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On October 6, 1949 at 12.54am GMT Mars in the sky moved to form a conjunction aspect with Pluto.

The Cold War and its geopolitical tensions had started in 1947 and in April 1949 NATO (Pluto) had been established.

On September 23, 1949 President Truman informed the US people that the Soviet Union had tested an atomic bomb (Mars-Pluto) on August 29.

On September 29 the Soviet Union announces that it has formally renounced its treaty of friendship, mutual assistance and post-war cooperation (Pluto) with Yugoslavia.

On September 30 Hungary renounces its 1947 treaty of friendship and mutual assistance (Pluto) with Yugoslavia.

And on October 1 at Tiananmen Square – the ‘gate of heavenly peace’ in the center of Beijing – Mao Zedong declares the founding of the People’s Republic of China. A CBS radio news bulletin in America reported that the event occurred at 3.15pm local time.

So China’s birth data is October 1, 1949 at 3.15pm (116E23; 39N54) but the precise moment that Mao proclaimed the installment of the new Central People’s government and the establishment of the People’s Republic was not documented so the 3.15pm time won’t be precise.

It has a AA-3 rating and a ± 3 minute (or more) margin of error and if Mao’s proclamation occurred before 3.14.22pm there’s a major change in the chart’s layout.

Taurus (not Aries) will be on the cusp of house 3 and Scorpio (not Libra) will be on the cusp of house 9. The Moon moved to house 12 at 3.05.20pm

The chart presented is for the 3.15pm as reported by CBS radio in America.

China: October 1, 1949 at 3.15pm CST (116E24; 39N36)

The chart’s astrodynes

In 1949 China was a dilapidated wreck. A 20 year civil war and a full scale war with the Japanese from 1937 to 1945 had left the country in ruins. There was little industry, high unemployment and money was valueless. The countryside was experiencing food shortages and the population was increasing by 14 million a year.

Then, on October 1, 1949, with Mars conjunction Pluto in the sky the Communist Party took control. Party officials were put in charge of society and the Party took control the media.

Cities (house 4-Venus) changed (Uranus). Cars, foreigners (house 7) and foreign businesses all disappeared. Cities became overrun with bicycles. Forced marriages (house 7-Pluto) were banned. All private banks (Jupiter) were closed down and a new state bank was established. The government managed to control inflation (Neptune) by fixing wages and prices.

Landlords (house 10) were rounded up and either executed (Mars and house 8) or sent to special reeducation camps (house 12). The ‘evil landowners’ posed a threat and had to be eradicated. It’s estimated that 1 million landowners were executed between 1949 and 1953. Peasants (Saturn) – the largest section of society – were encouraged to take over the land (house 4).

In 1950, China became involved in the Korean War and by 1951 the land revolution (house 4 and Uranus) had ended.

Progressed Venus in house 9 – the cusp ruler of house 4 (land) – sesquisquare birth chart Uranus – the planet of reform and revolution – reached peak power in March 1950 and ended January 24, 1951.

In 1953, all private businesses (house 10) were brought under state control and Mao embarked on his Five Year Plan for industry. But by 1978, following a decade of Cultural Revolution, the country was a social and economic wreck.

Then, according to China watchers, a series of transformative economic reforms opened China up to the international community (house 7) and foreign investment (house 8).

Accepting the invitation to get rich

On December 8, 1978, with the country in ruins due to Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution, the Communist party’s top decision-making body, the Central Committee, held its third plenum and made a decision (Mercury) that would steer China onto the path of prosperity (Jupiter). Its reform program introduced the concept of the socialist (Neptune) market economy.

The new policy allowed some Chinese people to get rich – there was no reason to feel bad (Saturn) about being financially successful – and they eagerly accepted the invitation to embrace the rays of capitalist sunshine (Jupiter) and join in the dash for the cash.

At this time in China’s chart progressed Mercury was square birth chart Jupiter in house 12; progressed Venus was semisextile birth chart Jupiter; and progressed ascendant was sextile birth chart Jupiter.

Jupiter – the weakest planet in the chart – was under strong stimulation; and progressed ascendant (the people) had just moved into house 2 (money).

Mercury in house 8 (the other country’s money) dominates China’s chart and its conjunction aspect with Neptune – planet of socialism – is the dominant aspect.

In 1979 the economy started to improve. Then it began to prosper (Jupiter) and by 1990 it was time to let it rip.

Experimentation (Uranus) was the key to success. Start with pilot programs and then see what does and doesn’t work.

Rapid development across the country saw regions of China utterly transformed. But rapid development and increased manufacturing had a down-side. Cities (house 4) got polluted, the environment (house 4) got degraded and according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, about 60 million people across the country lost their jobs from 1995 to 2002.

In 2002 China was admitted to the World Trade Organization and 17 years later in 2019 China is now the biggest trading nation in the world.

Its rise to economic powerhouse status has been spectacular.

Hundreds of millions of people have been lifted out of poverty (Saturn) to experience the joys of money (Jupiter). Forty years ago in 1979 more than 88% of Chinese lived on less than $US2 a day. In 2017 it had dropped to 6%.

And some Chinese received a gold-plated invitation to get rich. In 2018, according to the Hurun Global Rich List there are 819 Chinese billionaires.

So, with some workers only earning a few hundred dollars a month there is vast income inequality in China. According to a study from Peking University a third of the country’s wealth is owned by 1% of households, and 25% of the poorest households own just 1% of China’s wealth.

China’s rise from economic wreck to economic powerhouse has been fuelled by capital investment, market access and technology and with houses 7 and 8 dominating its birth chart the country is utterly dependent on foreign money (house 8) and foreign markets (house 7) for its wealth and prosperity.

Mars the (intercepted) ruler of house 2 (finances) is in house 7 and Neptune the cusp ruler is in house 8 so China’s financial fortunes are dependent on other countries and their money, but there’s more to Mars conjunction Pluto in house 7 than a dependency on foreign markets for prosperity.

Mars conjunction Pluto in house 7

Mars conjunction Pluto in house 7 of China’s chart reveals that China’s foreign policy and international intentions are aggressive, exploitative and ruthless. There’s a Chinese ideology grounded in Mars (manufacturing) and Pluto (dictatorial control) that China wants to export to the world.

In a Mars-Pluto world military force is used to advance commercial advantage. Only the strong survive and the weak must suffer what they must.

With Mars conjunction Pluto in house 7 China plays its international relations rough, tough and threatening. Its foreign policy is exploitative (Pluto in house 7) and its economic practices (Saturn in house 7) are merciless. It’s the country that humanity needs to fear.

Mars and Pluto in house 7 are intent on eroding the international order.

China doesn’t want success in the world on western terms. It has a Mars-Pluto agenda that it will impose on its neighbors and then the world.

China is setting the rules that countries have to play by. It wants to gain coercive control. It’s not a question of contesting principles or breaking rules. For China it’s all about power, authority and leadership. It’s a dictator-atheistic country under the control of Lower-Pluto.

With Lower-Pluto you descend into the swamp world of filth, disgusting slime and selfishness. There’s no recognition and respect for people’s dignity. There’s no regard for decent moral values.

The guiding principle is: Grab as much as you can for yourself using sweet promises, charming smiles, threats, pressure tactics and subtle coercive force. And when you get what you want do anything and everything to keep it.

The lord of the underworld, with a smiling face, restricts civil liberties and has no regard for human rights standards. At its very worst Lower-Pluto is a murderous thug.

China is set on regional dominance and then it’s the world (house 7) but many Asian powers are already distrustful (without astrological insight) of China. And many world powers (without astrological insight) are deeply suspicious of the Dragon Nation and the way it operates on the international stage.

Their distrust and suspicion is very well founded.

Author: DW Sutton

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