Weather forecasting

Astrology is the science of the influence of the planets and zodiac signs and astro-meteorology is the application of the science when forecasting the weather.

The Earth and the weather have coexisted forever and the influence of the planets on the weather has always been a chief topic of interest for astrologers.

Astrological weather forecasting has a long history.

Back in the second century AD Claudius Ptolemy wrote a treatise on astrological weather forecasting.

In 1686 Dr. J Goad in his book Astro-Meteorologica explained the principles and rules for forecasting the weather astrologically.

And Johannes Kepler recorded meteorological observations to support his theory that a conjunction of the Sun and Saturn produced cold weather.

But fast forward to the 20th-century when the knowledge and understanding of the weather is advancing rapidly and the ancient knowledge pertaining to astrological weather forecasting required a scientific make0ver.

The three significant factors of the weather are the temperature, the air movement, and the precipitation of moisture.

And astrological weather forecasting requires a chart that provides a forecast model for the temperature, the air movement and the moisture and knowledge of the timing factors that indicate when the weather event signified by a chart can occur.

The charts used in astrological weather forecasting

The four seasons of the year define the general temperature conditions.

They correspond to astrological events – the Sun’s entry into Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

A chart calculated for this time provides a forecast model of the temperature to be experienced in the region specified by the chart.

An air movement chart is calculated for the time Mercury enters a zodiac sign.

And a moisture chart is calculated for the time of the Moon’s phases.

There are four moisture charts each lunar month.

The assessment of a weather chart follows a strict procedure and if you follow the procedure you will get a very accurate and reliable forecast.

The scientific investigation of astrological weather charts has determined the influence of each planet and zodiac sign on the weather.

Some are hot and some are cold; some are windy, and some are calm; and some are wet, and some are dry.

And when this knowledge is combined with the rules for making a forecast it’s easy to judge if a particular season for a region will be hotter or colder than the average or if a specified week will be wet or dry.

Weather forecasting and you

The farming sector would be better off knowing the astrological forecast for short term and long term weather trends.

And if you’re planning an important outdoor activity the three astrological weather charts allow you to forecast the weather in advance and choose a day when the weather conditions will be pleasant and sunny.

You can use the data provided by an astrological weather chart to supplement the data provided by natal astrology.

Scientists have learned a lot about the forces influencing the Earth’s weather and you’re likely to rely on your local weather forecaster to keep you informed about your local weather.

But the weather conditions you will experience in the town where you live are easily forecast by applying the Hermetic system of astrological weather forecasting.

The time data for each astrological weather chart is easy to obtain and with a good knowledge of your local weather conditions you can get started.

And because you can quickly check your weather forecast this branch of astrology is excellent for learning chart forecasting skills and for evaluating the integrity of your prediction.

Author: DW Sutton

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