Astrological signatures

When Hermes Trismegistus proclaimed ‘as above, so below’ the implications were awesome.

It was an Earth-shaking moment.

It inspired the birth of astrology – the science of the soul and stars.

Astrology seeks to establish the correct correspondence between the things below of the Earth and the things above of the sky.

It subdivides into seven branches and the branch that was established for the express purpose of determining this correspondence is astrological signatures.

Through repeated observation and careful testing the correspondence between a thing of the Earth and its signature in the sky is established.

Astrological signatures is the branch of astrology that investigates birth charts to determine the rulership or astrological signature of everything that exists on the Earth – as above, so below.

Astrological signatures

A signature is a distinctive mark or characteristic by which something or someone is identified.

And everything that exists on the Earth, from people, animals, flowers, herbs, life-matters, activities, colors and musical tones, has its astrological signature.

Through repeated observation things on the Earth have been found to respond to a planet or zodiac sign.

When a thing or object has a similar astral vibratory rate as a planet or sign it is said to be ruled by that planet or sign.

The planet or sign is its astrological signature.

Astrological signatures play a fundamental, crucial role in all branches of astrology.

It was used to determine the kind of chart, and the type of progressed aspects, used in natal astrology, horary astrology, mundane astrology, stellar diagnosis and weather predicting.

It was used to determine the relation between astrological positions and mental and physical conditions and the chart and progressions to use to gain this information.

Its application indicates the relation between astrological factors and spiritual ideas and religious observances on Earth.

Character traits, abilities and diseases are all identified by their astrological signature.

The astrological signature of each character trait, body part and life-activity has been acquired over thousands of years by observation and systematic research.

Astrological signatures play an important role in natal astrology, global astrology, weather forecasting, stellar dietetics, horary astrology and electional astrology.

Astrological signatures and you

The function of astrological science is to provide you with factual astrological knowledge and this includes the correct correspondence between the things that comprise your local environment and their astrological signatures.

So an astrological signature can only be certified a fact after painstaking observation and research.

Astrological signatures is an ongoing field of astrological research.

As a new development, activity or object appears on Earth it has to be precisely matched with its astrological signature.

Everything that exists on the Earth has an astrological signature.

And the astrological signature that defines life on Earth today is the water bearer, Aquarius.

Author: DW Sutton

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