The Age of Aquarius - when now began

Those people who think that the Age of Aquarius hasn’t started have missed the boat.

Hermetic astrologers believe the world’s electromagnetic forces first became polarized in the sign Aquarius when the Sun entered Aquarius on January 19, 1881 at 8.56.42pm GMT.

That’s when the equinox backed into the last degree of Aquarius.

That’s when the boundary that divides Pisces and Aquarius passed over the vernal equinox and the Age of Aquarius commenced.

The changeover from Pisces to Aquarius took 144 years.

It began in 1809 when the equinox pointer moved to 0 degrees, 59 minutes, 59 seconds Pisces and was completed in 1953 when the pointer moved to 28 degrees, 59 minutes 59 seconds Aquarius.

The world’s electromagnetic forces were fully polarized in Aquarius in 1953.

The world today (2019) is an emerging Aquarian Age reality.


Aquarius is pictured in the sky as a man.

In his right arm he bears an urn.

The urn is turned bottom up so the water it contains flows in a constant stream upon the Earth.

The water symbolizes knowledge and wisdom.

It’s been acquired by souls (on developmental journeys) and Aquarius pictures their knowledge flowing onto the Earth.

Aquarius is an intellectual sign and Aquarian people have a keen interest in education and acquiring knowledge.

Aquarius proclaims that truth is learned by employing a research method that leaves no stone unturned in discerning the facts of a matter.

Knowledge must be evidence-based.

It developed the scientific method.

Its symbol is two wavy lines that denote two serpents traveling in opposite directions.

They symbolize creative cooperation and the balance of reason and intuition.

Aquarius represents knowledge and wisdom gained through experience.

The left arm of the man in sky is reaching upwards.

It indicates that the knowledge – the accumulated wisdom of the ages – is coming from a higher source.

It’s being poured onto the Earth.

Altruism is the highest wisdom.

It’s flowing from the urn of Aquarius.

It expresses in your daily life when you do and think unto others as you would have them do and think unto you.

The Age of Aquarius

There is traditional basis for considering that the Aquarian influence over world affairs started in 1881 and a little knowledge of astrology will convince you that humanity has moved out of the ‘I believe’ motivation of the emotional water sign Pisces into the ‘I know’ motivation of the intellectual air sign Aquarius.

During the Age of Aquarius the quality of mental and spiritual force being received by humanity is of the Aquarian kind.

Advanced knowledge, expressing as altruism and altruistic endeavor, promises a thousand years of peace and harmony.

Aquarius rules electricity and on September 4, 1882 – 20 months after Aquarius dawned – Thomas Edison flipped the switch to the first electrical power plant in history.

It lit up one square mile of lower Manhattan.

Many consider this to be the day that started the electrical age and we would add that Aquarius has been electrifying the world ever since.

Author: DW Sutton

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