, inflation, corporations, airlines, aviation, oil, pharmaceuticals, drugs, fraud, scams and dramatic art.

Rapidly rising prices, rapidly rising inflation and an asset price bubble is forecast.

In 2022 Aquarian Age globalization is focused on manufacturing (Mars), trade (Jupiter) and long distance supply chains. Jupiter’s ships transport products like cars, lawn mowers, clothes and shoes; and their components are manufactured in different countries around the globe. There’s also trade in services and ideas.

Covid-19 saw supply chain problems and experts say that the solution to the problem involves change and transformation in what they’re calling globalization’s fourth wave.

Covid-19 also changed people’s spending patterns but Jupiter conjunction Neptune in 2022 is about to turbocharge consumer spending on everything.

Jupiter conjunction Neptune is a one-off major in-sky astro-event that ends on June 30 and while it’s somewhat reduced impetus will linger throughout 2022 the major Jupiter-Neptune events are destined to occur between February 11 and June 30, 2022.

March 30: Jupiter parallel Neptune starts > peak power date is April 11 at 9.38am GMT > end date is April 25.

Jupiter parallel Neptune intensifies and boosts the volume of Jupiter-Neptune impacting Earth.

May 3: Jupiter is sextile Pluto

May 8: Mars in the sky moves into orb of a conjunction aspect with Jupiter > peak power date is May 29 at 10.31am GMT > end date is June 15.

The major event trend combines Jupiter’s mundane agenda with war, conflict, the military, soldiers, guns, police, industrial workers, fires, vice, gambling, alcohol, banditry, accidents and strife (Mars).

Jupiter is conjunction Neptune and Mars moves into orb of a conjunction aspect with Neptune on May 2 > peak power date is May 18 at 6.33am GMT > end date is June 1.

The Mars-Jupiter-Neptune sky-script from May 2 to June 15 has no previous reference so we are in unchartered waters. It’s far from normal.

September 7: Jupiter moves into orb of a conjunction aspect with Neptune > peak date is November 22 with Neptune at 22 Pisces 40 and Jupiter at 28 Pisces 48 > end date is January 15, 2023.

The 2022 Jupiter cycle

At 8.19 am GMT on May 25 Jupiter moves from south to north declination signalling the start of a new Jupiter cycle > end date is January 13, 2023.

Its birth date and time defines a distinct change in Jupiter’s polarity and its influence on finances, commerce, trade, shipping, the courts, religion, preaching, advertising, arbitration, and treaties will be relatively short lived due to its short duration time of 233 days.

Jupiter is sextile Sun and conjunction Moon, Mars and Neptune so its mundane agenda will influence and be influenced by government policy; the home and family; strife and conflict; the military, manufacturing and construction; schemes, the corporate sector, aviation, big pharma, the drug industry, fraud and white collar crime.

The cycle is live for its entire forecast period with progressed Jupiter forming aspects with the Sun, Moon, Mars and Neptune.

Jupiter in the Aquarian Age chart

Jupiter’s progressed aspects in the Aquarian Age chart fuel the astral atmosphere with hope, optimism and the urge for abundance, wealth and prosperity.

Progressed Jupiter trine birth chart Uranus started in June 2015 and since then this high-harmony, extra fortunate energy-event has financed the expansion of your digital world with Aquarian Age technologies and devices. You’re using advanced technologies to learn, take care of your health, socialize, do business, shop and have fun. Jupiter trine Uranus reached peak power in January 2020 and ends in September 2024.

Progressed Jupiter sextile birth chart Venus started in June 2018 and since then the cashed-up invitees to Jupiter’s financial party have been dancing themselves dizzy to high interest rates, big profits and growing revenues. Life’s a party when you’re pocketing an eye-watering salary and buying up the world.

Meanwhile… doctors and nurses tend to covid patients, scientists work to develop better vaccines, and millions of out-of-work people live on Struggle Street. For them Jupiter stands for hope and optimism and Venus promises social fun when the covid curbs and constraints are lifted.

Jupiter sextile Venus forecasts income growth for rich-world, wealth inequality, income equality for women, self-indulgence, extravagance, higher prices for paintings, laws that benefit women, equality for women in the church, inspirational music, heavenly love songs, sweet charity etc. It reaches peak power in August 2023.

What’s next?

On August 5, 2022 progressed Mercury moves to form a square (obstacle) aspect with birth chart Jupiter.

Mercury square Jupiter forecasts over optimism, foolish hope, big mistakes, now-moment living, thoughtless spending on travel and tourism, unthinking extravagance, bad financial decisions, controversial new laws/legal decisions, laws to control freedom of speech, bitter religious disagreement, criticism of the Church, God controversies and rapidly increasing stupidity etc.

Mercury and Jupiter are natural antidotes. Mercury’s tendency to overthink and rely on reason is relieved by Jupiter’s faith and reliance on God to oversee matters beyond the control of mere mortals; and Jupiter’s over exuberance and devil-may-care stupidity is managed and controlled by a big dose of careful thought and objective analysis.

This fast moving not-so-bad discordant aspect reaches peak power in April 2023.


Author: DW Sutton

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