The map of astrology

The first astrologers went beyond matter and discovered the astral realm of soul.

They discovered the role played by astrological forces – the planets and zodiac signs – in your soul’s intelligence and ability development.

Thoughts, feelings, ideals and aspirations are the building blocks of your character.

The first astrologers investigated the traits and characteristics corresponding to each of the planets and zodiac signs.

They collected and catalogued astrological data and they called their science of the soul and stars, astrology.

The map of astrology

According to the Brotherhood of Light the map of astrology depicts seven specialized branches.

Each branch, as an independent astrological discipline, has existed for thousands of years.

The seven branches of astrology are

Astrological signatures

Natal astrology

Stellar diagnosis or medical astrology

Spiritual astrology

Horary astrology

Global or mundane astrology and

Astrological weather forecasting

The map keeps getting better

Maps evolve over time and it took thousands of years for the map of astrology to evolve into what exists today.

Over thousands of years, as daring pioneers stood on the shoulders of their predecessors, the details of the map were continually enhanced.

New knowledge was added and previously existing data that was found to be erroneous was deleted.

The information was explained and presented more accurately.

The map’s key features have experienced name changes.

Natal astrology was originally called genethliacal astrology; and stellar diagnosis – commonly called medical astrology – was once called iatromathematics.

These changes don’t represent major problems.

The map of astrology as it exists today is not a complex map.

It depicts seven distinct branches, each one devoted to a specialized field of study.

Each one provides valuable knowledge regarding the influence of the planets and zodiac signs that can help you to successfully navigate your daily life.

Each branch of astrology has definite rules and when these rules are followed the astro-data that’s provided is reliable. When you apply the rules correctly you’ll get the best possible results.

When you ignore the rules you’ll get unreliable, faulty information.

The seven branches of astrology are thoroughly covered in seven Brotherhood of Light home-study courses.

This doesn’t imply that they contain all there is to know about any branch, but relative to each branch they do present knowledge that represents fundamental principles.

In a broad sense all seven branches of astrology operate on the same general principle that astrological conditions, mapped in birth charts, have a profound influence on what happens here on Earth.

In the 20th-century each branch was given a major scientific makeover which made them suitable for the very knowledgeable Aquarian Age.

The map of astrology depicts a vast continent of glorious information but there is unknown knowledge awaiting discovery.

In the Age of Aquarius this will require statistical and other research carried out by highly qualified technicians who are specially trained to do the job.

Author: DW Sutton

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