Illuminating the darkness

Ignorance is darkness and ignorance is everywhere.

The teachings of orthodox religion display a complete misunderstanding of natural law. 

False teachings keep their followers in darkness.

The explanation of life presented by materialistic science is false. It keeps its followers in darkness.

The Religion of the Stars is here to illuminate the darkness with the light of truth. It presents demonstrable facts that show more precisely what your relations are to the balance of the universe.

These facts show you how can best develop your own soul and contribute to the forward movement of God’s great plan.

These facts update misguided religious teachings and defeat atheistic materialism by proving its atheistic worldview is wrong.

One avenue of learning the facts for yourself is through extrasensory perception. It more particularly applies to those people who have had some experience with, or are especially interested in, some type of psychic phenomena.

But the method of learning which is more applicable in the Age of Aquarius is through astrology.

Astrology can be made an instrument through which people can amend and improve their understanding of religion.

But a mere interest in astrology won’t convince you of the existence of inner-plane forces or give you a better comprehension of true religion.

To modify your outmoded religious beliefs you must become familiar with the facts of astrology; and to become familiar with the facts of astrology, rather than nebulous and erroneous ideas, you need access to reliable astrological information.

The Religion of the Stars actively discourages fortune-telling type astrology. It fails in its actual application to prove anything and only brings discredit on the existence of inner-plane forces.

Illuminating the darkness

The Religion of the Stars connects you to the universe and gives you a sense of belonging to the cosmos.

It teaches that life is the manifestation of feeling and intelligence through form and that form is impossible without substance.

It teaches that substance is the degree of matter on which energy acts to produce change and that this matter, on the various levels, is called physical, astral and spiritual.

It teaches that the process of creation results from the active love (feeling) and wisdom (intelligence) of God producing eternal change in the limitless degrees of substance.

The Religion of the Stars provides you with the facts of astrology.

Your birth chart provides self-understanding. It reveals the special kind of intelligence and ability that represents your reason for being. And it packs your life into a very efficient bundle of skills and abilities which you can use to benefit others.

Experiments with the psychokinetic effect demonstrate that directed thinking and induced emotion are potent forces.

The thought-cells which form your not-conscious soul-mind or character utilize psychokinesis to attract events into your life.

The Religion of the Stars illuminates the darkness with knowledge.

It advocates that everyone should be familiar with the facts of astrology, extrasensory perception, induced emotion and directed thinking.

It advocates for freedom from want and fear, and for freedom of expression and worship.

The teachings of the Religion of the Stars combine to give one paramount conception of life. It’s an Aquarian Age doctrine grounded in giving.

It teaches that all human souls should adopt as their constant and dominant motive: Contribute your utmost to the welfare of others.

Author: DW Sutton

Astrology for Aquarius – sharing our knowledge

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