Aquarius, Cetus and the Sun

The precessional cycle governs the spiritual and mental influx received by humanity during different stages of evolution.

It defines humanity’s mental and emotional evolution during that 25,772 year cycle.

Each astrological age determines the plane from which the mental forces are transmitted.

In the Age of Aquarius this is an intellectual, altruistic plane.

Individuals will express their intelligence and ability in an environmental setting that’s defined by progressive thinking, evidence-based knowledge, education, intellectual endeavor, theoretical debate, social contact, human rights, democratic reform, altruistic concern for the welfare of others and technology and argumentation.

When knowledge pertaining to reform and change flows from the great urn in the sky it usually ignites a wave of debate and squabbling.

The sub-influence of Cetus, the whale monster brings humanity face to face with the dangers of discord; and the Sun section indicates that nationalism, patriotism, power, domination, supremacy and greatness will be the central focus of humanity’s interest and effort.

Cetus: 1881-2597

Cetus the sea monster symbolizes discord.

It takes many forms.

Marriage for money and material advantage rather than true love and a preference for a life of social isolation are the most devastating.

Rather than balance there’s imbalance – unbalanced living and thinking.

The sea monster warns that racial prejudice and jealous passions are social discords with insidious consequences.

The better angels in your soul are ravaged by vulgarity, hate and coarseness.

Atheistic materialism is another grave danger symbolized by Cetus.

It’s sending a red alert to the collective soul of the human race – Andromeda.

She’s in danger of being chained to the rock of atheistic materialism by the arrogance and pride of scholastic dictators.

This monster, atheism, easily devours the unsuspecting soul.

Here science becomes the means to acquire new and greater implements of destruction.

When its advocates occupy positions of power in politics, education and the media its influence becomes tremendously destructive.

They’re determined to impose their convictions on the world.

Their chief weapons in the campaign to prevent the widespread dissemination of facts that disprove their materialistic model of life – the proof of astrology, psychokinesis, extrasensory perception and conscious life after physical death – are persecution and repression.

Their chief intention is to keep you bound to the physical world – the rock of materialism.

Cetus marks for a perilous phase in the Age of Aquarius.

The sea monster will influence the proceedings here on Earth till 2597 and between now and then humanity will dance with dangerous discord.

Eventually special privilege of all kinds will be eradicated and every human soul will be considered equal under the law with equal human and economic rights.

Sun: 1881-2188

In the Sun section of the Aquarian Age nationalism, national pride, elitism, imperialism, power and domination are the chief interests mobilizing humanity’s energy and effort.

Political power is the means to the end.

It’s in the political sphere that human rights (Aquarius) are won, maintained and defended.

Truth is bound up with questions of politics, democracy, political leadership and human rights.

During the Sun section the Aquarian Age agenda is in the hands of the world’s political leaders and you, as an active participant in the political process, have an important role to play in what eventuates.

But democracy is under threat.

It’s no longer participation of the people, for the people.

It has become participation of the power-seeking few for the preservation of the bureaucracy which dictates to a powerless majority.

There are too many fake democracies, too many dictatorships and too many people who don’t have the right to vote.

And there are too many political leaders, religious leaders and monarchs who, according to the rules and values set by Aquarius, have illegitimate rights and privileges.

The indications are that during the Sun section representative democracy and totalitarian forms of government cannot exist side by side and that one nation or world government will eventually attain dominance and dictate to the rest.

The Sun will have a dominant influence till 2188.

Author: DW Sutton

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