The astrological ages

The zodiac is the apparent annual path of the Sun through the heavens. It’s a belt of astral energy that encircles the Earth which commences at the vernal equinox (around March 20 each year) when the Sun crosses the equator.

It’s divided into 12 equal sections called signs. There are 12 zodiac signs and each sign measures 30 degrees. The zodiac commences at the first point of Aries.

The constellations are groups of fixed stars that picture the influence of their corresponding signs. They vary greatly in size and like the zodiac they commence at the first point of Aries, but there is no undisputed record of the date when the zodiac sign Aries and the constellation Aries coincided.

The precessional cycle divides into 12 sub-cycles called Ages, so there are 12 astrological Ages which correspond to the zodiac signs – not the constellations; but there is no astronomical observation that can be used to determine when an astrological Age begins.

The date that an Age starts is not determined by the position of the vernal equinox in relation to the constellations. It begins when the boundary that divides two zodiac signs passes over the vernal equinox; and the Age of Pisces began when the boundary that divides Aries and Pisces passed over the vernal equinox.

The zodiac signs

The 12 zodiac signs are the evolutionary drivers of humanity’s intellectual, emotional and spiritual development.

Each one is a dynamic force in the astrological environment and each sign provides the planets with a special motivation.

The vernal equinox (or precessional pointer) as it moves from one sign to the next polarizes life on Earth to each sign’s distinct traits, features and characteristics.

So, when the equinox moves through the sign Aries it’s the Age of Aries; and when it moves through the sign Pisces it’s the Age of Pisces.

The astrological ages

Twelve astrological ages make one precessional cycle. Each age covers a period of 2,148 years and is timed by the vernal equinox.

What happens during a particular age is determined by its ruling sign which influences the whole of humanity giving direction to its evolution.

The ruling sign defines a special type of intellectual and spiritual force that is received by humanity. It defines events and developments of a special kind.

The sign ruling an Age defines its special type of civilization.

Each sign is divided into three decanates. They introduce sub-trends that specialize evolutionary developments here on Earth.

Each age is divided into seven sections. They give prominence to certain developmental trends and activities.

The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius didn’t start when the vernal equinox backed into the constellation Aquarius. It started when it retrograded into the zodiac sign Aquarius.

This occurred on January 19, 1881. So, the equinox is now moving through the sign Aquarius. It’s the Age of Aquarius.

Author: DW Sutton

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