Electional astrology

Electional astrology is also known as event astrology.

It’s the application of the science of astrology to the selection of the best time to do some activity or commence an important project.

It is not a branch of astrology but like horary astrology is closely associated with natal astrology.

You can use it to supplement the information provided by your birth chart.

The actual practice of electional astrology may or may not involve the construction and assessment of a birth chart.

From astrology’s stand point the beginning of a project is its birth and businesses, contracts and marriages have beginnings.

Electional astrology is based on the theory that time can be graded by its quality and the selection of a best time supports success.

It has been used historically to select an opportune time to start a battle.

So, the function of electional astrology is to select a time to do some activity when the planets favor the best possible outcome.

Electional astrology and you

Astrology’s knowledge-base includes the science of timing events and electional astrology provides the science that pertains to selecting the best time to do some common activity or commence an important project.

There’s a best and a worst time for doing anything and electional astrology is used to select the best time.

Doing something or commencing an enterprise at a favorable time can spell the difference between success and failure but it doesn’t automatically guarantee success.

Electional astrology plays second fiddle to natal astrology.

So what eventuates in regard to your life and the things you do is primarily determined by your birth chart and progressed aspects.

You can use electional astrology to ensure a best outcome but your birth chart is pulling the strings.

When you navigate your life using your progressed chart the astrological data becomes a compass that guides your endeavors.

You’re engaging in the life-matters and activities that are supported by harmony and you’re avoiding those that are beset by discord.

You can use electional astrology to select an opportune time to go to the dentist, have mechanical repairs done to your car, buy an electrical appliance, sign your tax return or ask a favor.

You can use it to find a favorable time to have your hair cut, sell an unwanted possession, plant a vegetable garden or prune a tree.

And you can use it to select a fortunate time to have an operation, get married, start a business venture or launch legal proceedings.

The theory is that when you choose an opportune time to do something you’re living in harmony with nature.

You don’t have to have high-level astrological expertise to benefit from electional astrology.

What you need is a basic knowledge of the science, the ability to judge harmony and discord and access to astrological data via an ephemeris or computer program.

The ephemeris provides crucial data pertaining to the Moon’s phases, the Moon’s sign location and the aspects being formed by the planets in the sky on any day.

Author: DW Sutton

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