Spiritual astrology

The ancients uploaded their astrological knowledge into the sky.

The 48 ancient constellations are a data-base of information.

The information pertains to their practical influence over human life and the soul’s moral nature and spiritual potential.

It’s encrypted in pictures.

Natal astrology provides knowledge pertaining to the soul’s developmental journey as it acquires intelligence and ability through the harsh conditions and experiences that define its life story here on Earth.

But the ancients recognized that the soul exists before and after its human incarnation and placed more importance on its spiritual life and the teachings that define its relation to other entities and the cosmos as a whole.

Spiritual astrology is the branch of astrology that provides data pertaining to these spiritual teachings.

It embraces the spiritual conception and traditional story associated with each of the 48 ancient constellations.

The amount of information that a symbolic pictograph in the sky could convey was narrowly restricted so it was supplemented and given finer detail by myths, legends and sacred customs and stories.

Spiritual astrology concerns itself with the spiritual teachings of each zodiac sign and its three decanate subdivisions.

Your birth chart is the reference point in spiritual astrology.

Spiritual astrology and you

Astrology makes knows the will of God and spiritual astrology refines the astrological data to the spiritual teachings associated with each zodiac sign.

In your search for self-understanding spiritual astrology provides data pertaining to your moral and spiritual nature.

It provides data pertaining to your spiritual potential which you can apply to enhance your moral and spiritual development.

Your spiritual attributes, spiritual thoughts and feelings, spiritual ideals and noble desires lay the foundation for your spiritual development.

And your spiritual potential is defined by the decanates occupied by the Sun, Moon, ascendant and dominant planet in your birth chart.

They provide special information that relates to your material and spiritual endeavors.

The decanate of the zodiac in which the Sun in your birth chart is located defines your individuality.

It’s a spiritual data point that provides spiritual teachings pertaining to the spiritual development of the core component of your being.

The decanate in which the Moon is located defines your mentality.

It’s a spiritual data point that provides spiritual teachings pertaining to your mental life and the development of your mind and mental attributes.

The decanate occupied by the ascendant in your birth chart defines your personality.

It’s a spiritual data point that provides spiritual teachings pertaining to your personality and its development through a special type of personal experience.

And the decanate occupied by your dominant planet defines your natural bias.

It’s a spiritual data point that provides spiritual teachings pertaining to the expression of your most outstanding natural attribute.

So, your birth chart provides spiritual data but all things considered your spiritual development hinges on you spiritualizing your animal nature.

This involves the refinement and elevation of your base sexual instincts and selfishness into a higher, more cultured mode of expression.

Spiritual astrology, when applied to your birth chart, provides valuable spiritual data, but what happens in terms of your spiritual development is entirely up to you.

The information only becomes useful when you apply it.

Author: DW Sutton

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