The seven sections of the Aquarian Age

Each astrological Age is divided into seven sections.

Each section lasts 307 years (2148 years divided by 7).

Each section is under the dominion of a planet.

It identifies the course into which humanity’s energies will be channelled.

It defines a practical trend and central interest.

The first section of each age is ruled by the Sun, the second by Venus, the third by Mercury, the fourth by the Moon, the fifth by Saturn, the sixth by Jupiter and the seventh by Mars.

This astrological data was first given out in veiled form by cryptographer, magician and occultist Johannes Trithemius (1462-1516).

It was made plain by astrologer and founder of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, Thomas H. Burgoyne (1855-1894).

The influence of each section

The Sun rules the first section of each astrological age.

It’s defined by dominance, superiority, great power, patriotism – vigorous support for one’s country; nationalism, national pride, elitism; imperialism – the extension of power and influence through colonization, military force or other means – and big power politics.

Energy is applied to aggrandizement as countries strive to increase their power, influence, stature, supremacy, greatness and dominance on Earth and other planets.

Venus rules the second section.

It’s defined by social interaction, the influence and actions of women, emotion, friendly relations, artistic endeavour, refinement, grace, music, appreciation of the arts and beauty and pleasure-seeking.

The third section is ruled by Mercury.

It’s defined by intellectual activity, mental expression, academia, education, science, information gathering, writing, literary work and the communication of news, information, ideas and knowledge.

The fourth section is ruled by the Moon.

This section is defined by the home and family, family life, housekeeping, the wants and needs of the common people, a suspension of intellectual activity, feelings, sentiment, sympathy and caring concern.

Saturn rules the fifth section.

This section is defined by system, order and organization, orthodoxy and conservatism, subtlety and cunning, fear and superstition, safety issues and security concerns, climatic conditions, land issues, farming and mining.

The sixth section is ruled by Jupiter.

It’s defined by commerce, finances, expansion, wealth and luxury, religion and philosophy, benevolence, generosity, giving rather than getting, teaching, preaching, arbitration and conflict resolution by impartial referees.

Mars rules the seventh section.

This section is defined by harsh conditions, militarism, war, strife, disputes and conflict, machines and industrialization, manufacturing, toolmaking, energetic activity and sex.

The seven sections of the Aquarian Age

Aquarius maps an evolutionary path defined by science, technology, knowledge, education and altruism.

Based on the current precessional cycle estimate – 25,722 years – and the length of each astrological age – 2148 years – the dates for each of its seven sections are:

The Sun section: 1881 – 2188

The Venus section: 2188 – 2495

The Mercury section: 2495 – 2802

The Moon section: 2802 – 3109

The Saturn section: 3109 – 3416

The Jupiter section: 3416 – 3723 and

The Mars section: 3723 – 4030

In regard to the changeover from Pisces to Aquarius the solstice on December 23, 1880 is your point of reckoning.

The Mars section of the Age of Pisces ended December 21, 1880 and the Sun section of the Age of Aquarius started December 23, 1880.

The equinox is now moving through the Sun section of the Age of Aquarius and the sub-influence of Sun energy puts the focus on great power, domination, supremacy, imperialism and nationalism.

Author: DW Sutton

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