The United Nations in 2019

The United Nations organization strives to maintain world order and plan for the future. It sponsors peace talks between warring parties and organizes economic and sustainable development conferences.

It engages in peacekeeping operations, deals with humanitarian disasters and natural catastrophes, and the Security Council meets whenever there’s an emergency on planet Earth.

There are currently 14 peacekeeping operations led by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations. UN peacekeepers are stationed in India, Pakistan, Kosovo, Darfur, South Sudan, Central African Republic, DR of Congo, Mali, Western Sahara, Haiti, Cyprus and Lebanon.

But conferences involving 193 member countries representing 7.3 billion people test international cooperation and unity to the limit.

Countries at different stages of development have different problems and different economic agendas. Each have their own poverty, income discrimination, unemployment, safety and security, lack of education, food and water security, corruption, and government accountability and transparency problems to deal with.

Africa has a population of 1.216 billion people and 47% live in extreme poverty – on less than $1.25 a day. In number terms Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world with 86.9 million people living in extreme poverty.

Countries grapple with problems regarding refugees, free-speech/hate-speech, the relentless pursuit of profits by companies and the problems posed by robotics and the automation of the work force. Then there are the big international problems such as wars, large scale conflicts, religious conflicts and climate change.

In 2019 the United Nations will grapple with two major ongoing problems – the war and humanitarian disaster in Yemen and climate change – while tensions on the international stage are sure to preoccupy the Security Council.

The UN chart progressed to December 31, 2019

Chart data is: October 24, 1945 at 4.45pm EST – 38N53; 77W01

The United Nations strives to resolve conflicts and in our UN forecast for 2018 we predicted that hope was on the horizon. We wrote:

‘On March 20, 2018 progressed Sun in house 10 (the UN’s administration and reputation) moves to form a sextile aspect with birth chart Mercury – planet of dialogue – in house 7 (conflict and war).

It reaches peak power and harmony on March 24, 2019 and forecasts opportunities to resolve conflicts with talks, conferences and meetings (Mercury) having productive, worthwhile outcomes.

And on May 22, 2018 progressed Mercury in house 9 (commerce, trade, religion, higher education, radio, television, internet and social media) moves to form a sextile aspect with progressed Jupiter – planet of goodwill, hope, tolerance, charity and treaties – in house 7.

It reaches peak power and harmony on March 10, 2019 and forecasts an even better outcome at the talks and conferences due to an atmosphere of goodwill, optimism and hope.

For humanity to stop its warring and squabbling Mars would have to fall out of the sky and that isn’t going to happen.

But with Mercury and the Sun – the rulers of house 7 (war) – involved in very harmonious progressed aspects – in particular progressed Mercury sextile progressed Jupiter in house 7 – the signs point strongly towards success at the talks and conferences and the signing of contracts, agreements and treaties.’

We also suggested that ‘under these favorable progressions the UN will make great progress in fulfilling its chief objectives but it needs to grab the opportunities’ and it did.

Yemen peace talks Stockholm, Sweden

On December 6, 2018 UN-mediated peace talks between the government of Yemen and Houthi rebels began in Sweden and on December 10 UN Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths told reporters: ‘This is an opportunity which is rare. It’s been two-and-half years and that time is now finished and I hope we are on the beginning of a new journey.’

On December 11 a first step towards trying to resolve the Yemen conflict was reached when Houthi and Yemeni government representatives held direct talks over a planned prisoner exchange. A prisoner swap, backed by the United Nations and Red Cross, was agreed to that will involve 15,000 detainees.

And on December 13 the warring parties agreed to a ceasefire for the port city of Hudaydah, principal lifeline to two-thirds of the country. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he hoped this would be the starting point to bring nearly four years of civil war to a close.

Climate change conference: Katowice, Poland

On December 2, 2018 a major UN sponsored conference on climate change opened in Katowice, Poland. 193 member countries sought to establish a ‘rule book’ on how to implement commitments made at the Paris agreement in 2015.

But friction arose when America, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Kuwait engaged in a semantic debate over whether a special report warning of dire consequences if global warming rises more than 1.5C above pre-industrial levels should be ‘welcomed’ or ‘noted’. Moving forward on climate change isn’t easy even when progressed Sun sextile birth chart Mercury – the planet of words – is supporting your endeavours.

Then, on December 15, after a last-minute row (Mars) over carbon markets threatened to derail the meeting and delayed it by a day, negotiators in Poland finally secured (Saturn) agreement on a range of measures that will make the Paris climate pact operational in 2020.

Delegates believe the new rules will ensure that countries keep their promises to cut carbon and limit global temperature rises to well below 2C. Chairman of the talks, Michal Kurtyka, said ‘It has been a long road. We did our best to leave no-one behind’.

At the time of the peace talks in Sweden and the climate change conference in Poland progressed Moon in the UN chart was semisextile progressed Sun and square birth chart Mercury stimulating their progressed sextile aspect and the window of opportunity it mapped.

The delay caused by the dissension over carbon-markets was mapped by progressed Jupiter– the planet of commerce and profits in house 7 (disputes) – square (obstacle) birth chart Saturn – planet of coal in house 4 (mining). It ends in September 2022 so the obstacles it indicates will dissipate somewhat after that date.

But windows of opportunity open and close and progressed Sun sextile birth chart Mercury ends March 6, 2020; and progressed Mercury sextile progressed Jupiter ends December 23, 2019; and in 2019 storm clouds are brewing for the United Nations.

Disagreement, disunity and disaster are on the horizon

In the UNs chart on January 15, 2019 progressed Mercury – the planet of talks and controversy in house 9 (treaties) – moves to form an agitation (sesquisquare) aspect with progressed Pluto – the planet of disunity and drastic situations in house 5 (children); and on June 5, 2019 progressed Mercury sesquisquare birth chart Pluto starts.

The Mercury-Pluto discord forecasts agitation, disagreement and division at the talks and negotiations and a humanitarian disaster involving children (Pluto in house 5).

There’s also a lack of cooperation and consensus on the Security Council (Pluto afflicted) with member nations fighting and arguing (Mars).

On February 25, 2019 progressed Mercury in house 9 moves to form an expansion (inconjunct) aspect with progressed Mars – planet of war and other disasters in house 4 (land, territories and weather events).

The Mercury-Mars discord is stimulated in October 2019 when progressed Moon forms an inconjunct aspect with progressed Mars – peak power date is October 24 – and a sextile aspect with progressed Mercury – peak power date is November 29

Progressed Mars is square progressed Jupiter

On January 22, 2019 progressed Mars – planet of conflict in house 4 (lands and territories) – moves to form a high-discord obstacle (square) aspect with progressed Jupiter – planet of trade, religion and treaties in house 7 (war).

Mars is the cusp ruler of house 8 (tariffs) and Jupiter is the cusp ruler of house 9 (trade).

It seems to forecast that the trade war between the US and China could become so serious that the UN – representing the nations of the world – will need to intervene.

Jupiter is the planet of finances and the 193 member nations are required to make payments to certain parts of the organization as a condition of membership. The amount each member pays varies widely and their mandatory contributions help fund the UN’s regular budget as well as peacekeeping operations.

America is the largest donor. In 2016 it contributed more than $10 billion. But in 2019 many UN agencies could be in a precarious position if the US cuts its foreign aid budget and Mars square Jupiter could see the UN experience a financial crisis. (The Gates Foundation is the second largest funder of the World Health Organization.)

The Mars-Jupiter discord could also see the UN dealing with religious strife, religious inspired violence and religion inspired conflict.

Humanity has a long history of religious feuding and most conflicts are a complex interaction of several factors including religion. And God’s workers in the Age of Aquarius have been behaving badly. The church has an abhorrent history of child sexual abuse and cover-ups.

The Mars-Jupiter discord is stimulated in September/October 2019 when progressed Moon forms a trine aspect with progressed Jupiter – peak power date is October 7 – and an inconjunct aspect with progressed Mars – peak power date is October 24

Progressed Sun is parallel progressed Saturn

On March 1, 2019 progressed Sun – world and UN leaders – in house 10 (the UN administration) – moves to form a parallel aspect with progressed Saturn – planet of climate change and weather – in house 4 (weather events).

It reaches peak power August 20, 2025 so the UN leadership will have its attention focused on climate change and destructive weather events for years to come.

The 2020 UN Climate Change Conference is is expected to take place from November 9–20, at a location to be determined.

The Sun-Saturn discord is stimulated in June-July 2019 when progressed Moon forms an inconjunct aspect with progressed Saturn – peak power date is July 1.

Author: DW Sutton

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