Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus

Aquarius is a democratic zodiac sign and in the reign of Aquarius all the world’s people will acquire the right to democratically elect their own governments.

Aquarius is a human rights advocate. He demands freedom, liberty and equality for all humanity. So, with the dawning of Aquarius the world according to Pisces was appraised and examined by the intelligence, knowledge and cognitive power of the smartest sign of the zodiac.

According to Pisces civilized society is defined by religious faith, blind belief, special privilege, monarchy, autocracy, servitude, discrimination, inequality, emotion, surmise and sentiment. 

But Aquarius has a different attitude. For him civilized society is defined by evidence-based facts, science, equal opportunity, democracy, democratic rights, human rights, gender equality, fairness, intellect, knowledge and religious facts.

So, as humanity transitioned from Pisces to Aquarius, it was inevitable that these conflicting ideologies would cause widespread division, disputation and psychic stress.

Aquarius signaled a big knowledge shift. Educated people prefer to think. They have less need to believe. They want facts not beliefs and fictions. But deeply held Piscean Age religious beliefs proved to be a formidable barrier.

Aquarius provided knowledge that Pisces was unwilling to believe. The faith and belief in Piscean Age religious traditions wouldn’t budge; and then developments took a dangerous turn when science usurped God’s supreme authority and veered towards aggressive atheism.

Saturn and Uranus

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus and their natures express diametrically opposing worldviews.

Saturn is the planet of orthodoxy and tradition. He’s cold, selfish, conservative and fearful of change.

Uranus is the planet of ultra-progressive thinking. He’s original, inventive and an advocate of change and reform.

And the upheaval and turmoil forecast by their radically different worldviews has arrived, just as expected.


Saturn fears change. He has conservative values and a preference for tradition.

His vibration is cold, selfish, insensitive, unimaginative and materialistic.

He values money, work, financial security, physical possessions, the tried and trusted and a reality based on the evidence provided by the five senses.

He heads the me-first movement.


Uranus has a reform agenda. He has progressive values and a preference for the new and unusual.

His vibration is original, independent, rebellious and tense.

He transmits high frequency astral radiations and many people are having difficulty adjusting to these high nervous tensions.

He values freedom, liberty, democracy, invention, ingenious gadgets, amazing devices and innovative change.

Technology is the center-piece of his change revolution.

Saturn and Uranus define two different pathways

Saturn and Uranus represent two different pathways that humanity can travel into the future. 

Saturn’s path is defined by fundamentalist rear-vision thinking and self-interest. It leads to materialism, selfishness and mental torment.

Uranus’s path is defined by progressive forward thinking and altruistic human endeavor. His road leads to occult insight, social equality and self-enlightenment.


Pisces gave you heaven and hell and cramping religious orthodoxy, but Aquarius reckons that unsubstantiated beliefs must be erased by evidence-based knowledge.

So during the Pisces-Aquarius transition phase Saturn and Uranus provided bewildering biological information. They rewrote the book of life.

God and divine miracles were deleted by genes, DNA and thinking machines that, with enough fear, knowledge and technology, can work out how you can take control of your evolution and scientifically create eternal physical life.

The facts of life have been limited to physical life and the material plane.

There’s nothing else. And if Saturn’s philosophy of atheistic materialism is widely accepted it will breed a civilization that is distinguished by its ruthlessness, harshness, hate, callous disregard, self-centeredness and selfishness.

In the hands of the materialistic atheists the science of the Aquarian Age is the means to acquiring new and greater implements of destruction.

(In 2020 it’s known that 9 countries have nuclear weapons that are in military service. About 1800 are on high alert and could be fired without warning. And experts say that all nuclear-armed nations are modernizing their arsenals.)

Author: DW Sutton

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