Global – mundane – astrology

Global – mundane – astrology is the science of the influence of the planets and zodiac signs on world events and developments, nations, cities, communities and other groups of people.

Global means pertaining to or involving the whole world; and mundane means relating to the world or worldly events.

Any organization of individuals functioning under a common governing authority constitutes an entity that picks up, radio fashion, the astrological vibrations of the planets.

Astrological energies operate through people so human thought and behavior is the dynamic causal agent in all mundane events except those involving the weather or natural disaster.

Mundane astrology is one of the oldest branches of astrology.

It has been used to explain patterns in history, current events and conditions and to predict future events.

From its earliest beginnings the science has been developed and refined.

Data has been added to and taken from its knowledge-base.

The most recent development saw the discovery of cycle charts and their use in the acquisition of scientific data based on the evidence provided by experience.

In the Age of Aquarius the science of global astrology is well understood.

The charts in global astrology

The Aquarian Age chart is calculated for its time, date and place of birth.

Each country has its own Aquarian Age chart.

A country’s birth chart is calculated for its time, date and place of birth.

It provides data pertaining to its story.

Global cycle charts provide data pertaining to world trends.

They’re reliable forecast models that time events.

The Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have cycle charts.

Charts are calculated for when two planets form an aspect in the sky.

Major conjunction charts are the most significant.

They can time history making moments.

And an eclipse chart forecasts a disaster in the region where the eclipse is visible.

Global astrology and you

The planets influence monthly and yearly trends and the practice of global astrology involves astrological charts that permit future forecasting.

They provide data that can be acted upon.

Surely a country’s government, business sector and private sector would be better off knowing the current astrological conditions influencing its economic, work and employment trends.

The investor-speculator would be better off knowing the current astrological conditions influencing business and market trends.

The mundane data provided by a global astrology chart can be used to supplement the data provided by natal astrology.

You can use it to personal advantage but this requires a thorough understanding of natal and global astrology.

Author: DW Sutton

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