The decanates of Aquarius

Each zodiac sign is divided into three subsections called decanates.

They give a sign’s general influence a special trend.

The life trend that a sign defines is specialized by the zodiac sign and planet or planets that are the designated sub-rulers of its three decanates.

As the equinox pointer backs through the zodiac the third decanate of Aquarius comes first.


The third decanate of Aquarius is pictured by a whale monster.

It’s the Libra (Venus) decanate of Aquarius.

The whale monster symbolizes discord.

Cetus reveals that the greatest discord in life is the loveless marriage.

It specifically symbolizes a tendency to enter into marriage for reasons other than pure love or to renounce love completely and suffer the consequences of its inverse expression but…there are other discords.

Cetus defines a life story specialized by efficiency and attainment when there’s social companionship, harmonious association with a kindred soul of the opposite sex and a keen interest in helping to make the world a better place in which to live.

But it warns of grave danger if true love is made subservient to material ambitions, marriage is avoided to avoid discord or solitude is preferred to the society of others.

It is the decanate of repression.

Cetus will play an influential role in the proceedings here on earth from 1881 to 2597.


The second decanate of Aquarius is pictured by a flying horse.

Only the head, wings and foreparts are depicted.

It is the Gemini (Mercury) decanate of Aquarius.

The wings on the horse (symbol of mind) indicate the ability to soar and travel in astral realms.

This can be done with or without objective awareness.

Pegasus defines a life story specialized by the ability to gain information from invisible sources, unlimited resourcefulness in creative imagination, dramatic expression, knowledge acquisition and a convincing presentation when conveying ideas to others.

It is the decanate of inspiration.

It will play a lead role in proceedings here on Earth from 2597 to 3313.


The first decanate of Aquarius is pictured by a horse’s head.

It’s the Aquarius (Uranus) decanate of Aquarius.

It symbolizes mind and the ability to apply intelligence to correctly appraise circumstance and to take proper action.

Equuleus symbolizes worldly wisdom gained from practical experience.

It defines a life story specialized by a keen interest in education, an exceptional understanding of human nature, progressive thinking, the innate ability to know how to handle others, inventive ability, an alertness for the new and unique and enthusiastically imparting their advanced methods and ideas to others.

Equuleus is the decanate of originality.

Aquarius rules astrology and Equuleus pictures the astrology decanate of Aquarius.

It will play a lead role in the proceedings here on Earth from 3313 to 4029.

Author: DW Sutton

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