Precession aspects

When the Sun entered Aquarius in the year that the vernal equinox reached 30 degrees back from the first degree of Aries among the stars the Age of Aquarius began.

This occurred at 8.48.24pm GMT on January 19, 1881.

The equinox is the most important pointer in the chart.

Its motion is slow – approximately 50.3″ per year.

It backs through the zodiac at about one degree every 72 years.

And as it moves back through Aquarius it will form progressed aspects with all the planets in the Aquarian Age chart.

These aspects, like all progressed aspects, have an orb of 1 degree.

Precession aspects

The position of the equinox as it backs through Aquarius can be tracked but it cannot be shown in a country’s progressed chart.

The progressed aspects it forms sign for major developments influencing humanity’s story here on Earth.

The time-frame of each progressed aspect varies due to the motion of the progressed planets in the Aquarian Age chart but aspects involving the equinox pointer and birth chart planets have a long time-frame of 144 years – 72 years in and 72 years out.

Each aspect influences the international agenda and the national affairs of individual countries.

The house positions of the equinox pointer and the other planet indicate the mundane matters that are chiefly influenced by the progressed aspect that’s being formed.

Pointer square progressed Pluto

As the precessional pointer backs through Aquarius the first aspect it formed was an obstacle (square) aspect with progressed Pluto.

Calculating a precise start, peak and end date for the aspect is impossible.

It’s due to a lack of absolute knowledge in regard to the precessional cycle and Pluto’s motion.

But using the latest figures for the precessional cycle and Pluto the equinox pointer moved to form a square aspect with progressed Pluto in May 1986 and the aspect reached peak power and discord in late October, 2013.

In America’s Aquarian Age chart the equinox pointer is in house 9 (trade, laws, the constitution, religion, freedom of speech issues, the internet, the World Wide Web and social media.)

Pluto is in house 11 (Congress and friends).

In Britain’s chart the pointer is in house 7 (foreign policy and international relations) and Pluto is in house 9 (trade, religion, World Wide Web and social media.)

In China’s chart the pointer is in house 2 (finances and financial policy) and Pluto is in house 5 (speculation, sport, children and the birth rate.)

In Russia’s chart the pointer is in house 6 (labor, work, army, navy, eating habits and sickness) and Pluto is in house 8 (taxes, debt and death).

In Australia’s chart the pointer is in house 1 (the people and their health and welfare) and Pluto is in house 4 (the housing sector, homes, land issues and weather events).

Division, disunity and a menacing moment

The pointer square progressed Pluto marks for a menacing moment in the battle between Higher Pluto’s forces of light and Lower-Pluto’s forces of darkness.

The square aspect puts Pluto under discordant expression.

Division and disunity, rather than cooperation and teamwork, are indicated.

Pluto is the planet of group activity, coercion, disunity, ganging-up, threats, bullying, grabbing what you can for yourself, sinister behavior, evil, crime, corruption, inversion, materialism, atheism and drastic developments.

The aspect, occurring during the Pluto period, intensifies and enhances the influence of the Lower-Pluto forces.

They’re intent on curtailing your progress as a human soul and God’s Great Evolutionary Plan.

Their chief weapons are misinformation, inversion, fear and terror.

Aggressive atheism is out to destroy God.

Television – the great escape – provides respite from the monotony of daily life and allows the viewing audience to keep track of the latest horrible event.

Social media is used to spread misinformation and lies.

But with Lower-Pluto spreading so much fear, selfishness, hardship, grief and misinformation the real victims of this high-discord pointer progression are the highly exalted and noble feelings identified as altruism and spirituality.

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