Aquarian Age politics in 2022

The Sun is the planet of politics, leaders and politicians: Saturn is the planet of conservatism, fear and rear vision thinking; and in the Aquarian Age chart the Sun is square Saturn.

It forecasts a major dilemma: An obstacle hindering political progress.

Politics is simply about making the world better and with the Sun square Saturn the functionality of the Sun’s political agenda is predisposed to be impaired by a deficit of leadership and incompetent governance; and its reform process is predisposed to be blocked, frustrated and/or slowed down by Saturn’s conservatism and fear which put the brakes on progress.

The Sun-Saturn square aspect scripts a confrontational (Mars) political situation and in 2022 the two-party political system is just 2 tribes going at it. The political discourse (Mercury) generates division (Pluto) and hate (Mars). Polarization (Pluto) and contempt (Sun-Mars) are tearing political life apart.

Aquarian Age politics is defined by Saturn and Uranus. In democracies Saturn’s orthodox conservative right and Uranus’s liberal progressive left do battle (Mars) at the ballot box.

In 2022 conservative Saturn and progressive Uranus can’t see eye to eye. They view life differently and have different ideas on how life should be lived. They’re unable to get together and develop policies that blend conservative values and clever foresight with social liberalism and inventive genius.

Saturn embraces 2000 year old conservative social values; but in the Age of Aquarius its followers have to learn to overcome their fear of change and realize that, in time, all the old age traditions get the flick.

Aquarian Age politics in 2022

In 2022 many political commentators express the view that governance has deteriorated. Governments and their institutions are not working as well as they used to. In many countries power has been transferred from the public sector to political advisors who are trained to think short rather than long term (Saturn).

In 2022 you can bet your life that your political leaders are more incompetent than you ever imagined. There are few checks and balances keeping them in check. They rarely do things that are opposed by powerful vested interests. Career politicians won’t rock the boat because they won’t put their career at risk.

In 2022 governance isn’t working well. World leaders don’t know what to do because they don’t know where we should be going. Populist politicians perform badly yet maintain popular support. In America politics descended into the constant repetition of a big lie.

Corruption is rife in Aquarian Age politics. Are Pluto’s lobbyists running the world? Does your political leader have an economic interest in maintaining the status quo? Is your political leader in charge or is it his best mate who runs a big corporation. In many countries people don’t care. They don’t or won’t apply pressure to change the way they are governed.

In 2022 democracy isn’t working well

In 2022 the world’s divided into democracies and authoritarian states. It’s divided into good and bad guys and the bad goods are winning. How do you punish the really bad guys for the dreadful, malicious things they do? The Magnitsky act is one way.

In March 2021 Freedom House in its annual ‘Freedom of the World’ report said that global liberties are shrinking for the 15th consecutive year. It claimed that in 2020 nearly 75% of the world’s population lived in a place that saw a decline in their rights and freedoms that highlighted a global shift in the balance between democracy and authoritarianism.

And Access Now, a non-profit digital rights group, reported that government authorities used internet shutdowns as a systemized tool to repress democratic expression. It claimed that in 2020 twenty-nine countries shut down or slowed their internet communications at least 155 times depriving people of their internet connectivity. India topped the list with 109 internet shutdowns.

In response to what’s going on US President Joe Biden in December 2021 hosted the Summit for Democracy with leaders from government, civil society, and the private sector meeting to set forth an affirmative agenda for democratic renewal and to tackle the greatest threats faced by democracies through collective action.

In 2022 economic stagnation and social discontentment are threats to democracy.

In 2022 the world needs better leaders

Aquarian Age politics in 2022 is all about self-interest, lies, deceit, deflection, distorting the facts, spreading propaganda and misinformation, falsifying history, silencing critics and not answering questions. 

Sun square Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart forecasts incompetent leadership and in 2021 with progressed Sun square birth chart Moon the Sun-Saturn discord potential expressed as elected and non-elected governments failed in their duties to deal with the problems posed by the coronavirus pandemic. The common people (Moon) suffered. With covid came political incompetence and record distrust with governments.

In 2022 the political rule book needs rewriting. Aquarius is in desperate need of political and ethical leadership. 

Politics in 2022

In 2022 there are two very significant political events and you can reliably predict that the political noise during the year will be deafening.

France will hold its presidential election in April 2022.

Emmanuel Macron – Jupiter man – came and conquered but things haven’t always gone to plan. He’s the most powerful person in Europe, but France is very divided and his victory in May 2017 was unexpected so the influence of Uranus in French politics is pronounced.

The election takes place April 10 with Mars conjunction Saturn (the conservative vote) and Jupiter conjunction Neptune (the liberal vote) in the sky. On April 24 a second round will be held between the top two candidates. Jupiter is conjunction Neptune in the sky which may favor Jupiter man if he’s a contender.

The US midterm election will be held November 8, 2022.

Nation states will hold elections in 2022, but it’s a safe bet that by September-October the US midterm election will be hogging the news services. During this midterm election year, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 34 of the 100 seats in the Senate will be contested.

On November 8 Saturn is parallel Uranus in the sky; and progressed Moon is sesquisquare birth chart Jupiter in America’s chart.

Global astrology charts can’t forecast the winner in a political contest. You need the charts of the candidates and all the leading candidates in the French presidential election have recorded AA2 birth data. See Astro databank.


Author: DW Sutton

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