The Religion of the Stars

If you’re a convert to astrology the Religion of the Stars might interest you.

It speaks with the voice of moral authority.

Astrology is the science of finding and utilizing the natural potentialities your birth chart defines.

It becomes a religion when it shows you how these natural tendencies can, and should be utilized for the benefit of all humanity and the furtherance of the purposes of Deity.

The Religion of the Stars

The Religion of the Stars embraces the facts of astrology.

Those who live this religion use these facts to guide their actions.

They’re used to cultivate specified thoughts and emotions and to select favorable environments.

The facts of astrology allow them to know what to do in order to live up to their highest potential – physically, mentally and spiritually.

But, in this endeavor they don’t ignore the advantages of living on Earth, nor the fact that in due time they will be required to live on the inner-astral-plane.

They use astrology, extrasensory perception, induced emotion and directed thinking to get the most out of life for themselves, and to contribute their utmost to the welfare of others.

Either here or hereafter a devotee of the Religion of the Stars does not expect someone else – a parent, doctor, government officer or savior – to do everything for them.

They’re aware that progress, on Earth or in the afterlife, is a strictly personal issue.

They know that no one can make progress for another person.

They know that here or hereafter that no one can develop another’s character or intelligence.

Character development is a strictly personal issue. It’s something you have to do for yourself. The most another can do is give guidance.

Better still you can get your guidance directly from astrology via your birth chart.

Whatever, you have to apply the information and this involves personal effort.

It’s not selfish or unspiritual to desire to make progress.

It is true that the more progress you make the more you can benefit yourself.

But it’s also true that the more progress you more you’re able to assist others.

Here and hereafter your real level of existence or mode of operation is determined by the dominant vibratory rate of your soul or character.

Spirituality implies an elevated state of mind and the more spiritual you are the higher your level of existence.

Spirituality has nothing to do with ecstatic, magical feelings that fleetingly drift across your consciousness.

Here on Earth it’s all about devoting some time and energy to the assistance of others without thought of recompense.

It’s all about giving the right assistance when it’s needed.

Giving without thought of getting is the mark of spirituality.

And the more you give the more spirituality you acquire.

Devotees of the Religion of the Stars spend some time assisting others without thought of recompense.

It increases their spirituality.

But this practice is not confined to those who practice the Religion of the Stars.

It’s practiced by those who are spiritually elevated.

The Religion of the Stars discourages blind belief and advocates the investigation of facts.

Its members are encouraged to confirm facts for themselves.

They’re encouraged to develop their psychic faculties.

They can be used to investigate the inner-astral-plane.

And they’re encouraged to assist others by teaching and disseminating, without thought of recompense, the religion’s teachings.

Author: DW Sutton

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