America’s forecast for 2019

In 2019 Donald Trump and the US Congress will play the lead role in America’s story.

The unpredictable president who has a somewhat extreme worldview and an extremely high sense of self-importance has America traveling a dangerous road marked by strife, conflict, political feuding, radical policies, trade-wars, insult hurling and explosive rhetoric.

Trump’s America is experiencing an economic good time but is dangerously divided and the Washington swamp still seems to be a grubby quagmire.

America’s chart progressed to December 31, 2019 

Chart data: July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, Pa (39N57: 75W09) at 2.14.35am is from Dr James D Keifer.

7 ongoing events and situations explained

Special counsel Robert S Mueller’s Russia probe

It’s not known when Robert Mueller’s Russia probe investigation will be released but it is sure to be a national and international sensation.

It’s all about Russian interference in the US Presidential election and who was involved and who knew what. A number of Trump associates have been charged and some are in prison. The issue is: was the President involved?

It’s a house 12 event involving secret enemies, clandestine activity, crime, the intelligence community and FBI; and progressed Uranus – the planet of sensational revelations – in house 12 – is the cusp ruler of house 10 (Donald Trump).

It’s a political event involving the President (the Sun and house 10) and Robert Mueller and his team of investigators (Pluto); and progressed Sun in house 11 (Congress) is semisquare birth chart and progressed Pluto in house 9 (the Supreme Court, legal matters and constitution); progressed Mercury – the planet of talk and controversy – in house 10 (Donald Trump) is trine birth chart Mars – the planet of strife and dissension – in house 1 (the people); and progressed Midheaven (publicity, honor or dishonor) is conjunction birth chart Saturn – the planet of misfortune, failure and loss – in house 5 (Wall Street and Trump’s children). Saturn is the cusp ruler of house 10.

Progressed Venus in house 12 (criminal investigations) is square birth chart and progressed Pluto – the planet of division, disinformation, crime and drastic developments.

The release of Mueller’s report could be the top news story of the year. It’s a house 9-Pluto event, but with the Sun and houses 10 and 11 directly involved the discord points towards a drastic situation involving the President, Congress, The Supreme Court and a very polarized American nation.

The trade war with the world and China

House 9 (trade) in America’s chart is under severe stress so there’s no happy ending in sight for America in its trade war with China.

Trade is all about imports, exports, deficits and surpluses. A surplus (Jupiter) occurs when exports exceed imports and a deficit (Saturn) occurs when imports exceed exports and with China running a large trade surplus the Trump administration decided it was time to take action.

On January 22, 2018 a 30% tariff (a tax or duty paid on an import or export) was placed on foreign solar panels and a 20% tariff on washing machines.

At this time in America’s chart progressed Sun in house 10 (business) was semisquare birth chart Pluto in house 9 (trade); and progressed MidHeaven (business) was conjunction birth chart Saturn (tariffs) – the cusp ruler of house 8 (taxes and tariffs) and house 9 – in house 5 (risks and speculation).

The tariffs were imposed to restrict (Saturn) imports by increasing the price (Jupiter) of the goods being purchased from overseas and to address a growing trade deficit that some economists considered economically harmful.

China then imposed retaliatory tariffs on American imports such as soy beans and dairy products so America exported less of these products.

And then the Trump administration introduced a compensation plan (Jupiter) to help American farmers (Saturn) for the exports lost in the trade war. In America’s chart progressed Saturn and progressed Midheaven were square progressed Jupiter (compensation) in house 2 (finances).

But in September 2018 the US goods and services deficit (Saturn) increased more than expected; and on October 31, 2018 the US dollar (house 2) hit a 16-month high (afflicted Jupiter in house 2.)

The current Jupiter- Saturn-house 9 discord in America’s chart does not favor victory in its trade war with China in the immediate future.

The #Metoo social revolution

#Metoo was created in 2005 and in 2017, with progressed Venus square birth chart Pluto in America’s chart, it burst onto social media, spawned Times Up and emerged as a major social revolution in women’s rights.

Progressed Venus was in house 12 (secret- covert-criminal activity) and birth chart Pluto was in house 9 (internet and social media).

Progressed Saturn in house 6 (work) trine (luck) birth chart Venus in house 2 (wages) is a fortunate long-time aspect that favors women and women’s issues. It reaches peak power in October 2033.

These Venus progressions reveal that the #Metoo and Time’s Up movements will continue to gather momentum during 2019.

The divided states of America

The birth chart predisposition for division and disunity is mapped by Mercury in house 3 – the cusp ruler of house 1 (the people) – opposition (separation) Pluto – the planet of division – in house 9.

It was stimulated in November 2008 when progressed ascendant (the people) moved to form a parallel aspect with progressed Pluto; intensified in 2011 when progressed ascendant moved to form a parallel aspect with birth chart Pluto; and became a pronounced reality in 2018 with progressed Sun semisquare, and progressed Venus square, birth chart Pluto.

The progressed discord involving Pluto indicates that the ugly division will continue throughout 2019 and 2020.

Guns, violence and mass shootings

Gun violence and mass shootings will continue to be a part of American life in 2019.

Progressed Mars – the planet of hate, guns and violence – in house 5 (schools, teenagers and places of entertainment) – is trine birth chart Moon in house 10; and progressed Mercury – the planet of talk and controversy – in house 10 is trine birth chart Mars in house 1 (the people).

Finances and Wall Street

America’s finances (house 2) are under stress.

The Sun, Venus and Jupiter – the rulers of house 2 – are all involved in high discord progressed aspects.

Progressed Sun is semisquare progressed Pluto; progressed Venus is square progressed Pluto; progressed Jupiter is square birth chart Saturn; and progressed Midheaven is square progressed Jupiter.

Sun discord marks for unwise political moves and Jupiter discord signs for misguided financial policies, extravagance and rising prices.

Progressed Jupiter square birth chart Saturn is the barrier that is preventing the funding and building of Trump’s wall.

The aspects influencing the share market (house 5) are mixed.

Progressed Jupiter (higher prices) in house 2 (finances) is square birth chart Saturn (falls and fear) in house 5; and progressed Midheaven in house 5 (Wall Street) is conjunction birth chart Saturn and square progressed Jupiter so heavy falls can occur with fear and panic gripping the market.

But with progressed Mars in house 5 forming a (luck) trine aspect with birth chart Moon; and progressed Mercury – the cusp ruler of house 5 – trine birth chart Mars – the planet of resilience – stock prices can quickly rebound.

International relations and foreign policy

In America’s chart, Jupiter – the planet of finances and generosity – rules house 7 (international relations) and the country plays a generous and beneficial role on the world stage, but Jupiter is involved in several high-discord progressions that forecast strained relations with allies and partners.

Progressed Mercury in house 10 (business) is sesquisquare (agitation) birth chart Jupiter in house 2 (finances); progressed Jupiter in house 2 is square (obstacle) birth chart Saturn in house 5 (speculation); and progressed Midheaven in house 5 is square progressed Jupiter.

Jupiter when afflicted is over-optimistic, over generous, extravagant and thoughtless so the strained relations with foreign powers are due to past indiscretions regarding financial policy and trade deals.

Looking ahead

Pluto is very active in 2019

With Pluto you enter the world of division, disunity, coercion, threats, harassment, corruption, disinformation,shady-deals, duplicity, gang methods and criminal activity and Pluto is very active in 2019.  

Pluto is in house 9 – the Constitution, Supreme Court, new laws, courts and court cases, the court system, trade, religion, advertising, publishing, radio, television, websites and internet.

The house 9 discord can forecast a Constitutional crisis involving the Supreme Court and dire developments on the trade front.

The Democrats have control of Congress

This major political shift in November 2018 was a big shock for Trump and with progressed Sun in house 11 (Congress) semisquare birth chart and progressed Pluto (division) and progressed Midheaven square birth chart Jupiter – the cusp ruler and planet of finances and funding – the Democratic controlled Congress has the power to frustrate and inflict heavy damage on the President.

His request for funding (Jupiter) to build a wall on the US-Mexico border will be frustrated.

Publicity for all the wrong reasons

The Midheaven is the marker for publicity and during 2019 progressed Midheaven in America’s chart is conjunction birth chart Saturn (security, protectionism and self-interest) in house 5 (Wall Street, teenagers, sport, entertainment and gambling) and square birth chart Jupiter (finances, ethics and morals) in house 2 (finances).

As the dominant power on Earth America provides other countries with guiding principles but with progressed Jupiter (moral values) in house 2 (finances) square birth chart Saturn (me first) and progressed Mercury in house 10 (honor) trine birth chart Mars (hate and anger) the lead country is inclined to engage in behavior that is second-rate, substandard, self-serving and self-destructive.

Midheaven discord in 2019 indicates that America will engage in conduct that tarnishes its reputation.

Progressed Sun inconjunct birth chart Saturn

This discordant aspect starts on March 16, 2019 and reaches peak power on March 15, 2020.

Progressed Sun (political developments) is in house 11 (Congress) and birth chart Saturn (caution, worry, falls and loss) is in house 5 (babies, children, teenagers, the entertainment sector, sport, speculation and Wall Street).

Saturn’s focus is on security, protection and tariffs but his short-sighted selfishness very often fails to prevent mishap and misfortune.

Progressed Mercury parallel progressed Venus

This harmonious aspect starts on April 25, 2019 and reaches peak power on February 16, 2022.

Progressed Mercury – the planet of science, education, the press, talk and controversy – is in house 10 (the administration and business) and progressed Venus (Gina Haspel) is in house 12 (secrets, clandestine activity, secret service, CIA, detectives, FBI, secret agents, prisons and hospitals).

It will intensify and energize the #Metoo movement, disclose secrets and give rise to a great deal of talk and controversy about the secret service, the FBI and other house 12 matters.

Progressed ascendant inconjunct birth chart Mercury

This aspect starts in June 2019 and reaches peak power in September 2020.

Progressed ascendant (the people and their health) is in house 7 (foreign policy and international relations) and birth chart Mercury is in house 3 (the press, journalists, neighboring countries (Mexico, Canada); transportation (roads and rail); and communication (postal and phone services).

Mercury – the messenger of the gods – has the print media and information providers focused on off-shore events and developments that have the American people talking.

Progressed Venus square progressed Pluto

This high discord progressed aspect starts on June 20, 2019 and reaches peak power on May 28, 2020.

It takes over from progressed Venus square birth chart Pluto when it ends on August 27, 2019 and maintains the discord stimulation to Pluto, house 12 and house 9.

Venus – the planet of women – is in house 12 (women behind bars) and Pluto is the planet of division, crime and harassment.

Progressed Sun semisquare progressed Pluto

This discordant progressed aspect starts July 14, 2019 and reaches peak power on July 23, 2020.

It takes over from progressed Sun semisquare birth chart Sun (when it ends on September 26, 2019) and maintains the discord stimulation to Pluto, house 11 and house 9.

Sun is the planet of politics and those in power and Pluto is the planet of splits, disunity and drastic developments.

Progressed Sun trine progressed Jupiter

The high-harmony aspect starts on September 1, 2019 and reaches peak power on August 25, 2020.

Progressed Sun – in house 11 (Congress) – is the planet of politics and political leaders; and progressed Jupiter – in house 2 (finances, banks, The Federal Reserve and the wealth of the people) – is the planet of trade, legal matters, courts, goodwill, charity and benevolence.

Jupiter is conjunction the Sun in America’s chart and in 2017 the world’s largest economy with a population of 310 million people maintained a per capita GDP (PPP) of $59,500.

This very fortunate, high-harmony progressed aspect involving the rulers of house 2 will boost America’s financial fortunes in 2020. It forecasts fortunate financial events and some success in addressing the trade deficit.

Author: DW Sutton

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