A forecast for Aquarius – 1881-4029

Aquarius opened the door to amazing, spectacular knowledge, but the changeover from Pisces (1881-1953) was a precarious moment.

The environmental setting was defined by discord and domination. Two world wars and a great depression brought great suffering.

With Aquarius came political upheaval and a pronounced change in views towards religion.

The drive for national power and international domination was overpowering so the rights of the less powerful got ignored.

Innovation and invention were on the ascendancy.

Since 1953 division keeps tearing things apart. Cooperative effort and teamwork play second fiddle to competition, rivalry, self-boosterism and national pride.

Aquarius forecasts...

…that there shall be equal economic opportunities, equal political opportunities, equal educational opportunities and equal opportunities to use recreational, health and other public services for all humanity.

It demands that there shall be Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear, Freedom of Expression, and Freedom of worship in every country on the globe.

However long it takes, and no matter how many disastrous world wars, humanity will not be denied these opportunities and freedoms.

Aquarius forecasts that the people of the Aquarian Age are going to acquire and utilize the facts of astrology, the facts of extrasensory perception, the facts of induced emotion and the facts of directed thinking.

They will be awakened to the true concept of how the universe is managed.

They will perceive that the world should be run on the principle of specialization of parts, division of labor and the complete and harmonious cooperation between those parts – not cut-throat competition and war.

The sign of knowledge will reveal many truths.

They include a detailed knowledge of the conditions you will encounter in the astral world when your physical body dies; and the education that will prepare you here and now for your work and responsibilities there.

Aquarius forecasts inter-plane communication and the invention of a device that allows non-restricted communication between those who live and function on the different planes of life.

Two steps forward, one step back

But the wonders that Aquarius forecasts are not guaranteed.

Its knowledge and altruism expresses through human agents who are primarily driven by self-interest, competition and personal power.

Not-conscious selfish impulses – not intelligence – drive humanity’s agenda.

Aquarius demands freedom and equality but those in charge of the show are more inclined to use their cunning shrewdness to feather their own nests and to exploit the vulnerable and manipulate the less smart.

Humanity takes two steps forward and one step back.

Road blocks erected by special privilege obstruct progress.

Barriers are torn down and new ones get constructed.

It’s an ongoing battle between the progressive forces led by Uranus and the selfish orthodoxies led by Saturn.

If Uranus wins humanity will move towards greater freedom, democracy, human rights, gender equality, personal liberty, an economic system that’s focused on freedom from want and the wisdom of the stars.

But it wouldn’t, as Saturn does, exact the price of slavery as payment for material comforts and technological progress.

The better side of Uranus exerts a power that liberates humanity from fear and want and provides freedom of expression and freedom of religion.

If Saturn wins fear and insecurity will chain humanity to darkness.

The facts of life will be restricted to the science of biology.

Walls will be built.

The rich, driven by overwhelming feelings of insecurity, will safeguard their financial privilege by buying political power and favors.

The poor are seen as collateral damage in their quest for wealth.

The enemy

The enemy is special privilege.

Those with religious, political, academic or financial privilege will stop at nothing to discredit anyone who produces proof that they are wrong.

Showing they are wrong destroys their special privilege.

The world they want is not what Aquarius forecasts.

And if special privilege succeeds in thwarting the movement towards the Aquarian Age civilization there will be another and more destructive world war.

For whatever suffering it takes to educate people, the Aquarian Age will eliminate special privilege and devise a world organization built on the plan of division of labor, specialization of parts and the efficient cooperation of those parts.

Author: DW Sutton

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