The Age of Aquarius in 2019

Aquarius is a developing story.

With Aquarius came knowledge and an invitation to get smart and apply research based knowledge to human conduct and endeavor.

Behavior is what people do. It causes everything except natural disasters such as hurricanes, blizzards, storms, floods, droughts and earthquakes.

With Aquarius came big data, technology data, digital data, genomic data, artificial intelligence, technology driven research, risk management on multiple levels and rapid change.

With Aquarius came a new economic agenda (Jupiter-Saturn) and a new way of negotiating economic, trade and investment agreements.

With Aquarius came a new infrastructure plan for bigger and better cities and the need for millions of construction workers (Mars) to build them.

And with Aquarius came robotics (Uranus) and robots are transforming the work place. They’ll either save the world economy from stagnation or put millions of low skilled workers out of a job.

The world in 2019

In the Sun section of Aquarius (1881-2188) countries and groups of countries are jostling for economic and military power and competing for prestige and national pride.

Nations are locked in titanic struggles. They’re striving for superiority, dominance, supremacy, a winning edge and gold medals.

Military dominance, trade dominance and technological dominance represent power, influence and leadership. Who is going to be the world’s political and economic superpower in 20 years time?

The political agenda involves political ideologies, democratic elections, power struggles and feuding. It moves the world forward.

Cooperation, consensus and bipartisanship pave the way for progress.

In the Pluto Period of Aquarius, with the precessional pointer currently forming a square aspect with progressed Pluto, there’s great division and disunity.

It’s a dangerous moment defined by subtle forces, coercion, threats to democracy, dictators, cybercrime, the suppression of facts, misinformation and disinformation campaigns. The spiritual fact-checkers can’t keep up. 

A tremendous battle, that began in the distant past, is being fought between the forces of darkness and the legions of light. The world’s battle fields are soaked in blood but now, in 2019, the conflict has shifted to cyberspace and the internet.

In the Pluto Period your enemy is a guy typing on a computer. S/he’s spreading disinformation and disinformation campaigns are designed to manipulate the truth and influence the way you think and live. Then, when you eventually discover that what you believed was a lie, you feel foolish and label yourself a fool.

The evidence reveals that Lower-Pluto and his cohorts – the materialists, atheists, truth manipulators and disinformers – are playing humanity for a fool.

This astrological fact should spark a degree of concern.

America’s Aquarian Age chart progressed to December 31, 2019

Chart data is January 19, 1881 at 3.56.42pm EST (77W01; 38N53)

The progressed aspects formed by the planets in the Aquarian Age chart have a global influence but the area of national life they directly impact is specified by a country’s Aquarian Age chart.

Progressed Sun is parallel birth chart Mercury

The Sun is the planet of politics, world leaders, political leadership, the political agenda, celebrity and celebrities.

Mercury is the planet of education, science, intellectual endeavor, journalists, reporters, writers, words, talk and controversy.

Progressed Sun parallel birth chart Mercury forecasts political controversies, public disagreement, heated discussion, non-stop talking by the politicians and the occasional words of praise.

The key issues are education, science, the role of science in determining political policy, the role of journalists, the role of the press in the public discourse, and freedom of speech.

It’s the Age of Knowledge and everyone thinks they know everything. The voice of authority and expert commentator are blindly believed.

When the listening audience is told something a dozen times it’s inclined to think its true.

Words, whether right or wrong, have great power.

This aspect reaches peak power in August 2020.

Progressed Mars is parallel birth chart Saturn

Mars is the planet of strife, violence, aggressive force, disputes, the military, police officers, accidents, fires, mechanics and manufacturing.

Saturn is the planet of orthodoxy, conservatism, protectionism, security, safety, economy, falling prices, the agriculture sector and weather.

Their progressed parallel aspect forecasts war and other disasters, land disputes, cold-warring, coal-wars, security alerts, harsh security measures, walls, barriers, razor-wire, feuding farmers, fear mongering, dangerous debt levels, destructive traditions, hard-line conservatism, poverty inspired violence, starvation and disease, climate-change warring, storms, floods, famines, fear, anger, rage, anguish, loss, hardship and despair.

Human hate inflicts death, destruction and unstoppable suffering; climate change is strongly linked to catastrophic weather events; and trade deficits lead to protectionist policies and tariff wars.

Mars and Saturn mark for terrifying violence, scary dangers, bombs, explosions and gun shots – run for your life and flee the danger.

In our 2018 forecast we wrote: ‘Mars is the planet of fires and wildfires – the science is solid – and in 2018 major fires events will destroy property, landscapes and people’s lives.’ In 2019 the situation seems even worse.

And: ‘Progressed Mars parallel birth chart Saturn forecasts war fears, a cold war, massive building and infrastructure projects, cost saving measures in the manufacturing sector, a manufacturing slowdown, destructive weather events, natural disasters and harsh suffering. There won’t be a shortage of anger and grief.’ In 2019 nothing has changed.

This aspect reaches peak power August 26, 2020.

Progressed Mars is parallel progressed Pluto

Mars is the planet of strength, missiles, guns, bombs, the gun lobby, militarism, sex, competition, gambling, alcohol, vice, banditry and predatory practices.

Pluto is the planet of groups, human-rights groups, cooperation, coercion, disunity, abhorrent behavior, crime, corruption, misinformation, atheism, nuclear weapons, drastic events, radio, television, websites and internet.

Their progressed parallel aspect forecasts an extremely dangerous moment; war, terror attacks, brutal murder, atrocities, horrible violence, violent crimes, shootings, assassinations, mass murders, explosions and dead bodies, cybercrime, cyber attacks, cyber warfare, feuds and angry rows, sexual misconduct, exploitation, harassment, rape, the persecution of minorities, human rights violations by dictators, soldiers and police officers, mob rule, widespread corruption, war crimes, coercion, threats, intimidation, enforced cooperation, the aggressive proliferation of misinformation, the suppression of facts, a war on truth and alcohol abuse.

Lower-Pluto and his thugs stalk the dark web. The division on the world stage is dangerously high. China and Russia are making subtle and not so subtle military and other moves in their regions. And getting drunk is one way of dealing with the mental torment inflicted by Pluto’s obsession with death and destruction.

Every crime has a perpetrator and victim so Mars and Pluto are crime fighting through law enforcement agencies like Interpol and the FBI; and they’re combating disinformation, sexism and extremist propaganda too.

This aspect reaches peak power November 22, 2021.

Progressed Mars inconjunct birth chart Moon

Mars is the planet of guns, bombs and fires; the Moon is the planet of the common people – the ordinary, everyday folk – the family, home life, groceries and basic commodities – food and water.

Their progressed inconjunct aspect forecasts civilian casualties in the fighting; random acts of violence; violent attacks on civilians; food used as a weapon of war; domestic violence and burning homes.

Volatile aggression has a constructive or destructive intent. It either builds or destroys. When it turns harsh and brutal there’s no limit to the harm and damage it inflicts.

This aspect reached peak power in June 2018 and ends October 31, 2019. Its legacy is written in the blood of its innocent civilians.

Progressed Venus is conjunction progressed Saturn

Venus is the planet of peace, women, women’s issues, social cohesion, joy, beauty, cosmetics, fashion and the textile-clothing industry.

Saturn is the planet of security, safety, economy, lower-prices, austerity, poverty, fear, disease, suffering and loss.

Their progressed conjunction aspect forecasts social dislocation; heavy responsibilities for female world leaders; a struggle for gender equality; income inequality; the exploitation of women; fear and fear mongering; greed and avarice; economy, cost cutting, low wages, low prices and cheap clothing.

Security and your right to live and work in safety – free from fear – is a central social issue. It has permeated every area of life. Refugees and asylum seekers flee dangerous places. They just want to live in safety.

Fear is used by politicians to gain political advantage. It keeps people silent. It’s the most destructive feeling you can allow yourself to feel.

Hardship is a matter of poverty, disease and homelessness. Struggle Street is where people without a job or home live.

This aspect reached peak power in February 2018 and will end February 3, 2021.

Progressed Jupiter is trine birth chart Uranus

Jupiter is the planet of finances, currencies, higher prices, trade, religion, treaties, arbitration, the courts, publishing, advertising, laughter and good fellowship.

Uranus is the planet of independence, reform, discovery, the new and untried, technology, invention and innovation, exposé, sudden shocks, startling change, strikes, protests and freedom.

Their trine aspect forecasts financial reforms; financial exposés; amazing inventions; rapid technological growth; electronic banking and new currencies; higher prices; higher profits and bigger bonuses; higher legal costs; growth for the publishing and advertising sectors; reforms to the church; religious extremism; free trade agreements; reforms to the court system; treaties; social unrest, protests and demonstrations; tolerance and acceptance of difference; and charity for refugees, migrants, immigrants and displaced persons.

Jupiter sees life as a game where fortunes are to be made and lost; change and reform make the world a different place; and freedom (Uranus) is the best feeling in the world – there is nothing like it.

This aspect reaches peak power January 17, 2020.

Progressed Jupiter is parallel progressed Neptune

Jupiter is the planet of finances; and Neptune is the planet of visionary schemes, illusion, confusion, chaos, complex situations, deception, match-fixing, fraud, scams, bubbles, inflation, drugs, aviation, oil, slavery, films and dramatic art.

Their parallel aspect forecasts financial schemes; financial scheming, deception and uncertainty; scams and scamming; confused financial conditions; inflationary trends; financial/housing bubbles; complicated trade deals; a billion dollar drug trade; higher oil prices; higher prices for airline tickets; and big pay packets for the movie stars.

When  an event can’t be independently verified Neptune blames the other person, group or country just to creat a state of confusion. 

Neptune has a strong desire to get something for nothing and is easily tricked and deceived. Performance enhancing drugs can give a winning edge but make sure you don’t get caught.

This aspect reached peak power in October 2017 and ends in November 2036.

What’s new in 2019?

There are five new major progressions commencing in 2019.

Each defines a major new development in the Aquarius story.

Three are harmonious, three involve Venus the planet of love, peace and harmony, and two involve Mars the planet of strife, hate and dissension.

Progressed Mars is parallel birth chart Venus

Mars is the planet of hate and Venus is the planet of love.

Their progressed parallel aspect forecasts social strife; sexual violence and rape; red hot emotion; outbursts of irrational emotion; aggressive girls; raging women; strife at the singing competitions; feuding at the dance contests; murder on the dance floor; daring fashions; a burst of human creativity; the masculinizing of grace, charm and elegance; and the feminizing of hairy chested toughness.

It’s a dangerous moment for women. They’re venting anger and fighting for the right to live their lives free from violence.

There’s so much bad stuff going on. #Metoo and Time’s Up are social movements targeting sexual violence but domestic violence against women and girls is endemic in Pakistan, sexism is international, and while female genital mutilation is illegal in many countries it’s still practiced in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

This aspect started in December 2018 and reaches peak power July 13, 2022.

Progressed Jupiter is sextile birth chart Venus

Jupiter is the planet of finances, prosperity, generosity, the courts, arbitration, religion, mercy and goodwill.

Venus is the planet of peace, women, women’s issues, art, friendship, social events, love songs, beauty, elegance, joy and fun.

Their high-harmony sextile aspect forecasts fortunate financial conditions; expansion and growth for the fashion, cosmetic and beauty industries; favorable developments for women – gender pay equity; legal victories for women; the appointment of female judges; opportunities for women to move forward in the church; friendly arbitration; prayers for peace; peace treaties; an outbreak of love and goodwill; social extravagance; expensive parties; jolly good fun; and higher prices for chocolates, sweets and confectionery.

This aspect started in December 2018 and reaches peak power August 2, 2023.

Venus, Mars and Saturn

Progressed Mars parallel birth chart Venus; progressed Venus conjunction progressed Saturn; and progressed Mars parallel birth chart Saturn add up to a mighty fight (Mars) to overcome selfish values and traditions (Saturn) to attain gender equality (Venus).

It’s a daily battle that’s going on around the globe in every country.

Progressed Mercury is sextile progressed Saturn

Mercury is the planet of talk, discussion, conversion, controversy, science, literary work and the press.

Saturn is the planet of security, orthodoxy, conservatism, protectionism, long-range planning, poverty, disease, fear, economy, loss, the weather, storms and floods.

Their progressed sextile aspect forecasts security talks; feasibility studies; sober thinking; serious debate; weighty conversations; climate-change conferences; scientific discussions; reports on climate change; hard scientific facts; far-reaching decisions; forward progress in solving serious problems; a greater understanding of disease; talk of economy; lower prices for books; and a whole lot of controversy about the issues being talked about.

This aspect started in December, 2018 and reaches peak power September 1, 2019.

It’s a fast moving window that brings opportunities to make forward progress but the windows it opens will close very quickly.

Progressed Mars parallel birth chart Uranus

Mars is the planet of mechanics, manufacturing, the military, daring adventure, fast action, athletes, strife, disputation, violence, guns, police officers, accidents, doctors, fires and fire fighters.

Uranus is the planet of invention, innovation, technology, robots, radical activity, disruption, social unrest, strikes, protests, demonstrations, rebellions, revolutions, extremists, racists, racism, difference, migrants, refugees, the LGBTQI community, biracial people, multiculturalism, independence, self-determination, autonomy, liberation movements, exposé, startling revelations, reform, sudden change and electricity.

Their high-discord progressed parallel aspect forecasts a dangerous moment; a surge in radical activity; bombs, explosions, car bombs and suicide bombers; race hate and racial violence; violent protests; extreme policing; fights for independence; violent revolutions; and a non-stop fight against extremism and the dangers posed by extremists.

There’s a new industrial revolution that’s focused on building weapons, bombs and warships; robots transforming the manufacturing sector; rapid growth for the technology sector; a tech-war; rapid growth in space technologies; rapid decision making; aggressive individualism; tattoos; sudden, unexpected developments; heat waves and extreme heat; and shocks that have far reaching implications. Electricity supply and the renewable revolution will be major issues.

In the Age of Aquarius technological progress is moving so fast you can’t keep up. New technologies are changing the way you live. Smart phones, driverless cars, electric cars, robots and aerospace engineering are just Mars, Uranus and Aquarius doing their thing. And now Mars is about to speed up the pace of technological change.

This aspect starts September 16, 2019 and reaches peak power April 14, 2023.

Author: DW Sutton

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