China’s forecast for 2019

In 2018 China expanded its military presence in the South China Sea; got embroiled in a trade war with America; and signed agreements with more and more countries on its trillion dollar Belt and Road Initiative.

With progressed Mars – the planet of building and manufacturing – in its chart forming a luck (trine) aspect with birth chart Jupiter – the planet of expansion, trade and financial agreements – the world’s economic powerhouse had the wind in its sails.

China’s chart progressed to December 31, 2019

Chart data is: October 1, 1949 at 3.15pm CST (39N36; 116E24)

Where the action is

Progressed Mars – planet of military matters, strife, disputes, war and manufacturing in house 8 (tariffs, debts, loans and death) – is trine (luck) birth chart Jupiter – planet of finances, trade and religion in house 12 (secret activity, spying, the Ministry of State Security and re-education camps). Peak power date was August 13, 2018 – end date is October 10, 2020.

Progressed Mars – planet of construction, building and aggressive force – is parallel birth chart Neptune – planet of schemes, complicated situations, lies and deception in house 8 (loans to other countries). Peak power date is November 2021.

Progressed Sun – planet of political leaders in house 10 (the administration and business activity) – is sextile (opportunity) progressed Neptune – planet of utopian enterprises, great expectations and chaos in house 8 (tariffs, taxes, debts and loans). Peak power date was October 3, 2018 – end date is October 6, 2019.

Progressed Venus – planet of women, women’s issues and the arts – is conjunction birth chart Moon – planet of the common people in house 12 (crime, prisons, hospitals and internment camps). The Moon is cusp ruler of house 6 (working conditions) and Venus is cusp ruler of house 4 (homes and housing). Peak power date is June 6, 2019 – end date is August 24, 2020.

Progressed Sun – in house 10 (the administration) – is trine (luck) progressed Pluto – planet of cooperation, coercion, intimidation, threats and groups in house 7 (relations with foreign powers). Peak power date is December 9, 2019 – end date is November 29, 2020.

The Sun-Pluto harmony is stimulated from January to July 2019 when progressed Moon forms a parallel aspect with birth chart and progressed Pluto – peak power dates are April 11 and April 26, 2019. Major events mapped by progressed Sun trine progressed Pluto can occur around this time.

Progressed Venus – in house 12 (disappointment, restriction, internment and re-education centers) is sesquisquare (agitation) progressed Saturn – planet of security, economy, tariffs, farmers, storms and floods in house 7 (off-shore events and actions taken by foreign powers). Venus is cusp ruler of house 4 (homes, buildings and weather events). Start date is April 15, 2019 – peak power date is July 22, 2020.

Due to China’s imprecise birth time aspects involving the progressed ascendant and progressed Midheaven should be viewed with caution…

Progressed ascendant (the people and their health and welfare) in house 4 (homes, housing and natural disasters) is sesquisquare (agitation) birth chart Neptune in house 8 (death, debt and taxes). Start date is February 2019 – peak power date is December 2019.

Progressed Midheaven (business and reputational issues) in house 1 (the people) is trine (luck) birth chart Sun in house 8 (taxes used for public spending). Start date is April 2019 – peak power date is April 2020.

And progressed Midheaven is sesquisquare (agitation) progressed Mars – planet of strife, disputes, military matters, accidents and fires in house 8 (death, debt and loans to other countries). Start date is June 2019 – peak power date is April 2021.

In March 2019 – the precise date requires an exact birth time – the major progressed Moon moves into house 7. It’s an astrological event that will bring China’s relations with foreign powers to the fore.

Whilst there the Moon will form sub-major aspects with all the planets in the chart and from March 2019 to August 2022 (when the Moon moves to house 8) these aspects will map major and sub-major events involving China’s foreign policy, relations with foreign powers, disputes and war.

All the Mars progressions are stimulated from April 14 to June 10, 2019 when progressed Moon forms a semisquare aspect with progressed Mars – peak power date is May 13.

And all the Mars progressions are under strong stimulation from October 24 to December 17, 2019 when progressed Moon is conjunction birth chart Mars – peak power date is November 20. With Mars – the powder keg that’s just waiting to explode in house 7 – there’s sure to be strife and hostilities with a foreign power.

Disputes and military expansion in the South China Sea

Since December 2013, China has engaged in controversial reclamation projects in the Spratly Islands. In 2015, China began pumping sand onto disputed reefs. Three years later, in 2018, what used to be partially submerged coral features are now fully fledged islands, hosting buildings, ports, and runways. With progressed Mars trine birth chart Jupiter China revved up its military expansion.

Disputes in the South China Sea (Mars) involve island and maritime claims (Neptune) and claimant states Brunei, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

They’re interested in retaining or acquiring the rights to fishing areas (Neptune), the exploration and potential exploration of crude oil (Neptune) and natural gas (Neptune), and the strategic control of important shipping lanes (house 9).

Progressed Mars was parallel birth chart Neptune.  

An estimated US $5 trillion worth of global trade (Jupiter) passes through the South China Sea annually.

Progressed Mars trine birth chart Jupiter and parallel birth chart Neptune stimulates the disputation and China’s military expansion, but expect major world powers to push back and send warships and aircraft to the contested waters.

Progressed Sun trine progressed Pluto stimulates China’s exploitation and coercive control of countries in the region. In response expect other countries to gang up (Pluto) on China. A drastic situation could easily develop in the South China Sea in 2019.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

The Belt and Road Initiative, also known as the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road is a development strategy adopted by the Chinese government involving infrastructure development (Mars) – the building of road and rail projects (house 3) – and investments in countries in Europe, Asia and Africa (house 7).

It’s China’s signature foreign policy (house 7) project.

The project was announced in September/October 2013 and has grown significantly. As of July 2018, more than 100 countries and international organizations had signed the cooperation documents with China, expanding the scope from Eurasia to Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the South Pacific region.

China has pledged (Jupiter) to spend $63 billion on road, rail and energy infrastructure across Pakistan.

The Chinese government calls the initiative ‘a bid to enhance regional connectivity (Pluto) and embrace a brighter future’. But some observers see it as a push for Chinese dominance in global affairs with a China-centered trading network.

The project’s end date is 2049 and between now and then there are a lot of high discord progressions influencing houses 7 and 8 in China’s chart. They could forecast international opposition, unforeseen, escalating costs or unmanageable debts being owed to Beijing.

In 2019 progressed Mars trine progressed Jupiter will continue to support this massive road and rail building project.

Progressed Sun trine progressed Pluto stimulates cooperative effort but cooperation usually means China applying coercive force on other countries.

Discordant aspects to house 8 could see countries default on their loan repayments. China lies in wait ready to pounce.

Predatory lending

The Chinese government has been lending money to many developing nations; and when progressed Mars moved into house 8 of China’s chart the accusation of predatory (Mars) lending (house 8) grew louder.

There’s no doubt that China is aiming for regional superiority. Its only rival is India – no one even comes close to Beijing in regard to its wealth or influence.

China watchers claim that these loans have been given away on terms that are making it likely that the borrowers will default (Saturn). This ensures that China has control over land (house 4) and sea resources (house 9) in the subcontinent that it can use to build strategic military bases (Mars) and further enhance its economic competencies.

Progressed Sun – the ruler of house 8 (loans to other countries) – trine progressed Pluto – in house 7 (other countries) – and progressed discord to house 8 could see this scenario become a reality.

And progressed Venus – the ruler of houses 4 and 9 – sesquisquare progressed Saturn in house 7 could see other countries cause China loss. Saturn is the planet of fear so China could become fearful of other world powers or smaller nations could become frightened of China.

Trade warring with America

China’s prosperity has been fuelled by capital investment, market access and technology but China is still a developing country. With houses 7 and 8 dominating its chart China is utterly dependent on foreign money and foreign markets for its prosperity. Domestic consumption (houses 1 and 2) will always remain poor.

From China’s perspective there’s more to a trade (house 9) war (Mars) with America (house 7) than placing tariffs (Saturn) on certain goods.

It’s all about authority and the power to pull strings and get what it wants. It plays a dangerous (Mars) game where losers are just collateral damage in a contest that it must win.

Progressed Mars – the cusp ruler of house 9 (trade) in house 8 (tariffs) – trine birthchart Jupiter – in house 12 (secret negotiations) supports China’s trade warring with America. And so does progressed Sun – in house 10 – trine progressed Pluto – the cusp ruler of house 9 in house 7.

Pluto indicates that China will play it tough and is ready to apply heavy pressure. But the Sun-Pluto trine aspect does support a mutually agreeable cooperative outcome (from China’s perspective).

Climate change and pollution

When it comes to CO2 emitters China and the United States are the world’s worst but China has already taken the lead in electric cars (Uranus). Almost half of the world’s plug-in electric vehicles are sold in China.

China has a terrible pollution problem and large numbers of Chinese people die each year from pollution related causes. So China wants to reduce pollution and its reliance on foreign oil (Neptune).

Progressed Mars parallel birth chart Neptune – planet of pollution in house 8 (death) – is the marker for the high number of deaths due to pollution since December 2015; and with progressed ascendant sesquisquare birth chart Neptune in 2019 this could be a particularly bad year for pollution related deaths.

China’s falling birth rate

On December 6, 2018 based on the latest United Nations estimates, China’s population was 1,417,423,648. That’s 18.54% of the world’s total population.

In 2016, China began allowing families to have two children instead of one, but the policy change didn’t reverse a decreasing fertility rate.

So, some provinces want to pay cash bonuses (Jupiter) to parents who have a second child, and others have suggested eliminating limits on childbirth altogether. The National Health Commission has reportedly asked researchers to study whether tax breaks (house 8) could help spark a baby boom (house 5).

About 25% of China’s population is expected to be 60 years or older by 2030 and a falling birth rate doesn’t spell booming, economic expansion.

An aging population spells reduced income tax revenue (house 8), reduced spending, reduced consumption and reduced jobs growth. It spells economic stagnation.

One solution is robotics to do work. So to prevent labor shortages China’s plan is to have artificial intelligence and robots fill positions. Robots could save the Chinese economy from stagnating.

There’s not much going on with house 5 in China’s chart so a baby boom isn’t likely in 2019 but a very active house 8 forecasts an increased number of deaths.

In October 2018 China legalized internment camps (house 12) believed to be holding hundreds of thousands of Uighur Muslims (Jupiter).

Jupiter in house 12 maps the birth chart predisposition. Progressed Mars trine birth chart Jupiter stimulated the birth chart predisposition; and stimulation to Jupiter during 2019 will see many more Uighur Muslims interred.

Religious belief in China comes with government regulation and controls. Unregistered religious groups (Jupiter in house 12) include house churches, Falun Gong, Tibetan Buddhists, underground Catholics and Uyghur Muslims.

Those groups that are against the laws and involved in separatist, criminal, extremist (Uranus) and terrorist (Pluto) activities, are banned and face varying degrees of harassment (Pluto), including imprisonment (house 12), torture (Mars), and forced religious conversion (Pluto).

China in 2020

In 2020 there’s a spike in discord in China’s chart.

On December 4, 2019 progressed Sun – the ruler of house 8 (taxes, debt and loans) – moves to form a high-discord obstacle (square) aspect with progressed Saturn – planet of loss in house 7 (foreign powers) – peak power date is December 10, 2020.  

And on April 20, 2020 progressed Mercury – the dominant planet in house 8 – moves to form an agitation (sesquisquare) aspect with birth chart Mars – planet of war and strife in house 7 (the other country).  This Mercury-Mars discord will reach peak power on December 12, 2020.

Author: DW Sutton

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