A religion for Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius commenced in 1881 and the Aquarian Age civilization will be progressive, well educated and knowledgeable.

The driving forces are education and free scientific inquiry.

Educated individuals have trained intelligence.

They have specialized skills and specialized knowledge.

Specialized knowledge provides technical and cultural training.

It helps individuals to understand their place in the natural world, to visualize their place in the human struggle, and to see the value of the work they do in relation to what others are doing.

But the educated person must also have a unifying or integrating frame to insure that the details shall be organized into a life with unity and direction.

This additional factor, this unifying factor, this life-pattern giving factor which is so essential, is religion.

Such a religion serves a dual purpose.

It gives an intellectual perspective, or philosophy, so that you can understand the world and yourself; and it gives emotional devotion that vitalizes and directs your life.

Education + true religion = dynamic material, intellectual and spiritual progress.

The Aquarian Age religion

True knowledge is the issue.

Unsubstantiated theories come and go and many remain unproven.

Only facts can be included in the Aquarian Age religion.

All the facts that material science has to offer must fit snugly into the religion.

And all the knowledge pertaining to occult energies and forces – the facts relating to planetary influence, the development of the psychic senses, the conditions pertaining to the life after physical death and the basic purpose of life itself – must also be included.

This information regardless of its conflict with preconceived ideas must fit smoothly into the Aquarian Age religion.

All obtainable information must be organized into a single consistent structure and made practical in application.

And as the zodiac sign Aquarius pictures a Man this religion must provide people with the best possible method of meeting every contingency of their lives.

There is a best way to act under every circumstance and this religion should be so comprehensive and so explicit that those who adopt it will have no difficulty in determining the best course of action to take in any circumstance at any time.

In regard to this matter knowledge of astrology is essential.

Astrological relations, through their correspondence with things on the Earth and within the human mind are the avenues to the more comprehensive knowledge required by the Aquarian religion, so the religion thus formulated should be called the Religion of the Stars.

And as this religion is based on that wisdom which expresses the Aquarian spirit of altruism, the religion’s spiritual guiding text is: Do and think unto others as you would have them do and think unto you.

Author: DW Sutton

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