Sun cycle – March 20, 2019

The astrological year commences when the Sun enters Aries at 9.58.30pm GMT, March 20, 2019; and a chart calculated for a specified country can be viewed as a broad brushstroke model of the events and conditions that it’s inclined to experience as the year unfolds.

The chart’s hot-spots

The Sun is opposition Moon – the common people and basic commodities like food and water – and square Jupiter – the planet of finances, rising prices, extravagance, the super rich and over-optimism.

This Sun-Moon-Jupiter T-square – the chart’s discord hot-spot – forecasts a separation of interests as the common people are at odds with their elected leaders over higher prices, financial inequalities and the ever growing gap between the rich and poor. 

Mercury – the planet of talk, debate and controversy – is conjunction Neptune – the planet of schemes, aviation, oil, gas, drugs, fantasy thinking, lies and chaos.  Neptune denies wrongdoing and blames the other person or country in order to create confusion. Mercury and Neptune are square Jupiter so rising oil, gas and drug prices are getting talked about.

Saturn – the planet of national security, tariffs, economy, contraction, fear, hardship and loss – is conjunction and parallel Pluto – the planet of working together, cooperation, coercion, threats, misinformation, groups and drastic events.  Global security and climate change are key issues.

The Moon and Mars –the planet of strife, conflict, initiative and enterprise – are trine Saturn and Pluto and this harmonious hot-spot favors aggressive action by the masses in the battle to combat climate change and its disastrous weather events. Mars harmony supports manufacturing.

Events of national rather than international importance occur as progressed Sun forms aspects with the planets in the Sun cycle chart but in a crowded news environment they usually play second or third fiddle to the major news stories mapped by the progressed aspects in the major cycle charts.

Global astrology in a fast-paced 24-hour news cycle

The cycle charts for the major planets – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – are specific event charts.

Major events pertaining to a designated cycle chart occur as its ruling planet forms a progressed aspect with another planet in the chart.

A progressed aspect to a major planet – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn etc – in any cycle chart tends towards an event bearing its characteristics.

That’s strife for Mars, expenditure and spending for Jupiter and economy or loss for Saturn.

Mars events are characterized by strife, violence, conflict and disputation. His disasters, disputes, shootings, emergency situations, accidents and fires are given constant media coverage.

Mercury reports events, analyzes what they might mean and speculates on what might happen.  Too much speculation impairs the reasoning process.

In the Sun section of the Aquarian Age politics has taken center-stage. World leaders and their political agendas drive the news cycle.

The planets by their house positions in a country’s Sun cycle chart don’t map specific events. Rather, each planet gives a general trend to the mundane affairs ruled by the house it occupies.

This trend is not specified by a news report and can be difficult to detect as the print and electronic media work to deliver history making, sensational and novelty news in a frantic 24-hour news cycle.

History making moments and life changing events occasionally occur but there’s always a constant feed of sensation, novelty and gossip.

America’s Sun cycle chart

Sun, Mercury and Neptune are in house 7 (foreign policy, international relations and war). The other country – China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran (?) – is getting talked about and Neptune is confusing the issue.

The matters ruled by house 5 (Wall Street, children, schools, entertainment and sport) are influenced by contraction, economy, lower prices and loss (Saturn) and groups, cooperation and drastic events (Pluto). Child poverty, abortion and school security are issues with stock prices trending lower. Cautiousness and fear drive the market.

With the Moon in house 1 (the people’s health and welfare) health care is the nation’s chief concern and Jupiter in house 4 (the housing sector) forecasts an increased demand for housing and higher house prices.

Chart data is March 20, 2019 at 4.58.30pm EST (77W01; 38N53)

Britain’s Sun cycle chart

The Sun – politics – is in house 5 (entertainment, speculation, gaming, children, sport and schools). It’s a political hot-spot. With the Moon in house 10 the actions of the government influence many people; and  Mercury and Neptune in house 4 forecast controversy for the opposition political party, housing schemes and peculiar (unseasonable) weather conditions.

The matters ruled by house 3 (transportation, roads, communication, postal services and relations with neighboring countries) are trending towards contraction, economy and loss (Saturn), cooperation, coercion and drastic events (Pluto) and olive branches and friendship (Venus). Uranus in house 6 trends towards radical changes affecting labor, work-place change and strikes; Jupiter afflicted in house 2 forecasts rising prices, huge expenditures and financial strain; and Mars in house 7 forecasts strife, conflict, rows and disputes with foreign powers.

Chart data is March 20, 2019 at 9.58.30pm GMT (00W06; 51N36)

Russia’s Sun cycle chart

House 3 (relations with neighbors, transportation and communication) is where the action is. The Sun there forecasts major political moves and Mercury and Neptune trend towards talk, controversy, schemes, scheming, deception, lies, chaos and confusion.

Saturn and Pluto in house 2 (finances) forecast financial restrictions, shortages and loss, and drastic attempts to stabilize the country’s finances.

Jupiter in house 1 trends towards extravagance, over optimism and higher health costs; Uranus in house 4 forecasts extreme weather conditions; the Moon in house 9 trends towards new laws that affect many people; and Mars in house 6 forecasts labor disputes, work place accidents, drinking on the job and strife for police and army personnel.

Chart data is March 20, 2019 at 11.58.30pm MSK (37E35; 55N45)

India’s Sun cycle chart

House 2 (finances) is where the action is. Neptune trends towards chaotic financial conditions and the Sun-house 2–Moon-house 8 opposition forecasts severe financial problems and a debt crisis.

Uranus in house 3 (neighbors – Pakistan) trends towards events of an extreme nature; and Mars in house 4 (land and territories – Kashmir) forecasts strife, violence, death, destruction and an escalating chance of war.

Venus in house 1 has many people playing the peace card, but with Saturn and Pluto in house 12 India’s secret enemies are very active and doing a lot of harm. Subversive activity is stimulated and poverty (Saturn) has many people turning to crime and joining crime gangs (Pluto).

Chart data is March 20, 2019 at 3.28.30am IST (77E12; 28N36)

China’s Sun cycle chart

The Sun-Moon-Jupiter-Midheaven T-square involves houses 1, 7, 9 and 10 so the discord impacts China’s international relations, trade, business activity and people – the expansion of China’s business, commerce, spending and shipping is very constrained. Mars in house 2 (finances) trends towards financial strife, disputation and military spending; and Uranus in house 1 forecasts widespread discontentment and social unrest.

House 12 (detention camps, crime, secret enemies, subversive activity and spying) is very active. The event trend involves talk and controversy (Mercury), chaos and confusion (Neptune) and a woman (Venus – Meng Wanzhou).

Saturn conjunction Pluto in house 11 (China’s parliamentary body – the rubber stamp National People’s Congress) forecasts an event trend defined by self preservation, loss, coercion, disinformation and corruption.

Chart data is March 20, 2019 at 5.58.30am CST (116E25; 39N55)

Australia’s Sun cycle chart

The Sun-Moon-Jupiter T-square involves refugees, detention centers, secret inquiries, prisons and hospitals (house 12); labor, working conditions, food and sickness (house 6); and new laws, trade and religion (house 9). These mundane matters are discord hot-spots. A politician/VIP could end up behind bars.

House 9 discord (the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is square ascendant) forecasts an adverse (coercive-conservative) trend to events involving trade, religion, God’s workers, new laws, internet, online bullying, radio and television.

Mars in house 2 (finances and banks) forecasts financial strife and rows; Venus in house 10 (the government and business) turns the focus on women in politics and business; and Uranus (strikes, protests and demonstrations) in house 1 (the people) forecasts widespread discontentment – the people are in the mood for change.

Chart data is March 20, 2019 at 8.58.30am AEDT (149E08; 35S17)

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