Horary astrology

Horary astrology is the branch of astrology that’s used to answer questions.

A thought or question is a mental event that usually goes through a process of formulation.

The desire to know the answer to an important question gradually builds.

The time it is actually asked represents its birth and a horary chart calculated for this year, month, day, hour and minute will provide a reliable answer – if you follow the rules correctly.

The chart represents something definite.

It pictures your not-conscious mind at the time you asked the question so the essence of horary astrology is the faculty of your mind to see the past and present of the question and its outcome in the future.

Events pertaining to the question are timed by traditional rules that have been upgraded by modern horary research.

Horary astrology and you

Strictly speaking horary astrology is concerned with the birth of an idea, a fancy, a thought or opinion.

It’s commonly used to answer a specific question.

The big problem is noting the proper time the question becomes clearly formulated in your mind and you have a strong desire to know the answer.

The chart is calculated for this time.

The answer might be a simple yes or no but the chart will reveal more insights into such things as your motives for asking the question, the motives of others involved in the matter, and the options that are available to you.

Horary astrology has a strict system of rules to follow.

To get a reliable answer to a horary question you must judge the chart in a scientific manner.

The rules must be obeyed.

When a scientific procedure is followed the answer to your question will be reliable and beneficial.

The major, minor and transit progressed aspects in a horary chart time the various events and developments it forecasts during its life.

Horary astrology attains its greatest usefulness when you use it to supplement natal astrology, but this requires a wide scope of reliable astrological knowledge.

The take-away message

The system of horary astrology that’s commonly used by fortune-tellers has been handed down through medieval astrologers who apparently used the psychic method of delineation.

So its knowledge-base is saturated with bunk and its true virtues are hidden under the debris of mysticism and folklore.

Horary astrology is the answering of a definite and specific question by means of the horary or question chart and there’s a scientific method to follow when assessing the chart.

Author: DW Sutton

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