Aquarius and you

A little knowledge of astrology reveals that when the equinox moved from Pisces to Aquarius (in 1881) humanity moved out of the I believe emotional motivation of the water sign Pisces into the I know intellectual motivation of the air sign Aquarius.

The great move caused the ten planets of our solar system to change their tone qualities and the twelve zodiac signs to modify their resonance. So the astrological energies impacting your soul, or not-conscious mind, are now tuned to an intellectual, humanitarian, scientific, altruistic vibration.

They’re streaming an astral podcast that’s all about knowledge, education, self-discovery, human-rights, gender equality and justice for all.

Aquarius is defining your attitude towards social relations, marriage, sex, race relations, religion and what it means to be human.

It’s defining government policy, economic policy, business practices, work and employment, manufacturing, the defence agenda, law-making, trade practices and international relations.

Uranus, the progressive ruler of Aquarius, rules electricity, invention, psychology and the study of the stars and your life is powered by electricity, invention is revolutionizing industry, psychology is being taught in universities and space craft from Earth are visiting other planets.

But the relentless political, social and cultural transformation has spawned a great deal of psychic dissonance.

The getting of wisdom

The great change that has taken place in the world since 1881 is the result of Aquarius. It’s ignited a flurry of scientific activity especially in the behavioral sciences. Humanity is on a quest to know itself.

The getting of wisdom is an academic enterprise driven by the intellectual sign Aquarius. It’s the zodiac’s expert when it comes to understanding human nature; and the civilizing of violence, anger, hate, fear, greed and selfishness will require a great deal of wisdom and expertise.

The intellectual superstar of the zodiac is a champion talker and debater; but it’s very inclined to theorize, procrastinate and talk, talk, talk about problems rather than apply its knowledge. It’s also inclined to become impatient with those in positions of authority and political power who are slow to grasp its progressive ideas.

Aquarius stands for liberation information, human rights, democracy,  scientific testing and technological progress. Its technology provides tools for doing a job.

Freedom for all

Aquarius, the intelligent altruist, advocates for the liberation of the human soul and as a consequence a great desire for freedom is sweeping the Earth. 

In a national sense it manifests as the emergence of new nations, revolutions and the overthrowing of dictators.

In a personal sense it expresses as the great surge for equality under state and national laws. 

It’s the age of liberty and this surge for national and individual freedom will not subside until it’s embraced by all nations and all peoples.

All human souls are created equal.

The technology revolution

Technology is the center-piece of the change revolution, but with all these technologies humanity remains fragile and frightened.

Destructive bio-technology and nuclear weapons can annihilate the human race and that’s a scary prospect. 

Aquarius and Uranus – the universe’s techno-geniuses – are discovering and creating amazing technologies, but your smart phone, tablet or PC won’t set you free. They won’t free you from the bondage imposed by want and fear.

Technology doesn’t liberate fear, cure disease or eliminate violence. In a ‘user pays’ world we’re slaves to our material wants and needs. This is the payment Saturn demanded. It’s the price we have paid.

Aquarius and you

You’re living at a time of momentous change. You’re a citizen of Aquarius.

Its knowledge and education revolution has transformed the world but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. You need to know your knowledge well.

Technology is changing the way you live and accelerated change has you living your one fabulous human life at break-neck speed. 

Aquarius has electrified the world but there’s a good chance that you’re stumbling around in the dark.

It’s the age of intellectual cleverness – even the phones are smart – but there’s so much you don’t know. You don’t know who you are, what you’re doing here or where you’re going. You’re playing follow the leader unaware that your political, religious, business and scientific leaders don’t know either. 

You do know that planet Earth is a hostile and dangerous place and that without a roadmap it’s easy to get lost. 

Aquarius proclaims that as a cast member in the greatest show on Earth – aka God’s Great Evolutionary Plan – you have the right to be free, the right to self-determination and the right to to develop your natural potential as indicated in your personal one stop guide to self-knowledge: Your birth chart.


Author: DW Sutton

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