Religion and you

The word religion is derived from the Latin re (back) and ligare (to bind), and literally means to bind back.

It’s commonly defined as the belief in and reverence for a supernatural power; or powers, regarded as creating and governing the universe; or a set of beliefs, values and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader that are organized into a system of doctrine and practice.

The function of true religion is to provide you with information and personal truths.

It’s meant to enlighten you about yourself and your reason for being.

Religion provides a pattern for human conduct.

In this respect it has more significance than the scientific and technological advancement that takes place.

Chances are you were born into a family that belongs to and practices a particular religion.

Through this fortuitous birth event you were accidentally exposed to a religious doctrine and life.

Since then you may have contacted other beliefs and altered the fundamental religious teachings you acquired as a child.

Exposure to other teachings may have caused you to question the teachings of your birth religion.

Whatever, you have a philosophy of life which you apply when living yours.

This philosophy is extremely important as it shapes your thoughts and actions.

The religion of science

In the Pluto period of the Age of Aquarius the religion of science has gradually increased in power and popularity.

Science, which is classified information, gives power to accomplish.

Its method of acquiring facts is difficult to refute.

The march towards greater and greater knowledge is on solid ground when the knowledge is supported by evidence-based statistical facts.

Such knowledge has the right to be classified as science.

But whether the power exerted by science will be used for the benefit of all, or enable the few to subjugate and exploit the many, is a religious consideration.

Science provides knowledge but religion provides the attitude that guides its application.

Science and knowledge have no principles regarding right or wrong, but whether they are used for selfish purposes or humanitarian ideals is a religious issue.

Your religion or philosophy

A philosophy is a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour.

It can be a belief, credo, conviction, ideology or idea.

Your religious beliefs provide you with a philosophy of life, but even if you don’t practice a religion you do have a philosophy that guides what you think, do and say.

Your philosophy can be a viewpoint, outlook or school of thought.

Whatever, you’re likely to proclaim ‘that’s my philosophy’.

Philosophical issues are covered in areas of study.

They include metaphysics and the nature of reality; ethics and the study of right and wrong; and political philosophy and questions of the good life.

You may have an interest in philosophical issues but the things you think, do and say – your life – represent your philosophy in action.

So whether you have a set of beliefs grounded in an ancient religion or a credo based on modern science it provides you with guidelines which, if you are true to your beliefs, represents your religion or philosophy.

Jupiter and your religious urge

There’s a planet in the sky that transmits an energy that’s benevolent, charitable, tolerant and philanthropic.

It’s Jupiter and in your birth chart Jupiter is the marker for your religious urge.

He provides information pertaining to your religious life.

On its developmental journey your soul has had some experiences where faith, reverence, tolerance and goodwill were the key issues.

And these experiences provide you with a religious urge that expressed in a home environment where you were exposed to the religious beliefs and teachings of your significant others.

Author: DW Sutton

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