Who am I?

You – the individual – proclaim ‘I am’.

You witness your life experience and make decisions.

But all things considered you’re quite a mystery.

As a unique and individual consciousness you defy explanation, but you can’t deny you exist.

Some propose that you’re a synchronous firing of neurons by your brain.

Whatever…as an individual entity you can say ‘I have a mind and body’ and you’re separate to both.

You’re separate to your body yet it defines what you look like, how you feel and what you can do.

And you’re separate to your mind yet it defines your world-view, intelligence-type and life story.

It’s all very perplexing.

Your mind allows you to think and question and there’s a good chance that the question – who am I? – has crossed your mind.

It’s the most important question you will ever ask and there are old-fashioned religious explanations, strange mystical answers and a New-Age genetic answer that reckons you’re not you.

It seems you’re a random mix of ancestral traits, tendencies and abilities.

Your physical self

The physical body that you see in a mirror is a powerful image.

It contains an estimated 50,000 billion cells and everyday billions of new cells are produced by cell division.

You can see your skin, hair, arms, legs and finger nails, but beneath the skin, you’re in, there are organs, glands and systems.

Your body’s immune and endocrine systems are specialized groups of cells that perform vital tasks.

Keeping your body alive and kicking involves thousands of biochemical processes that you don’t know about or understand.

If you identify with your body you’re likely to think that you’re DNA in motion, but you’re not your body.

Your body is where you live.

It’ the only human body you will ever have, but it’s not you.

Your mental self

You can’t see your (non-physical) mind.

It’s your thought and feeling world.

You can’t see your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and moods but they’re vivid realities that define your life story.

You might think that your thoughts are electrical impulses occurring in your brain and your feelings are chemical cascades, but they’re not.

Your mental activity at any moment in time is an assortment of thoughts, feelings and impulses.

Your sensory perceptions trigger feelings that define your actions.

Your feelings and moods drive your behavior.

Your mind enables you to be aware of the world and your experiences.

It’s where you think and reason.

But it’s not you.

As the mysterious individual who thinks, feels and reasons you may see yourself as the navigator of life’s vagaries, the solver of problems, the decision-maker, the agent who’s responsible for the satisfaction of your desires, the pleasure seeker or the person who’s in charge of keeping your pursuit of happiness, health, wealth and success on track and moving forward.

So, if you’re not your body and you’re not your mind who are you?

Author: DW Sutton

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