Natal astrology

Natal astrology is the measurement of mental factors that comprise your character.

It is not divination.

It can be applied to individuals, groups of people as a nation, enterprises, life forms other than humans and other things which have a definite moment of birth.

The principle involved is that you (or any living thing) are born when your character, which has been formatted by previous experience, is similar to the astrology code in the sky.

This similarity reduces the resistance being applied by opposing astrological pressures and facilitates your birth.

Character or consciousness has a variety of evolutionary levels from bacteria, protozoa, a fruit fly, horse or human.

But whatever a life-form’s evolutionary level its birth chart quite accurately maps its character.

Natal astrology also deals with the manner in which you are apt to react to astrological events subsequent to your birth.

These events, as progressed aspects, time and sustain the expansion of your intelligence and ability which represents your character development.

Major, minor and transit progressions are astrological events that influence and define your developmental journey.

Knowledge of progressed aspects allows you to take precautionary measures and change what is predisposed to happen.

Natal astrology and you

Natal astrology is the science of finding and utilizing your natural potential as it’s defined by your birth chart.

Your birth chart is calculated for your time, date and place of birth and natal astrology is based on the theory that your chart quite accurately depicts your character and life story.

The science, which includes definite rules and statements and the systematic assessment of birth chart data and progressed aspects, enhances the reliability of the astro-data.

Natal astrology covers a vast range of scientific data pertaining to your not-conscious soul-mind, psychological wellbeing, physical health and spiritual potential.

It’s a self-science so you’re the only person who can test the data and the rules and theories as they apply to you.

The testing of astrological data can be done superficially by a fortune-teller who on glancing at your chart makes judgments based on Sun-sign knowledge and psychic impressions.

But when it comes to your soul and your thought and feeling world you’re the only person who can test the accuracy of the data with the science of natal astrology.

Natal astrology explains why you have the life you’ve got.

Your birth chart pictures your character and your life is just your character doing its thing.

Natal astrology is supplemented by stellar diagnosis and vocational astrology.

Stellar diagnosis is used to manage and maintain physical and mental health and vocational astrology is used to assess and channel natural ability into a type of work that provides the highest social benefits and personal rewards.

You can apply this information in your daily living and search for self-understanding.

Author: DW Sutton

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