Vocational astrology

Vocational astrology is not a branch of astrology.

It’s a specialized section of natal astrology.

The science of natal astrology is applied to the birth chart to assess the natural abilities and their employment in a type of work for which they are best suited.

Vocational astrology and you

Everyone, including you, is born with natural tendencies that should be developed through education and specialized training.

These abilities are defined by the planets in your birth chart.

Those planets with above average astrodyne power mark for abilities which, through special training, can find expression in a line of endeavor that is both personally satisfying and financially rewarding.

This assessment doesn’t require high-level astrological expertise.

The planet power summary lists the planets in descending power order and those with above average astrodyne power are easily identified.

They have high astrodyne scores and an above average ability to impress their influence on your life.

A planet’s astrodyne score measures its relative prominence in your chart and those with the highest scores mark for aptitudes that, with training, can be turned into ability.

But a planet with above average power and a high discord score may represent activities and environments that should be avoided as much as possible.

The discord indicates that the environmental circumstances in which the natural ability expresses may increase the chance of mishap and misfortune.

As a general rule it is best to associate with the things ruled by those planets in your chart that have above average astrodyne power and harmony or at least one harmonious aspect.

In vocational astrology the objective is to select the vocation through which the abilities mapped by the planets with above average power can express in environmental circumstances that are fortunate.

But vocational success in a particular line of endeavor is another matter.

It requires sustained and stimulated interest and the persistence to carry on when confronted by obstacles.

You will find your greatest success when you follow an occupation for which you are naturally suited.

This work allows you to benefit others.

It makes you socially useful.

And if you love the work you do it isn’t work.

The take-away message

Brotherhood of Light statistical research reveals that each occupation has its own pattern of prominent planets.

Each planet marks for skills and abilities of a specified kind.

The general success qualifications needed to be a doctor are different to those needed to be a florist.

You have natural aptitudes and some are more pronounced than others.

You can apply natal astrology to your birth chart to determine what your natural abilities are.

The chart will reveal the vocation where your natural abilities can be channeled and utilized in the most effective manner.

You may have special aptitudes that cannot find expression in some common profession or business activity but they can be channeled into some avocation that benefits both you and society.

Author: DW Sutton

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