God’s great evolutionary plan

The most important thing in the cosmos is God’s great plan of progressive evolution.

The most important thing to you – the worker who God has employed to work in this grand enterprise – is the progress of your own soul.

The Hermetic worldview

Hermetic science provides a radically different worldview to that proposed by gene science, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and orthodox religion.

The natural world embraces God, a great evolutionary plan and souls on developmental journeys.

The heavens declare the glory of God and this introduces the Sun, Moon, planets, stars and constellations into its worldview model.

The planets are God’s agents in the grand project.

The all-pervading intelligence of Deity has provided astrological energies that have guided life to develop in the direction of the pattern that evolution has followed.

Life that does not develop along this astrological pattern falls by the wayside, and usually becomes extinct.

The evidence reveals that all life is struggling toward the realization of God’s great plan and Hermetic astrology is inviting you to explore God’s world and your place in it.

The Hermetic worldview provides a valid description of life.

It ultimately constitutes a theory – a logically interrelated proposition. Causality is a central concept and the causal relationship between the astrological environment and the soul’s life experience is the theory’s key component.

Individuals, depending on their evolutionary level, perceive this worldview differently, but the logic of the theory cannot be understood by rational thought alone.

It’s a spiritual concept – not an intellectual surmise – and the soul’s spiritual-moral development is placed above its physical, intellectual or financial achievements.

Needless to say the Hermetic worldview is a concept that differs greatly to those proposed by other schools of thought.

The divine plan has purpose

The gist of the concept is that each soul is brought into existence to fulfill a definite function and purpose in God’s great evolutionary plan.

This purpose requires education and training and physical life-forms on Earth provide the means to that end.

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection provides the physical evidence.

The evidence for evolution is buried in the rocks and the evidence for a soul’s existence and life journey is buried in the vaults of heaven.

Physical life ensures that souls develop intelligence and ability.

Divine beauty and elegance

The concept of a soul that develops love and wisdom through experience for the purpose of fulfilling the special and important work that defines its existence is simply beautiful.

The Brotherhood of Light lessons by CC Zain present the concept in full detail with all the supporting evidence.

But understanding the concept does require logical, rational thought with a spiritual lift.

This is easy when all the parts are logically fitted together – bit by bit, piece by piece.

You don’t have to uncritically accept the concept or the astrological evidence.

You can confirm it to the best of your ability for yourself and give it fair consideration.

The beauty and precision of the universe is the beauty and precision of each soul and you’re an essential, creative component of God’s divine and elegant universe.

This has brought with it personal responsibilities.

As a servant of God’s universe you contribute to its progress.

Author: DW Sutton

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