Piscean age religions

Jupiter in the sky declared let there be religion and right from the beginning there was.

It started with naturism and evolved into animism, fetishism, totemism, hero cult worship, phallic worship and eventually into Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.

As per data released in 2014 there are 4,200 religions in the world.

Their size and popularity varies greatly.


Hinduism has approximately 950 million followers.

Its origins date back to about 5500 BCE and that’s in the Age of Gemini but scholars divide its history into periods of development.

The first period – the historical Vedic religion – dates from around 1900 to 1400 BCE and that’s in the Age of Aries.

There is no single founder and the religion grew out of cultural and religious changes in India.

It originated in Northern India and is the world’s oldest existing religion.


Buddhism has approximately 1.6 billion followers.

It was founded in the ancient Kingdom of Magadha (now in Bihar, India) in the late 6th century BCE and is grounded in the teachings of Buddha or ‘enlightened one’.

 He was born Siddhartha Gautama in the 6th century BC so Buddhism is an Arian Age religion.


Christianity has approximately 2.1 billion followers.

It has two main sections – Protestants and Catholics.

Christian history begins with the life and death of Jesus Christ and continues with the formation of the early Christian Church.

It’s a Piscean Age religion that began in the 1st century AD as a Jewish sect but quickly spread through the Greco-Roman world.

Its teachings are contained in the Christian Bible.

It has two sections – the Old and New Testaments.

The Old Testament is the original Hebrew Bible written between 1200 and 165 BC.

The New Testament books were written by Christians in the first century AD.


Islam has approximately 1.5 billion followers called Muslims.

It’s a Piscean Age religion based on the teachings of the prophet Muhammad.

According to tradition he was born in Mecca around 570 and when he was about 40 years of age he began receiving what Muslims regard as divine revelations delivered through the angel Gabriel.

They later became the Quran.

Piscean Age religions

Pisces is an emotional religious sign and during the Age of Pisces hundreds of religions came into existence.

And in the Age of Aquarius they exert extraordinary power over the beliefs and actions of billions of people.

What’s next?

All present-day religions borrowed their symbolism and customs from still older religions; and these from those that went before.

The source of their spiritual conceptions is an astronomical religion.

But the world has now moved into the astral current of Aquarius and all institutions resting on a foundation of mere belief will disintegrate.

Educated people prefer to think – they have less need to believe – so Piscean Age Christianity struggles to adjust to the free-thinking liberated Aquarian Age environment.

Its ethical and moral guidelines are basically sound, but its own moral past is shameful, its wealth is staggering and its traditional teachings and beliefs on life and death are hard to swallow.

And when good ‘religious’ people do devilish deeds in God’s name the thinking members of the congregation start to question the role of religion in their lives.

Well educated people want religious facts not old-age religious fictions.

 New Age knowledge is destroying our Piscean Age religious beliefs.

The orthodoxies of the Piscean Age are irrevocably doomed.

The Aquarian Age requires a religion that deals in facts regarding life on Earth and life on the astral plane when the physical form ceases to function.

Author: DW Sutton

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