The word of God

God spoke to humanity through the ancient prophets using the faculty of extrasensory perception.

But it’s easier to make contact through the stars in the sky.

God speaks through the symbolic pictographs that constitute the 48 ancient constellations.

Each of these carries a message relative to God’s divine plan.

These messages are traced in the heavens in the language of universal symbolism with fiery characters that can never be erased.

This pictographic language cannot be corrupted or twisted by evil men who try to give other scriptures an interpretation that will enable them to exploit their followers and gain unjust power and wealth and other selfish advantages.

Each of the 48 constellations whose characters were traced by the hand of God sets forth a spiritual text pertaining to God’s great evolutionary plan and the part S/he has asked humanity to take in getting the job done.

These 48 constellations urge every person to contribute all they can to universal welfare and reveals information that helps them do it.

These constellations, as the word of God, clearly indicate the true meaning of the various stories and points of controversy in other scriptures including the Bible.

Astrology does not discount the Bible as the word of God.

Instead spiritual astrology shows just what the word of God as set forth in the Bible truly means.

The Bible no doubt presents information that was adequate for the illiteracy and lack of scientific knowledge that marked the Piscean age.

But for the more enlightened Age of Aquarius spiritual astrology reveals the will of God as it applies to all humanity.

Spiritual astrology explains in the languages of symbolic pictograph that the universe is an organic whole permeated with the consciousness of God and is not as materialists would have you believe a collection of material particles blindly obeying physical laws.

It explains that this organic whole in response to the mental design of God is marching endlessly toward greater and greater perfection.

And it further explains that the human soul, both on Earth and in the hereafter, is not just a robot but is called upon to employ initiative and to intelligently assist in carrying out the work that needs to be done.

The nature of this evolutionary plan is clearly revealed by a study of God’s word which in the language of symbolic pictograph has been traced among the stars as the constellations.

They reveal the nature of God’s grand evolutionary plan.

The word of God and you

God speaks to you through your birth chart using the language of the stars.

Via your birth chart S/he counsels and never compels.

S/he reveals the thought structure of your soul and counsels you on how best to employ directed thinking and induced emotion to recondition your thoughts, feelings and impulses so that you can become more spiritual.

But God’s interest in you is not limited to reforming your character.

When you have a serious personal problem you can call on God for guidance as you decide on the best course of action to take.

The Religion of the Stars holds that God did not cease to take an interest in humanity soon after the commencement of the Christian era.

It holds that God is always speaking to people on the Earth.

The Religion of the Stars holds that God counsels humanity as a whole through spiritual astrology, counsels groups and nations through mundane astrology, counsels individuals relative to their broader endeavours through natal astrology, and counsels individuals relative to special perplexities through horary astrology.

Astrology can be used for a wide variety of purposes, but its most valuable function is to reveal the will of God, to give detailed information about the structure and potentialities of the human soul, and to instruct individuals on how best to develop their own characters and more effectively assist in the realisation of God’s great evolutionary plan.

Author: DW Sutton

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