Astrology as religion

Through astrology the Religion of the Stars explains the developing story that represents the world’s history.

Through astrology the Religion of the Stars can diagnose events and trends and the problems from which the world suffers.

Through astrology it prescribes remedies and then it advocates for the application of the remedy.

Through astrology the Religion of the Stars knows that major world problems are caused by long-time indulgence in wrong thinking.

It knows that hate, violence, fear and revenge have built powerful thought-forces into humanity’s collective unconscious.

And it knows that the discord is continually intensified by the planetary energies of Mars, Saturn and Pluto.

The erroneous mental attitude or wrong thinking which has brought the world to its present state is due to the teachings of orthodoxy and the teachings of materialism.

And for the world to recover and get back on the right track it must change its destructive, misguided thinking.

The violence, hate, warfare and political disunity around the globe can only be reconciled be a change in mental attitude.

And through its knowledge of astrology the Religion of the Stars works to bring about the proper change.

Astrology as religion

Through astrology the Religion of the Stars teaches that there is a grand deific evolutionary plan.

It teaches that astrological energies are the guiding forces that prevent evolutionary processes from wandering too far from their course.

These energies afford the opportunity to develop intelligence and ability.

They’re needed to assist in the realization of God’s great plan.

Through astrology the teachings of atheistic materialists and orthodox religion are proven to be false.

Life does not end in the grave nor does it continue in a static heaven or hell.

The anthem of the universe is eternal progression.

Through extrasensory perception the Religion of the Stars affords proof of the personality’s survival in a post biological astral-world.

It reveals that life on the inner-astral-planes is not so different from life here on Earth.

There are academic, domestic life, work, fun and entertainment opportunities just like here.

Through astrology the Religion of the Stars teaches you about your soul.

As your character it’s your most important possession.

It’s the only possession you will take with you with when your body wears out and you get your marching orders.

Through astrology the Religion of the Stars teaches that God’s great evolutionary plan is the most important thing in the universe.

It teaches that your religion is the next most important thing because it shapes your soul and contributes to, or detracts from, the advancement of the great plan.

It teaches that to comprehend true religion, your soul and God’s great evolutionary plan you need astrological knowledge.

Astrology maps what’s in your soul.

It maps when constructive forces will move you to take actions that are beneficial to yourself and others and when destructive forces will move you to take actions that are detrimental.

The Religion of the Stars firmly believes that if you study your birth chart and progressed aspects you will demonstrate the existence of inner-plane forces for yourself.

The facts of astrology and their relation to extrasensory perception, directed thinking and induced emotion demonstrate proof of an inner order of existence.

And with this knowledge you will be in a suitable frame of mind to adopt a more correct view of religion.

The facts of astrology allow you to acquire some self-understanding but when applied to your birth chart they have profound religious implications.

Author: DW Sutton

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