Emmanuel Macron: France on fire

Riots, violent protests and a plummeting popularity rating – it all went wrong for Emmanuel Macron in 2018

In his chart progressed Sun was opposition birth chart Mars. It still is.

The aspect reached peak power on November 14, 2018.

In Emmanuel Macron’s forecast for 2018 we wrote:

The level of risk and danger indicated by the aspect needs to be evaluated carefully and precautionary measures taken to reduce the chance of mishap and misadventure.

And on November 6, 2018 French officials reported that six people had been arrested in France on suspicion of planning to carry out a violent attack on President Emmanuel Macron.

We also wrote:

The aspect forecasts power abuse, abuse of authority, the undermining of his authority, a leadership crisis, a power struggle, allegations of arrogance, attacks on his self-esteem, a crisis of confidence, a political scandal, disputes with partners and/or world leaders, aggressive moves by opponents, danger, hostility, marital strife, law suits, great distress, separation and an accident, injury or operation.

The aspect undermines his capacity to control his environment and the risks involved demand vigilance and measures of self-protection.

The separation event (opposition aspect) may be personal or political and Macron could be fighting for his political life against very aggressive and hostile opponents.

Whatever…there’s a mighty big storm brewing. It will tear his life apart.

Emmanuel Macron’s chart progressed to July 1, 2019

The chart’s astrodyne report

Chart data: December 21, 1977 at 10.40am CET (2E18; 49N54).

The birth time has a ± 2 minute margin of error but there are no structural changes in the chart within this time-frame although the Sun dislodged Mercury as the dominant planet at 10.39.20am.

Progressed Sun – his political authority and positional power in house 1 (him personally) – is still opposition birth chart Mars – the planet of conflict and violence in house 7 (his opponents, enemies, partners and competitors).

Birth chart Sun is in house 11 (his friends and allies) and is a co-ruler (Leo intercepted) of house 7.

And Mars is the co-ruler (Aries is intercepted) of house 2 (finances and the cost of living) and the cusp ruler (Scorpio) of house 10 (his honor, reputation and publicity).

The aspect’s discord, expressing as a mental tug-of-war, involves the making of a decision where the choosing of one very desirable thing will result in the losing of the other.

The trouble starts

The trouble started on December 8, 2018 when anti-Macron protests erupted across France.

They have continued each Saturday since then and on January 12, 2019 thousands of demonstrators (Uranus) again turned out across France for new ‘yellow vests’ protests, with dozens of arrests and clashes (Mars) in Paris and other cities. (In his birth chart Mars is square Uranus)

The nationwide protests (Uranus) were initially triggered by the rising price of fuel (Jupiter).

They have since widened to include anger (Mars) at the cost of living (house 2), with a wide-ranging list of other demands.

In Macron’s chart progressed Sun is also sesquisquare progressed Jupiter – planet of rising prices in house 5 (speculation, the share market, teenagers and risk). The aspect, which activates a birth chart opposition, reaches peak power on June 27, 2019.

In December 2018 Macron announced €10bn ($11.4bn) in pay rises and tax cuts for the less well-off.

Progressed Uranus in house 9 was semisextile birth chart Pluto – the planet of drastic action in house 8 (taxes) – and progressed ascendant was parallel progressed Pluto.

Then on January 15, 2019 a national public debate (house 9) kicked off. It will be held in town halls (Capricorn) across France and on the internet (Pluto), and will focus on taxes, green energy, institutional reform and citizenship.

Over the next 2 months the French people are being invited to join in a kind of mass consultation (Pluto) that (in theory) will shape the second half of Macron’s mandate.

But with progressed Sun opposition birth chart Mars and sesquisquare progressed Jupiter things are not looking good for the French president.

Macron's in for the fight of his life

On February 13, 2019 Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Uranus and this high discord astrological event is sure to stimulate more violent protests and set France on fire.

Then the discord mapped by the progressed aspects involving the Sun, Mars and Jupiter will reach a peak in July 2019.

On June 9, 2019 progressed Moon in house 9 moves to form a square aspect with birth chart Mars – planet of violence and fires > peak power date is July 6.

On June 26 progressed Moon moves to form a square aspect with progressed Sun (planet of power and authority) and a sesquisquare aspect with progressed Jupiter (the planet of higher prices) > peak power date for both aspects is July 24.

And Macron has major changes scheduled during the second half of 2019.

More Sun discord is stimulated on September 7, 2019 when progressed Moon in house 9 moves to form a semisquare aspect with birth chart Sun > peak power date is October 3.

On September 9 progressed Moon moves to form an opposition aspect with birth chart Moon – planet of the common people in house 3 (roads, rail and transportation) > peak power date is October 5.

On September 18, 2019 progressed Moon moves to form a conjunction aspect with birth chart Uranus – planet of protests, social discontentment and change > peak power date is October 14.

And on October 26 progressed Moon moves to form a conjunction aspect with progressed Uranus and a sesquisquare aspect with birth chart Jupiter > peak power date for both aspects is November 22, 2019.

Jupiter is the planet of miracles and the great benefic has been known to perform astounding wonders. But Macron will need more than a miracle in 2019 to survive the discord mapped in his progressed chart with his presidency intact.

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