Stellar diagnosis and healing

Stellar diagnosis is a specialized section of natal astrology.

It was previously called medical astrology.

Medical astrology has a long history and many outstanding medical practitioners were great astrologers.

Hippocrates (c.460-c.370 BC) was a Greek physician.

He founded the Hippocratic School of Medicine, established medicine as a profession and is often referred to as the ‘father of medicine’.

He also claimed that ‘the doctor who does not understand astrology is a fool’.

In the 16th-century Girolamo Cardona taught at the School of Medicine at the University of Bologna. Its motto was: ‘A doctor without astrology is like an eye that cannot see.’

And Nicholas Culpepper, famed for his herbal cures, claimed ‘physic without astrology is like a lamp without oil.’

But the branch of astrology known as stellar diagnosis provides astro-data and a diagnostic technique that is light years in advance of that used by Hippocrates, Cardona and Culpepper.

In stellar diagnosis the birth chart is assessed using evidence-based astrological data and measurement.

It reveals how disease is attracted; how personal predispositions can be determined from your birth chart; and how and when a disease predisposition is apt to develop.

In stellar diagnosis the planets rule body parts and the zodiac signs rule body regions.

Body parts and regions can be afflicted by diseases that are ruled by the planets.

The healing procedure is based on what’s indicated in the chart.

It involves stellar dietetics, special dietary measures, the application of mental antidotes and stellar healing.

Stellar healing is the treatment of the astral body to heal physical and mental health problems.

And the astrodynes by measuring chart data permit a much more reliable stellar diagnosis of what’s indicated in the chart.

Stellar diagnosis and you

Stellar means relating to the stars and diagnosis means the examination of the nature of an illness or other problem by examination of the symptoms so stellar diagnosis is the examination of the birth chart to diagnose the nature of an illness or some other problem.

The most reliable way of acquiring astrological data pertaining to illness or any other life condition is to statistically analyse the birth charts of those who have experienced the condition.

The statistical analysis of birth charts whose owners have experienced financial difficulties, marital troubles and career problems is the most scientific way of identifying the problem’s birth chart marker and progressed chart activator.

And in its efforts to acquire scientific astrological data the Brotherhood of Light astrological research department acquired the birth data of people suffering from 160 different diseases.

Its statistical analysis of the charts in a specified category determined the birth chart and progressed constants of that disease.

A constant refers to an astrological factor that is always or commonly present.

So, if your birth chart has the constant for a specified event or disease you have a predisposition to attract what’s indicated.

But the event or disease can only occur when the progressed constants are present.

So, stellar diagnosis provides valuable data pertaining to your birth chart and life that you can factor into your daily living.

Birth chart and progressed constants come with special precautionary measures that you can apply and introduce particularly when the progressed constants for an indicated event or disease are operative.

Author: DW Sutton

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