When infantile human thought gives attention to God you just know that the end result will be childish nonsense.

Explaining God is very difficult. Humanity has no words or language to describe God. God can’t be unpacked in matter-of-fact literal language.

With no clear understanding of life and its purpose the question of God is just too hard to answer. It’s easier to believe or go into denial.

With no God you can do what we want free from divine retribution. Yet without God, or without a belief in God, your life is meaningless. It has no purpose.

In the Age of Aquarius science has opened up the whole universe and revealed the scope of God’s creative intelligence.

The people of Pisces believed in God. The people of Aquarius will know God.

God the supreme intelligence

God is the reason why there is something rather than nothing and order rather than chaos.

God is the life and spirit of a dynamic, living universe – the limitless intelligence that pervades all nature.

God is nature – the laws of nature – the super-intelligence behind their existence and operation.

In exactly the same way as your body is the physical manifestation of your soul the universe is the physical manifestation of God’s spiritual intelligence.

God’s business is the universe and God’s unlimited intelligence and power has established an orderly method of accomplishing the enterprise known as God’s great evolutionary plan.

God’s business is the unfolding panorama of eternal progressive evolution.

The miracle of life is God’s business and wherever you find physical life expressing that’s God at work.

It’s God’s life, light and love made manifest for all to see.

The spirit called God permeates and actively directs the cosmos and in God’s laboratory souls are created and sent on developmental journeys for a purpose.

You – the microcosm – as a child of God – the macrocosm – fully partake with the functions and desires of God your creator.

And your ego – the creative power behind your soul – is the point of contact between you and the great God of all the universes.

And just as the creative powers of God are used to drive progressive evolution you can use your current level of physical, mental and spiritual expertise to contribute to the progress of your creator’s grand evolutionary enterprise.

Contacting God

God can be contacted and if you tune in on the right frequency and make the right connection S/he’ll answer your call.

But God does not play favorites. God cannot be cajoled or tricked into granting favors. God does not act haphazardly. God does not make mistakes.  And God is not a show-off magician – a conjuror with a bag of tricks.

But God – nature – is tricky and it’s easy to observe the natural world – misinterpret what you see – and get it wrong.

The ability to pierce the illusions of matter and get it right requires a very special type of intelligence.

Different perspectives on God

The scientist, philosopher, theologian and astrologer have different mind-sets so each views God differently.

You can ask each one a ‘God’ question and get a different answer.

Scientific intelligence observes, measures, interprets and theoretically evaluates. But if science can’t explain why there is something rather than nothing – why there is order rather than disorder – and why there is life and self-conscious life – you’re forced to bring God back into the equation.

And different religions provide different images of God. A sky-God in heaven, possessing human qualities and characteristics, is popular.

Most religions focus on the meaning and purpose of life – moral living – doing what God wants – and the promise of eternal life.

You may or may not entertain a sense of God, but you can only develop a mental image of God and explain this concept at your current level of religious intelligence and spiritual enlightenment.

Author: DW Sutton

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